5 Things To Expect from the Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer


Winter is….Well, winter is already here, but one thing that’s coming really soon is the Season 5 trailer of Game of Thrones. We’re two days away from the release of two Game of Thrones episodes in Imax theaters, which will accompanied by the first preview of the upcoming season. Fans everywhere are holding their breathes for their first taste of what is to come this spring, and excitement is building as we collectively wonder what we will see. Dragons? Probably. Dorne? Most likely. Ned Stark? Not so much. We don’t have any inside information as to the happenings in the upcoming trailer, but we can fill you in on what to expect. Find out below the five biggest things we’re anticipating for the new trailer.


1)An R Rating

Trailers aren’t usually rated in any way, shape or form, but recent news reveals the Game of Thrones one will be.  Game of Thrones is mixing it up this year in many ways, but the most obvious one at the moment is their choice to show two episodes of last season in theaters around America. This is an exciting opportunity for fans to see their favorite moments come to life on the big screen, but it’s also a unique one. It’s very uncommon for television shows to find a home in the movie theater, and with theaters come ratings. The MPAA had already given the Game of Thrones episodes an R rating, which should come as no surprise given the show’s graphic content, but the apparently the trailer is full of questionable enough scenes to warrant it’s own R rating which was awarded for “sequences of brutal violence and  language including sexual references.” An R is pretty much what we would expect by now from a Game of Thrones trailer, but a rating…not so much. It’s rare that a television show trailer receives a rating at all by the MPAA .


2) New Locations 

The Season Five trailer will give us our first chance to see Westeros since we left it in Season Four, and there’s more to see than ever. Not only will new characters be exploring the eastern continent of Essos, which we have only seen up to this point through the eyes of Daenerys, but the never before seen region of Dorne will also be on display this season. With important events happening in each of these locations, it’s a good bet that we will see them in the trailer. With that in mind, we may also be revisiting old friends such as Winterfell, Kings Landing, and the Wall. Don’t look for the Iron Islands in the trailer…or the season for that matter, though. HBO has officially announced that there will be no plot set in the Iron Islands this year, which is a disappointment given the exciting events which take place in that locale


3) New Characters

With new locations come new characters to populate them, and HBO has given us some good guesses whom we might see. We already know that Dorne will be a major hot-spot for events this season and many of the new actors joining the cast will have characters focused in Dorne. We can expect some new faces in that region at least. At the same time, the world of Game of Thrones is expanding through time this season, allowing us to view some character’s formative moments through flashbacks, and these will be accompanied by some new faces as well. It will be exciting as we get the chance to put faces to names and acquaint ourselves with new personalities. Who knows? Someone might become your favorite character.


4)Events that weren’t in the ASOIAF Books

Thanks to the insights we have gotten from leaked photos, we don’t need to see the trailer to know that Season Five will feature plots that are greatly changed from the ones that readers know from the books. Some outstanding examples include Jaime Lannister going to Dorne instead of the Riverlands and Tyrion Lannister meeting Daenerys Targaryen.  Whether you dread these changes or simply see them as part of the translation from page to screen, there is certainly an aspect of uncertainty this season as even book-readers are in the dark about certain events. One can only wonder if there are more changes than we know about at the moment. Perhaps we will find out in the trailer.


5) No Hodor

Most people would agree that any trailer would be lacking a little panache without a cameo by everyone’s favorite giant Hodor, but we can guarantee that there will be a no-show this year. According to the writers of Game of Thrones, Bran’s storyline will not be featured in the upcoming season, leaving us with questions about the mysterious ending of his plot-line last year that won’t be answered anytime soon. It is a little disappointing not to have Bran’s fantastical story included in this year’s season, and even if you share the opinion of a few that his storyline is a little boring, you certainly will agree that the prospective of not hearing a single “hodor” this season is a little sad. To put things more positively, however, with Bran out of the picture we have more time to focus on the more pressing matters taking place south of the Wall and across the sea.

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