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30 COINS S2Ep4: “The Black Book of the Mad Arab” | Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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30Coins_CBarbrowBefore going into this episode, we need to glean some snippets of dialogue that spell out the big picture – Christian Barbrow is out to destroy this world as we know it. He plans to do it via occult means using iconic relics including as many of the 30 Coins that he can get his hands on. He will build a new world from the ashes and he will be its God. Standing in his way is the current God and cohort Lucifer. All minor obstacles in his quest. Ha, little does he know.  

Before the title credits in this installment, we realize that Paco is keeping from Elena the truth of what she gave birth to; she learns soon enough that it is one of those gelatinous daddy-long legs crab critters we’ve seen before. What is within its carapace is what is important – an ancient key. Is Elena supposed to know what it unlocks? What did Vergara tell her in Hell to do again? Plus, Laguna & Salcedo implemented a plan to find out what disturbs the residents of Pedraza now housed in the Segovia hospital by having Laguna admitted as a late arrival due to him having been in hiding after the incident. What will he discover? 


After the driving drums of the title sequence fall away, we find we thirst for more and we get Merche & Barbrow in, shall we say, negotiations. She lets it be known that she has 6 Coins and he lets the cat out of the bag that he has 10 Coins – “maybe more.” He says he wants to work hand in hand with her to start his new world. A new Adam & Eve or God & Goddess. Well, before these megalomaniacs render irreparable harm, we hope our do-gooders make a bold move soon. One such team-up is Angelo & Haruka; though it is a bit of a hare-brained idea, they race to Pedraza itself to snoop around the castle grounds even though it is bustling with scientists. But Angelo knows of a tunnel. Of course, he does. What will they uncover?  

A lot of questions, but do we get answers? Well, upon meeting with Lagrange, letting him think that the plan to get the Coins ran flawlessly she happily pointed out that Barbrow has the better plan and brought Lagrange it seems to his end. I guess we know who she has sided with, thus answering one of our many 30Coins_S2Ep4-pic3-300x202questions. Vergara tries to reach out to Elena but only confounds her. Laguna is subjected to the mind probing analysis, and we learn how the scientists are just pushing the citizens to insanity; we learn that Haruka & Antonio were getting dangerously close to something, but all of her phone content was being deleted. Arrgh, it is all bits & pieces and madness. Something solid needs to happen for the good side. But what? I’m not sure if any of our questions are getting answered. 

Well, without going through all the details, Salcedo is hot on the lead by following a Segovia doctor, who is also lead at the AI probe station, and she watches him hunting down one of the missing Coins and Paco & Elena have clues as to where the ancient key will work. Needless to say, the middle of this episode was a little muddy, but it does all coalesce and lead somewhere interesting. Paco & Elena find what the key unlocks and sure enough, a contraption straight out of Indiana Jones almost takes them out. Then if that wasn’t enough once outside townsfolk turn on them.  


Whew, this episode was as madcap as the Black Book of the Mad Arab itself. Just too much was really packed into it from start to finish. But what a ride, and by its end, Barbrow has one more Coin!   


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