Game of Thrones: “Blood of My Blood”

So I think most people, the internet especially, are reeling from last week’s shocking twist. Not only that, but memes are popping up all over the place. Can’t we just mourn in peace, internet? Why must you torture us so? But since we can’t change it, after last episode we must move forward.

The episode picks up almost immediately following the end of the last episode.  Meera is doing her best to protect Bran, but she can only do so much.  Heaven knows what all is happening in Bran’s head as he downloads the Three Eyed Raven’s power.  A mysterious figure appears!  I mean, I think I knew who it was from the get, but I was hoping they wouldn’t pull some kind of twist and have it be someone else.  Because that is the kind of thing the writers would do.  Bran has so much ahead of him as he takes over as the Three Eyed Raven.  How will he be able to learn what he has to and become what he must without the guidance he had before?  I have faith that he will learn it, but I’m worried.

Gilly and Sam make their way to Sam’s home and receive a wonderful reception from his mother and sister.  But it is obvious that it won’t last considering all we’ve heard about his dad from Sam’s own mouth.  The guy is a bully.  You know who isn’t having it?  Gilly!  She shows that fierce wildling spirit.  She kind of gives away some information, but she puts the lord in his place for just one minute.  Because he doesn’t really know his son.  He thinks he does.  He perceives the son who left to go to the Wall.  But that isn’t who Sam is anymore.  Sam killed a freaking White Walker.  He has grown up and become more of a man than his father ever could be.  Gilly gives Sam strength, and Sam’s right: they belong together as a family.

Will Margery make her walk of Atonement?

I’m interested in Margery’s perspective right now.  Previously, we saw her trying to bolster her brother’s spirits.  It seemed like the fight was still in her and she wasn’t giving in or backing down from the High Sparrow.  But now her tune has changed.  So is she really atoning?  Or is it all a ploy?  Tommen has been sucked in by the High Sparrow as people figured he might.  But what’s Margery’s role in all this?  Is she really all about the faith now, or is she just hedging her bets to get out of religious persecution?  Hmmm, I wish I could see in her head.  In any case, a grand gesture was completely wasted and power isn’t where the Lannisters and Tyrells hoped.

A giggling Arya enjoying Joffrey’s reenacted death

Arya is at a turning point right now.  This is her last chance to prove herself to the House of Black and White.  I did enjoy her chuckling at the play when Joffrey died. Everyone else looks so horrified and she’s giggling.  Arya has to choose, and by the looks of it, she might be choosing to be Arya and not the Girl With No Name.  Waif isn’t particularly surprised and has a grudge against her anyway.  Will Arya the assassin be back?  Please, oh please.  Needle might actually be my favorite character.

The Freys are back in…well, the fray.  Unfortunately.  Can’t someone just please kill that old guy?  He is such a menace to everyone around him.  How has no one killed him off yet?  Riverrun has been taken back by the Tully’s, specifically the Blackfish.  But Edmure has been enjoying hospitality, or lack there of, from the Freys and we will have to see what Frey expects to get in exchange.  I doubt the Blackfish will give up Riverrun just for Edmure.

Lastly, our Mother of Dragons has amassed another khalassar and is making her way.  Her motherly instincts begin twitching, and sure enough who shall appear but Drogon.  I don’t know what it is about Khalessi, but she has a damn good speech writer.  I got chills just listening to her rally her troops.  Maybe it is because it is in Dothraki, I don’t know.  But she’s just so rousing.  I’m ready to grab my scimitar and run after her.  We know she needs ships at this point, but no money to get them.  Her next moves will have to be careful because we do know she has a way of making enemies.  But she also has dragons to eat them.

Lots will be happening next week! From a confrontation at Riverrun to a confrontation at King’s Landing.  So, lots of confrontation.  Sansa is coming into her own politically and I am soooooo excited.  I knew she was evolving and I would really like to see a Queen of the North with Jon and Brienne at her side.  The Blackfish is still stubborn as ever, as is the Queen of Thorns.  Jon is attempting to rally help, but might have some issues.  But Davos is the one with the killer line.  “The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming.”

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