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ROOM 104 Drops A Trailer Worth Looking At

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 21, 2017 to Room 104

With a debut coming on July 28 at 11:00pm HBO thought it wise to show us a trailer for ROOM 104. After all, it does want us to get excited for and invested in the next project the Duplass brothers have to offer. It will have a 12 episode run Friday nights at 11:00pm. Let’s take a peek at what they offer:

I hate to use a cliché, but “If these walls could talk” sure does apply here. It looks from all appearances to be your typical motel room in anywhere USA, but what is revealed beyond those leading seconds show us that Room 104 has seen some life. There are young men and old couples and staff in and out for starters. What else?

As the images fly by we can spy the religious, the creepy and the odd. There is the kid sporting a towel cape as a makeshift superhero, one odd Santa Claus, tense lads peeking out of the blinds, creepy rituals and geriatric hanky-panky. There is also one bloodied up lady and a dancing James Van Der Beek. You also might recognize Jay Duplass and Orlando Jones. And just what are Room104_Bloody-300x161those women in their nighties up to and..oooh..did the guy with the boxing glove just bop that gal in the face? That’s is the same woman with the bloodied noggin. Nasty. But, that and the rest of it is also intriguing, sexy, raw and quirky all at once.

The first five episodes are entitled “Ralphie” (is that the kid in the towel?); “Pizza Boy” (a few of the males appearing at the door could pass for him), “The Knockandoo” (could that be the pugilistic episode?), “I Knew You Weren’t Dead” (one young man does yell at someone off-screen to wake up) and “The Internet” (was some online rendezvous set up?). As the trailer stated there are endless possibilities and this writer can’t wait to explore them all.  

So does it make you want to check into what’s going on in ROOM 104?

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