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TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY Most Watched, But How Does It End?

by Jef Dinsmore
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One more installment to go on the fourth iteration in the crime anthology series TRUE DETECTIVE. What a unique and thrilling saga it has been for HBO’s followers. You know, we hate to burst Nic Pizzolatto’s bubble but showrunner Issa López’ new season has topped the charts, not just for HBO but for the franchise. It has been tallied that 12.7 million cross-platform viewers sought out Season Four, surpassing the 11.9 million viewer average for the original McConaughey/Harrelson installment. 

All that is well and good, but fans are not fixated on the numbers, their minds are racing back over the case, the leads, and the clues. They are armchair detectives trying to figure out the case of the murdered  Tsalal scientists and its link to the Annie Kowtok murder and do so before the finale debuts on Sunday, February 18th. Several connections have been made, but the definitive answer to who-dun-it has not been answered yet. Our lead detectives and viewers need to head to the Night Country or the ice cave system under the frozen Alaska landscape for that answer. 

TrueDetective4_Navarro-1-300x198There is one wild theory out there though that we have to bring up. Over on Reddit, there is a train of thought running that Evangeline Navarro is the evil perpetrator of the morbid ‘corpsicle’ we all witnessed. Now, we have all witnessed the whispers & visions she has seen. Some of us, like me, cite scientific reasons for these occurrences; she is hallucinating them because she has been drinking the polluted water the Silver Sky mines have been tainting. Others choose to postulate a more supernatural reason, one tied to Iñupiat folklore/mythology and her act of vengeance via a dual personality. A bold but exciting notion for sure and it falls into a TRUE DETECTIVE norm. 

So, with that final episode to go we have to ask, is it Navarro, or Raymond Clark, the missing Tsalal scientist.? It has to be revealed in this last episode. There have to be answers in the ‘Night Country’ which is the ice cave system our leads enter. Lastly, if you recall from footage that has been a part of this season’s marketing all along, we see footage of Danvers breaking through the ice into the sea. Just an accident or if the Navarro theory holds, does Navarro try to purposely drown Danvers? 

Whatever goes down, it will prove an exciting conclusion to TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY.  The finale is set for Sunday, February 18 @ 9:00 pm ET  on HBO; streaming on Max.

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