HBO Takes Us Behind The Scenes of Game of Thrones Season Six

With the Season Six premier of Game of Thrones only fifty-five days away, HBO still hasn’t released a trailer, but we got a few new glimpses of the upcoming season today. Earlier this afternoon, HBO released a behind the scenes video titled, “The Best Seat in the House.” The video mostly focused on the show’s camera operators, as they discussed some of their strategies for filming the show, what made their work most challenging (the terrain), and ultimately what made it so rewarding (the excellent acting of the cast). While I’m sure many of us are interested in what goes on behind the scenes to make Westeros come to life, unfortunately, the camera-operators, skilled though they may be, are probably not what fans are excited about, after viewing the video. Instead, what captured most people’s attention was the short, albeit sweet, never before seen footage of Season Six. HBO’s editors, were of course, careful  not to give away any major plot points (Jon Snow is nowhere to be seen), but a few things did stand out, that make us only more excited about the upcoming Season.

In a few quick shots, you can see footage of Bolton cavalry, and catch a sight of two flaming Bolton crosses, which we know that two characters are going to be burned on this season (Sansa and Theon? Osha and Rickon? Walda and Roose?). More shots of an enormous Bolton army suggest that we’ve gotten our first glimpse of what many speculate will be a clash between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton as the two battle for the North. Also interesting was our first glimpse of Bran’s analeptic visions of Winterfell– two boys fighting in the castles courtyard. Meanwhile, there were some quick shots of Melisandre and Davos at the Wall, Meera Reed (supposedly with Bran), and down South, we saw Jaime on a ship, returning home to King’s Landing. Over the Narrow Sea, we saw Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis sneaking around on their mission to find Daenerys. Meanwhile, the Khaleesi herself, looked to be having a rough time, surrounded by Dothraki hordes. Back in  Meereen, we caught a brief glimpse of Tyrion Lannister, and lots of shots of the Sons of the Harpy being destructive and murderous as usual.

Overall, Season Six is looking good (thanks to it’s amazing camera-operators), and hopefully we’ll get a more polished glimpse of footage from the upcoming season soon, in a trailer.

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