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WGA Strike Ends Meaning REAL TIME… & LAST WEEK TONIGHT… Return to HBO; TRUE DETECTIVE Coming Soon

by Jef Dinsmore
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It is back to business for Hollywood writers as several shows get back to work. On HBO, that means REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER finally gets before the cameras just a week after he planned. LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER will also return to Sunday night beginning October 01. Will it be business as usual because they would have months of news to try to catch up on? As of this writing, Bill Maher had an interview with Florida governor and presidential candidate Ron De Santis to lead off his hour. Just which topic Oliver will focus on is anyone’s guess but, at least they are back on air.

Going forward HBO has some big titles to get back into action. We’ve learned that TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY has set a premiere date. The six-episode HBO Original drama series starring Academy Award-winner and Emmy-nominated Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, debuts SUNDAY, JANUARY 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO and will be available to stream on Max. Issa López serves as showrunner, writer, and director of all episodes. Here is its second Teaser:

HBO hopes, we’re sure, that the SAG-AFTRA strike will follow suit and get resolved soon so that the promotional engine for this drama’s return can help generate interest and excitement. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is another series on the fast track. It, of course, was not affected by the Hollywood strikes ever and TheWhiteLotus_Banneris said to be ready for FX and post-production work. We can see that GoT title the first half of 2024. The other big titles HBO will surely want to get before our eyes as soon as possible will be THE LAST OF US, THE WHITE LOTUS, and EUPHORIA. We could have been further along with that last title had Levinson not wasted his efforts on THE IDOL, but you can be sure he and Mazin & White will all be eager to get back in step with their respective properties now.

TheRegime_WinsletPicDon’t forget there is new work gearing up as well. We have already been teased by THE REGIME with Winslet/Plimpton and THE SYMPATHIZER with Downey Jr. Don’t forget shows like INDUSTRY, MY BRILLIANT FRIEND, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, HACKS, WE’RE HERE and HARD KNOCKS: IN SEASON are also in the works. Other big titles are in development, but for 2024 it looks like we will be on solid enough footing to keep us engaged. What do you think? Are you happy the strikes are resolving? Are you ready to declare – Long Live HBO? Stay tuned.

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