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Game of Thrones News Round-Up: All Quiet on the Westeros Front

by HBOWatch Staff
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Game of Thrones ruled supreme this Halloween– it seemed like everyone wanted to be Jon, Daenerys, or a White Walker (my favorite was someone’s imaginative “Tacky White Walker Tourist”)– and now that November has settled in, the chilly weather has prompted everyone to say “Winter is Coming,” perhaps a little too much. While HBO’s polarizing show continues to leave it’s Wun Wun sized foot-print in the daily lives of both dedicated fans and casual watchers, down in Belfast and beyond, the new, final season of Game of Thrones is being filmed with a great deal sneakiness. Security is tight these days, and even Varys’ little birds would have trouble learning the heavily guarded secrets of the Game of Thrones’ set. Nonetheless, there are still some tantalizing tidbits to discuss.

After a bit of delay, Game of Thrones officially began filming October 23, 2017.

Down in Belfast, locals have been watching new set pieces for Game of Thrones take shape with interest. The least ambiguous item to be found at Titanic Studios is a large trebuchet. Looks like some sieges are in our future! Another, larger, structure is being built, although what exactly it is for and if it is even for Game of Thrones is a little unclear. It’s a building of some sort, and I imagine it will be easier to discern what it is as it takes shape. We know it’s not Winterfell, as that set is already built at another location… Meanwhile, HBO has left some subtle hints that it is filming at the set of Riverrun. It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without a million different settings and locations, would it?

Other than the news we get from dedicated Belfast locals of work on sets, Game of Thrones production news has been fairly quiet, beyond the constant arrival and departure of Thrones stars as they arrive for filming and then fly home for the weekend. Fans were happy to see Kristofer Hivju in Belfast, confirming that his character, Tormund Giantsbane, will be in the new season after his fate was left a bit ambiguous  last season (we couldn’t bear it if Tormund died without a proper send-off!).

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) discussed her mounting excitement for life post-GoT in a recent interview. The actress who has grown up with the show expressed an interest on focusing on indie films, and a general enthusiasm for the lack of structure that the end of Thrones would afford: “I’m really excited for Game of Thrones to finish and there’s going to be time for me to do whatever I want,” she said. Meanwhile, Ben Crompton who plays Eddison Tollett aka Dolorous Edd, gushed about the upcoming season in a recent interview: “I can just tell you it’s brilliant – honestly there’s a couple of things there that are like nothing else that’s been seen on telly.” We believe you, Ben, and we can’t wait.

Stay tuned for more Game of Thrones news in the future!

In the meantime, why not indulge in a rewatch? Find ways to watch Game of Thrones online here.


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