HBO Special: 2 Dope Queens – The Final Three

We already gave you a look at the premiere this duo offered and now the last three episodes of the set of HBO Specials, 2 Dope Queens, has aired and you can catch a quick review of them here.


Overall, I’d have to say the series was 4 out of 5 stars. Let’s start with the highs of the show;  I particularly liked the opening banter between Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. This was the strongest part of their entire show. While I had not heard of the ladies prior to them acquiring the special, their friendship shows well on-stage. Nothing is off limits as they celebrate one another and reminisce about the mistakes & failures they’ve made. Their chemistry is addictive. Also, their look is edgy, unique and memorable. You won’t find two ladies like them on TV anywhere. I’d honestly rather these two the entire show, easily!


Their guest interviews are the other highlights of the show. Sometimes their personalities are so big that if the person sitting across from them aren’t as big, bold and charismatic, then it’d hard to get into.  “The Hair Show,” Episode 2, featured SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker of DIVORCE). The interview wasn’t informative as it was entertaining. You can tell SJP had no idea what she signed up for and well, it called for some pretty awkward TV. She talks about her influence in hair culture, black hair and plays along with the Queens’s game of the hour. Check out the clip – 

The “Hot Peen” show, Episode 3, featured Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) which was the strongest of the interviews because, well, he’s a big presence, a lot to handle and mixed so well with the two ladies. The interview was fun, funny, easy and a joy to watch. While I know interviewing people is a hard task, you’d almost hope every person was as open as Tituss.


The final show, “Black Nerds,” Episode 4, featured Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black). She was pretty engaging and the game of the hour featured dialogue around who she’d suck, fuck, kill, marry, etc., you get it! All three ladies worked magic together during their dialogue. I like that they added drinks into the last two interviews, as it called for more of a relaxed interaction.

I really like the idea of giving up & coming comedians a platform to perform. It’s needed and I am always on the search for a new stand up comedian to support. The guest comedians of each show were my least favorite part if I had to pick one. Sometimes they were funny, and other times— it was a ‘no’ for me. I know that’s what you get when you go to a show, everyone’s funny isn’t for everyone, but this was where the show took a dip. There were familiar faces and new faces alike. The ladies set the bar so high in the beginning that I found myself picking up my phone waiting for the ladies to appear again!

I’d be willing to commit to watching these ladies weekly. I’ve listened to the podcast and while it’s funny radio, seeing the two interact is the true magic of the show. I think that after a little bit of interview prep for the ladies, they would be on to something amazing! Great interviewers in a comedic setting shine when they can get their guests to let their guard down, hop along for the ride and trust the process. Let’ see what HBO decides to do with the dynamic duo! I hope to see more 2 Dope Queens

If you missed them then seek them out on HBONow/Go. 


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