Artist Creates Stunning , Feudal Japan Inspired Game of Thrones Artwork

We’ve showcased some amazing artists on HBO Watch over the years but we were floored when we stumbled across these original works by Seiji.  He took some epic scenes from Game of Thrones and world of Westeros and re-imagined them as feudal Japan inspired art.  WARNING: some of these scenes may depict spoilers from Book 3, A Storm of Swords.  Though I’ve taken a look myself and I would say that nothing is really spoiled if you’ve seen seasons 1-3 unless I’m missing something.  

Take a look:

Bran Stark and Hodor Journey North


Mother of Dragons


The Execution of Eddard Stark


Jon Snow duels Qhorin Halfhand as Wildlings Look On


Battle of the Trident


Tyrion at the Eyrie


Stunning.  The Game of Thrones community is absolutely amazing, right?  If we find any more art as great as this we’ll be sure to share it here and on our social media outlets.  

Can you name all of the characters and scenes?  Try your best in the comments below.


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