Bill Maher Will Attempt to Shake Up Congress

The Real Time with Bill Maher program is no stranger to controversy.  From smoking pot LIVE on HBO’s air with Zach Galafianakis to [amazon_link id=”B001MFNB5I” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]his controversial opinions on religion[/amazon_link] you’d be hard-pressed to find a more divisive champion for progressive, rational values than Mr. Maher.  Even this site has not been immune to the flames coming Bill Maher’s way receiving emails, tweets and comments blasting the man for his point of view.


Not to be outdone by himself Bill is taking it up a notch in 2014.  The NY Times is reporting that Real Time will pull a rather ballsy stunt this election cycle.   Here’s Bill:

“This year, we are going to be entering into the exciting world of outright meddling with the political process”

The show will be targeting a specific congressman from a particular district for unseating and/or “meddling”.  How will this be achieved, you ask?  Well the process will be known as “flip a district” and it will start with a sampling of some of the most deplorable representatives from around the country on display via the Friday night news-comedy program.  Viewers will then vote for the one they’d like to unseat and the Real Time staff will then expose said politician each week up until the election in November of this year with pieces highlighting the moronic things they’re doing in their district.  Bill will also be visiting the chosen congressperson’s district for a few rounds of friendly stand-up comedy!

“We want the chance to win,” Mr. Scott Carter, the show’s executive producer said.  The choice may be a Republican or a Democrat, though he acknowledged, “with our viewers voting, I imagine it is much more likely we will pick a Republican.”

You don’t say?!  Maher Continued:

“There are a lot of terrible, entrenched congressmen out there.  We’re going to choose one of them, throw him or her into the national spotlight, and see if we can’t send him or her scuttling under the refrigerator on election night.”

Mr. Carter added:

“We think there will be no shortage of nominations of incumbents who are ludicrous, who are ridiculous for one reason or another and we think there is no lack of entertainment value among sitting members of Congress.”

We’re reminded of Bill Maher’s “Stupidest State Showdown” where Bill highlighted the more ridiculous situations going on in a handful of states.  It will be a little more serious this time around with the people actually getting a vote and the campaign actually having a refined goal of disrupting a congressman.  Here’s a clip from that “stupidest states” bit:

We’re excited as always to see where this goes. Whether you love him or hate him or something in between we bet you’ll be watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO… or you’ll be reading about it next morning. It’s up to you! 

Oh and those of you worried about Bill’s show getting cancelled can stop doing so.  The show has been renewed for another season meaning that we’ll be watching Real Time through 2015 at least.  Here’s a bit of the press release from HBO on that:

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2014 – With the show set to kick off its 12th season this Friday, HBO has renewed REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER for a 13th season of 35 editions, to begin in Jan. 2015, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO programming.

“Bill Maher has been a treasured member of the HBO family since the late ‘80s, and his irreverent wit and fearless insights make him the perfect observer for these unpredictable times,” noted Lombardo. “I’m delighted that we can continue to offer an uncensored forum for his original and thoughtful humor.”

Maher stated, “It’s a pleasure to be returning for a 13th season on HBO. It’s something you rarely see in Hollywood: an on-again, on-again relationship.”

Allowing Maher to offer his unique perspective on contemporary issues, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER returns for its 12th season FRIDAY, JAN. 17 (10:00-11:00 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT). The show includes an opening monologue, roundtable discussions with panelists, and interviews with in-studio and satellite guests. Politico hailed Maher as “a pugnacious debater and a healthy corrective to the claptrap of cable news,” while Variety noted, “There may not be a more eclectic guest list on all of television.”


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