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TRUE DETECTIVE creator and original showrunner Nic Pizzolatto has laid a bit of negativity on the latest iteration of the franchise. But I’ll venture to say that he doesn’t really hate it, but rather that he is jealous of it. Feel free to argue with me on that point. 


Okay, we all know that NIGHT COUNTRY did not really need to be a part of the TRUE DETECTIVE franchise. HBO was looking to continue the series because it was an established franchise. Talks were kept up with the creator, Nic Pizzolatto, but he fell away, yet HBO continued its search for another writer to take a run at it. In stepped Issa Lopez with her choice to create a “dark mirror” of the first season: “Where True Detective is male and it’s sweaty, Night Country is cold and it’s dark and it’s female.” Pure and simple, Lopez was out to not only pay tribute to Season One (small S4 Easter Eggs are the proof of that) but to match the tone and intensity the show at its best had to offer. It is quite evident that S4 has successfully achieved that task. 

So Lopez was out to honor Pizzolatto’s accomplishment and continue the trend. Though he has no direct involvement in the latest, Pizzolatto,  Matthew McConaughey, and Woody Harrelson are all credited as executive producers on the season. The result – Pizzolatto casts some shade. He called links to Season One “so stupid” and stated, “I certainly did not have any input on this story or anything else. Can’t blame me.” He clearly wanted to distance himself. Hey, this writer can only say that it comes out of JEALOUSY!  

He’s jealous. NIGHT COUNTRY pays tribute to the tone he set. Can’t he accept that? No, instead he is jealous that he didn’t in subsequent seasons match the success of Season One and is now put out that Season Four has captured it and done so without him. He is jealous that his concept for True Detective – The Return, reuniting Hart & Cohle once again, didn’t materialize. In response to his slap at S4, Lopez simply put out there –  “I wrote this with a profound love for the work he made and love for the people that loved it. And it is a reinvention, and it is different, and it’s done with the idea of sitting down around the fire, and [let’s] have some fun and have some feelings and have some thoughts. And anybody that wants to join is welcome.”

Sorry, you didn’t like it Pizzolatto. You choked with the franchise and we wish you hadn’t and HBO moved on with it and we are glad they did.


What do you think?

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