HBO Will Film Multiple “Game of Thrones” Endings


After seven year, everyone is desperate to know how Game of Thrones will come to an end next season, and HBO wants to make sure that no one will get spoiled. In past years, keeping the plot of upcoming Thrones seasons secret has been a challenge– dedicated fans and paparazzi have stalked the show’s production, going to extreme lengths to spy on scenes being filmed and release photos and videos to the public. Last year, we had pictures of Jon Snow petting a dragon and throttling Theon Greyjoy months before the show aired. A year before that, we watched a blurry video of the Tower of Joy battle, as the enthused man behind the camera cheered a young Ned Stark, who he believed to be Sean Bean himself, on with the rousing cry of “Get him, Beany!” Scripts have been leaked, extras have spilled secrets… It’s always been a challenge keeping Game of Thrones under wraps, and with the show ending, people want to be spoiled now more than ever.

HBO’s president of programming, Casey Bloys, aware of the potential for Game of Thrones to be ruined by overzealous fans, has announced that the show will be filming multiple endings, to throw off spies. It’s reminiscent of Kit Harrington’s response to leaked set photos last year, when he claimed that the actors filmed multiple “fake” scenes, in an effort to misdirect paparazzi. The fact that HBO has resorted to this expensive, and time consuming solution is a testament to just how popular Game of Thrones has become, and just how dedicated HBO is to making sure that the show’s finale is done justice. After all, it’s a very different experience seeing the end of the saga on a blurry YouTube video and on HBO, Sunday night, with Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack in the background. We all want to know how Game of Thrones will end, and HBO wants to make sure we find out the right way.

I doubt this information will daunt nosy fans, so I’m looking forward to some ridiculous set photos. Perhaps in one alternative ending, Hot Pie is crowned King or Hodor returns from the dead. If HBO is good to us, they will release all the alternative endings they film at some point…Perhaps it will help assuage our woe after the final season ends and we say goodbye to Thrones once and for all.

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