Web Gem Wednesday – July 11

By Charlie Harwood on Jul 11, 2012 to Game of Thrones

WebGemWednesday-300x225Web Gems is intended to give you an entertaining, and hopefully humorous, look at your favorite HBO shows and the actors that make them great. My plan is to bring you a collection of videos, pictures, tweets, and fan creations that I have found while surfing this thing we call the internet. Various sources have been used, multiple avenues explored, and everything is HBO related.

Here we go again with another Web Gems. Last week was a holiday so I took a much needed day off but I’m coming back this week some really great material. Any thoughts about this post can be shared in the comments below. Any ideas, pics, tweets, or videos you want added can be sent to Charlie@HBOWatch.com.

Jaime Lannister vs. Ned Stark Lightsaber Battle

This video is about a week old, so sorry if you’ve seen it before. For those who haven’t, well it’s pretty damn cool.

Game of Thrones Impressions

This guy is just plain awesome. His name is Steve Love and he is an impressionist. Recently, he posted a video on YouTube of himself doing impressions of various characters from Game of Thrones. His Varys and Pycelle are especially good.

Game of Thrones Panel at London Film and Comic-Con
Last weekend a handful of cast members attended the LFCC. Here is a short video with some coverage of the panel:

Sex Game of Thrones

Funny skit posted by FunnyOrDie.com featuring Game of Thrones style role playing. This one may only be suitable for older viewers. Or at least the younger ones should wait til your parents leave the room.

Super-Mario World Inspired Game of Thrones Map

Have to say that I really enjoy this! Thanks goes to my colleague Jacob for finding this and adding it to our Facebook page.


What in Seven Hells Was This Guy Thinking??
This picture has been getting a lot of upvotes on Reddit lately. Pretty weird, but it’s also just hilarious!! (And yes, those are pugs)


Filming Starts on Season Three in Belfast

If you haven’t heard the news, filming for Game of Thrones Season Three kicked off on Monday in Belfast. As a result, there have been a few tweets from cast, crew, and fans relating to production. Although I did see some of these myself, I have to give credit to @westerosorg and @WiCnet for retweeting most of them. (All tweets were taken from my personal Twitter account, @purplepachyderm)

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