HBO Interview With GAME OF THRONES’ Liam Cunningham Surfaces

People_LiamCunningham-200x300HBO’s online guide for July 2017 features a short interview with a member of the cast of GAME OF THRONES. We thought we’d share what Liam Cunningham has to say about the upcoming seventh season. Here in its entirety is that interview:

HBO: Ser Davos Seaworth may only be a reformed smuggler, but the “Onion Knight” is an ever-humble and loyal character in the saga that is Game of Thrones. Since joining forces with Jon Snow, Davos will be an important player in Season 7 as they prepare to face the Night King and his White Walker army. Actor Liam Cunningham was kind enough to answer a few questions about the new season and his beloved character.


Where do things pick up for Davos as Season 7 opens?


Liam Cunningham: Having “organized” the resurrection of Jon we can safely say that the King in the North now trusts Davos. It makes sense that Jon will need assistance with his endeavors for Season 7. This coming season is full of intrigue and possibility for Davos. The Night King and his undead army are out to destroy everything and everyone in Westeros. As Jon is the only “Royal” who has witnessed these creatures, and without an army capable of defeating them, something has to be done.


HBO: What direction does he take this season?


LC: Having been crowned, Jon’s responsibilities are enormous, not only to protect Winterfell but all of Westeros. An incredible task awaits and Jon needs all the help he can get. The loyalty that is part of Davos’ DNA would not allow Jon to do that all alone.


HBO: Do you consider Davos potentially a vengeful character—would he ever carry through on his threat to kill Melisandre?


LC: The decency and levelheadedness of Davos was shaken to the core by the behavior of the Red Woman, and he most definitely wanted to see her put to death for her crime. Jon’s judgement may have appeared lenient, but what would it have achieved? Should we kill to make ourselves feel better? A difficult but hopefully a good call.


HBO: If Davos is ever eye to eye with her again, would you like to see him carry out his threat?


LC: I would like to think he’s better than that. Although I can’t see them shacking up together anytime soon!


HBO: Can you talk about playing Davos?


LC: I adore the journey of this simple man. As a low-born petty smuggler who you shouldn’t have much admiration for, he has more nobility, decency and wisdom than the rich, privileged and educated characters in the show. He’s been described as the Moral Compass of the show. If you get the opportunity to play a character with a fabulous arc and also to speak the wonderful words that are written for him, then your only job is don’t f**k it up!


HBO: Davos particularly connects to anyone who has children. What are your thoughts on that?GoT_Davos-300x154


LC: Perhaps Davos doesn’t see kids. Maybe he sees people for whom power isn’t distracting or consuming them. Honest and uncorrupted Jon may be at a crossroads.


HBO: Considering how the “good guys” in GoT so often get killed off, are you surprised Davos has lasted so many seasons?


LC: No one is safe on this show. It’s one of the reasons it’s so gripping and one of the reasons my accountant bites his nails. I take each day/script as it comes. You, fine readers, are driven mad not knowing. Imagine how we feel!


HBO: Has this role changed your life at all?


LC: I think it’s fair to say that Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon. It’s quite strange to be inside the beast looking out. I find myself in a world of smiles. My “stock” has risen (temporarily, I imagine). I celebrate its arrival. I hope I smile when it departs. It’s like will never come again.

And loyal fans wouldn’t miss it for anything. GAME OF THRONES debuts 07.16.17 at 9:00pm ET.


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