HBO2 Launches GAME OF THRONES Marathon on December 26


Now we know that everyone who has wanted a complete set of GAME OF THRONES season by season has already collected them in DVD or Blu-Ray but we also know that many are on Holiday Break over the next week and just might have the urge to binge. Well, instead of binging on booze (you saw RISKY DRINKING, right?) or even Rankin-Bass holiday specials (how many times do you need Snowman Sam to tell that story?) you can binge watch GAME OF THRONES.

We were notified of the following:

Your readers may be interested to know about a GAME OF THRONES marathon on the HBO2 channel next week. On Monday, Dec. 26, starting at noon (ET/PT), the channel will present all ten episodes of the first season of the hit show back-to-back. Other seasons will play on subsequent days at the same time, concluding with season six on Saturday, Dec. 31.

HBO2_logo-300x125Got that? Now we know you will watch especially if you are an ultra-fanatic and want to say you lived through the marathon event. Or perhaps you don’t have copies yet and are going to DVR or (gasp, dare I say!) VCR the whole thing for posterity. Well, have at it and let us know how far you got.

Again, Season One, Episode 1 – “Winter Is Coming” begins 12.26 at 12:00 noon and the season ends at 10:00pm. Then each day after another season replays until the concluding episode, which is Season Six, Episode 10 – “The Winds of Winter,” airs.

Have fun!   

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