Game of Thrones: The Exhibit Opens


The Game of Thrones exhibit is returning for its third year this week, giving lucky European fans the chance to get up close and personal with Westeros. The exhibit, which has had enormous success in previous years, opened in London, England earlier this week, with much fanfare. It will subsequently visit countries such as Madrid, Paris, and Berlin.

The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to see the objects that make up the world of Westeros—from exquisite costumes (including Cersei and Jaime’s get-ups as well as Sansa’s dress which defined her new look in Season 4) to frighteningly convincing weaponry (notably Needle, Longclaw, Tyrion’s cross-bow from Season 4, and new Sandsnake weapons). Over seventy objects from both the upcoming season and past ones are on display, including Margaery Tyrell’s wedding dress and Jaime Lannister’s gold hand. As if the ability to admire the beautifully made props from Game of Thrones isn’t enough, the exhibit has more to offer.

In addition the chance to sit on the famed Iron Throne, Game of Thrones: The Exhibit also provides unique interactive experiences such as a one-minute simulation of riding up the Wall, as well as photo ops with Game of Thrones’ famous dragons. The exhibit has something for everyone—whether you’re a costuming enthusiastic, a fan of new simulation technology, or just a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, it looks like you’ll have a good time at the exhibit. The Game of Thrones exhibit will notably not be traveling to America; rather it is only showing in countries where the TV show filmed. Although this is certainly disappointing to GoT fans based in the United States, it serves as a nice way to show appreciation for the countries that make Game of Thrones possible.

If one is lucky enough to find the Game of Thrones exhibit in your country, one should definitely go. It looks like an amazing experience that will enrich one’s appreciation and knowledge of Westeros as well as the excitement for Season Five.

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