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Steve Schmidt, McCain react to Game Change

By Jacob Klein on Mar 13, 2012 to HBO Films

John McCain and Steve Schmidt, both the focus of HBO’s latest film, Game Change following the 2008 election, have reacted this week to the release of the film.  Lawrence Odonell on MSNBC spoke with what Steve Schmidt, played by Woody Harrelson in the film and arguably the central character of the film (alongside Sarah Palin).  In the interview Schmidt, campaign runner for McCain in 2008, indicates that much of the film is 100% accurate.  John McCain wouldn’t say as much but wouldn’t deny the information in the film either saying “I’m sorry he would make a statement like that”.  Here’s the full clip from the broadcast.

Have you had a chance to see HBO’s Game Change yet?  It’s on HBO at various times as well as On Demand so check your local listings.  What did you think?  Leave your comments below.

  • Aidan

    Game Change provided a great look at the behind-the-scenes chaos that goes into political campaigns. If half of the information & anecdotes in this movie about Palin are indeed true, it’s a scary thought that she was so close to the White House.

  • Jefd

    The numbers proved good for this HBO FILM. It was the highest rated movie under that banner in the last eight years for the channel. For those who like the numbers; 2.1 million watched the premiere.

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