HBOWatch’s Web Gem Wednesday – June 20

WebGemWednesday-300x225Web Gems is intended to give you an entertaining, and hopefully humorous, look at your favorite HBO shows and the actors that make them great. After all, these people aren’t just the characters they play; they are real people, with real interests. They do stupid and rather embarrassing things just like everyone else. But also show us just how awesome they really are. My plan is to bring you a collection of videos, pictures, tweets, and fan creations that I have found while surfing this thing we call the internet. Various sources have been used, multiple avenues explored, and everything is HBO related.

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Quick one this week as I have other articles I’m trying to finish up. Still trying to gather some TrueBlood stuff for a full Web Gems post, but I added a video that hopefully TB fans find humorous.

How the First Season of Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

Amazing Time-Lapse Drawing of Danaerys

Lena Headey Wants to Make a Donation

Ran across this over at the Thought it was amusing so I decided to share it. Why she is holding a toy shotgun is beyond me but it helps add to the absurdity of the skit.

Sesame Street True Blood Parody

Personally, I’m not a big True Blood fan. I don’t keep up with the show so I’m not sure if this is funny or flat out stupid. It got good reviews on YouTube so you decide.

Pics, Posts, Memes, and Tweets

“Where the Wildlings Are”


Four short words that tell a big story. What a perfect caption!


“Help was not offered lovely girl, only death” – Jaqen H’ghar


Last Saturday was National Lobster Day. Why do I feel like this is how George R.R. Martin was celebrating it?


Speaking of GRRM..If you’re planning on reading the novels this summer, you better watch out for…


Two Really Cool Pictures of Rattleshirt and his band of Wildlings

Major props goes out to the costume designers for Game of Thrones. These guys look incredible!!



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