Game of Thrones S4 to Premiere Simultaneously in US and UK


We have some massive news for Game of Thrones fans in the UK and Ireland; the premiere episode of Season 4, ‘Two Swords’, will air at exactly the same time as it airs across the Atlantic in the US.

Typically, each episode airs on Sky Atlantic the Monday directly after its Sunday showing on HBO, at 9pm GMT. However, this year, the episode will air on both HBO and Sky Atlantic at the exact same time. (Note that as of now, this only applies to the Season 4 premiere). Granted, this means that it will be a late night for those of us in the UK and Ireland, but come on…it’s Game of Thrones! The episode will also air at the usual time on the following Monday for those who are unable or unwilling to stay up late.

To clarify, the premiere episode will air at the following times:

HBO – 9pm ET (Sunday April 6th)


Sky Atlantic – 2am GMT (Monday April 7th)

                         9pm GMT (Monday April 7th)

More news as we get it, but we hope this pleases all of the Sky subscribers in the realm!

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