Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher for 5 Million Bananas

It looks like someone left the Orangutan cage open again.  Donald Trump, longtime target of Real Time host Bill Maher’s punchlines, is a bit upset over Bill’s jokes. The Don today said in an interview with Jay Leno that he would be suing the comedian over his… comedy.

The joke in question: Clearly poking fun of the Don’s $5 million offer to President Obama to “open up his college records” Bill, in jest, said he’d give $5 million to Trump’s charity of choice if the businessman could prove he’s not the..

“spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

Well, Mr Trump isn’t one to sit back and watch an offer like this just slide past his desk. So yesterday Trump, of course filed a lawsuit in the state of California for the 5 million bananas citing his own birth certificate as evidence that his mother did not, in fact have sex with an orangutan. At least not as far as the doctors filling out his birthing papers could tell.

But is the certificate doctored in any way? Could it have been photoshopped or altered by an orangutan sympathizer? Clearly it’s impossible to tell when it comes to citing birth certificates as evidence for anything. HBO Watch, which is not affiliated with Time Warner or HBO in any capacity, cannot confirm Mr. Trump’s claim even with the birth certificate. The evidence just isn’t in yet.

We’ll let Bill Maher take it from here on his show when Real Time with Bill Maher returns to HBO’s air.

10PM on Friday evening: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is the top-of-show interview guest. Editor Tina Brown is the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests are journalist Josh Barro, anchor Martin Bashir and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss.

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