(APRIL FOOLS!): Peter Dinklage Replaced for Game of Thrones Season 4

By Jacob Klein on Apr 1, 2013 to Game of Thrones

Tyrion-April-185x300EXCLUSIVE: Leading Game of Thrones actor and Emmy winner Peter Dinklage will not return to HBO’s flagship program for a fourth season in 2014. In a press conference the morning of April 1st, 2013 show creators David Benioff, Dan Weiss alongside George R.R. Martin made the announcement to stunned members of the media.

“Today is both a sad day and an exciting one for HBO’s Game of Thrones,” Benioff began. “Sad because we’ve all gotten to know Peter on set and love him dearly as a friend. We’ll miss him sorely. Exciting because we’re heading in an entirely new direction with the character of Tyrion Lannister for season 4.”


Members of the press began to stir and murmur in anticipation of what the show creators, who had seemed so stable and reliable up until this moment, had to say next. Producer Dan Weiss continued the explanation adding, “It was a unanimous decision between David, myself, Peter and George. We want to take Tyrion in a more comedic, farcical direction and everyone including Peter agreed that he just wasn’t the man for the job. I’ll let the other guys speak for themselves but for me the choice was as clear as a crystal crown. Warwick Davis will be our new Tyrion Lannister!”


Warwick-Davis-Game-of-ThronesJust then Warwick Davis, a British comedian best known for his roles in Star Wars, Harry Potter and the HBO comedy Life’s Too Short, stepped into the room to flashing cameras and even more commotion from members of the press. Warwick then took a seat next to Martin.

When asked whether he approved of this decision, George R.R Martin responded enthusiastically:

“Warwick was actually my pick back in 2009 when we first began looking at potential cast members. It finally hit me last week while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter to catch up on some of my favorite movies. I think it was his epic role in Willow that finally convinced me. Such wit. Such… tenderness.”


Warwick has reportedly asked for 1 million dollars per episode, amounting to nearly 20 percent of the show’s 50 million dollar per season budget. “We felt that Warwick’s experience and star power was well worth the investment,” Weiss said. “We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwovlves due to the new budgeting that will have to be done to compensate. But in the end it’s a small price to pay for this kind of acting gravitas.”

The producers also noted that, in an effort to maintain continuity, Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.

At this point many members of the media began to shout out pertinent questions such as “How does Peter feel about all this?” and “Are you fuc@!n6 serious right now?” but the Game of Thrones show-runners were already on their way out the door, waving and patting each other on the back as they went.

Peter Dinklage himself could not be reached for comment in a recent interview the actor expressed feeling anxious about devoting so much time to a single project:

“I’ll tell you true.. Game of Thrones has been a wonderful experience all around, certainly. But I do wonder if I’m not limiting myself in some ways. I recently had to turn down a part playing Kelly’s newest love interest on The Big Bang Theory. I love that show! It killed me to have to turn it down.”

This reporter, for one, stands in shock and awe at the decision handed down this, the first day of April. Today was supposed to be a great day for Game of Thrones fans with season 3 kicking off last night and an almost assured announcement regarding a fourth season. I suppose we should all just take a deep breath and trust in the wisdom of the producers and creators that brought us this wonderful show in the first place.

We’ll update this piece when we know more about the fate of Tyrion Lannister.

Goodbye, Peter.


UPDATE: April Fools!

I know, I know this was one of the cruelest jokes anyone could have played on the first of April.. and just hours after the season 3 premiere!   Everyone would be devastated if something happened to Peter and his relationship with Tyrion Lannister.  To be fair we did give you some hints along the way (give it a re-read if you were fooled!).  Though we understand that many of you couldn’t get past the headline without tears of rage/sadness filling your eyes leaving you unable to read and/or think straight.

We apologize for any hurt feelings, friends lost or keyboards/monitors smashed as the result of our little April fools gag.  We know most of you took it in stride.  Rest assured that Game of Thrones will premiere next year airing around the same time as last year’s start and you’ll be watching it online with HBO GO as easily as ever. You can even stream Game of Thrones for free online with HBO Now, these days.

We felt like trolls all day but we hope the majority of our readers had a good little laugh.  We promise we won’t ever do this again… on our honor as Lannisters.   Until next year…


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  • desert rose

    BIG mistake. Tryion was the show. His voice just vibrated through every scene he was in. We have heard the new season isn’t so good. Maybe the producers should have stopped at three seasons instead of going on. It WAS a wonderful show.

  • Jonny

    You fooled me for a full year! Didn’t read the title carefully. Replacing a bad a$$ actor and wasting a fifth of your fundings. On top of that less dragons! I was irate, & I got close to 80 people believing what I thought was true- terrible joke but thinking back… You would have loved the reactions of the enraged fans of GOT I’d convinced. The irony in your joke & everyone’s reaction, well played

  • TaFunkyMonkey

    Omg, I just about cried reading this until I took a second look at the title.

  • karen labanca

    NOT FUNNY I was scared.

  • Gloria Weber

    To be fair both Davis and Dinklage are great actors , but Game of Thrones wouldn’t be the same if Peter didn’t play Tyrion .

  • EJB

    i’d rather be murdered than watch that other little prick.. DINK is the man. he makes the series.

    • Angelabathurst

      Don’t be so nasty, Warwick Davis is a brilliant actor,

  • BB

    This is stupid! I’m sure it’s also offensive to people who suffer from Dinklage’s disorder.

  • Kevin Austin

    You bastards had me going.

  • Jim Kidwell

    put their heads on a spike !!!!! wasnt a big fan , however got hbo on the go on the iphone and watch all 3 seasons over the last week..wow..cant wait til april!!!!!

  • Sponce

    yah just read the books everybody going ” wahhhh id stop watching the show” like seriously is the sense of entitlement in this day and age that ridiculous… I expect them to do this show the way I want, and they better spend 11 million per episode. Like just be FucX1n9 grateful that they are even adapting it at all and if you really love the story, go buy the books cause honestly, this is an amazing show but, It doesn’t even come close to the Books especially since they have cut out like 75% of the characters and story lines, not to mention changing sooooooo many things that they arent even really telling the same story anymore … Like Gendry being Edric storm???? and Mel going to get him(WTF)
    and whats with all the Robb stark scenes ? He’s not a POV character so I hate seeing his conversations with Talisa.. And who the F is Talisa anyway ummmm Unnecessary switch Like Naming her Jeyne must have just been too confusing for the writers, not to mention she doesnt Die in the books, same with Dany’s Silver, why are D and D taking these liberties into theyre own hands like follow the story to a Tee cause George is a better writer than any of your network adapters and hes wrote it this way so far for a reason. That’s not to say I would stop watching the show if they continue down this path of changing almost everything about the story, But rather I would just pick up the books and read to remind myself of how much better they are than the show…

  • tedz

    i was like, are you fking kidding me? then i went, oh oh oh its april fool

  • Adariah

    I understand that this was an april fools joke…but if they ever did replace peter…I would stop watching and cancel HBO…

  • Cheriel

    I have stopped watching anyway, all the good characters are gone.

    • AD

      No.. didn’t you see? It was an April fool’s joke.

  • nijaman123

    NOOOO! Noo, god, please no! No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    (I see it’s a joke).

  • anthony

    This was not funny btw

  • anthony

    why!! i panicked a bit. Moving forward only Peter can play Tyrion. It’s bad enough Martin kills everyone you get attached too, he can’t possible take away the the characters that make his books come to life.

  • nina1949

    BASTARDS !!!!! :)

  • Flyterbut

    goodness, good thing it is just a joke, GOT will not be the same without Tyrion Lannister, he is by far the most interesting character, because you will keep guessing what he is up to next. Unlike the other characters, you can pretty much sum up their next move….

  • Daddy1x

    Who doesn’t love a lusting, alcoholic, imp?? Who?!?

  • martin

    No! NO!

  • slushark

    If he leaves it won’t be the same show it will lose so much

    • andrew9300

      It was an April Fool’s joke.

    • anthony


  • Autumn

    My heart stopped for a second

  • welkey

    Fuk you all i just read that it was april fool i thought it was a real deal until today since april wtf is wrong with you people

  • hendrik vA

    fu really i nearly was crying when i read it first ! never ever do this again plsssss =)

  • no namre

    But i still think they did crash (ruin it) Game of thrones in seson 3 episode 9

  • no namre

    Very nice delete my comment that must be HBO WHO dos this

  • no name

    Did just seson 3 episode 9 and really ill not see any more of game of trones this idiot who write this should be shot stupid stupid and now i see they take 1 more head actor’s out out how stupid do they think people are sry no more im out

  • Jacques Shellac

    I’m still trying to get used to Ian Whyte replacing Conan Stevens as Gregor Clegane.

  • Jason Bourne

    Glad this is a joke, Peter is my favorite actor in the series.

  • FoxNewsPropaganda

    Who da fak is Kelly from the big bang theory?

  • Can someone please confirm… Peter is NOT leaving the show? Right?

    • No, he’s not. That’s why the title says “April Fools”, and there’s a whole paragraph at the end explaining that it was an April Fool’s joke…

  • Starky

    How absurd. Don’t you have anything better to do?
    Hurry upstairs now, your mom is calling you for lunch

  • John stark

    Do you really have nothing better to do than smear crap all over the Internet?
    Hurry upstairs, your mom is calling you for lunch….

  • You suck

    Fuck you

  • Game of Thrones would be nothing without him/he is the most interesting and attractive person on the show

  • LAWL that was really cruel of them :P

  • I hate this webpage

    Haha really f*****g funny
    Next time save to your self dude

  • sav29

    LMAO! that’s a good one all most had a heart attack there.

  • RealityCheck131

    I’m astonished anyone actually believed this. People are so gullible.

  • ur face is not good

    I like imp turtles that ride trains

  • Keyafay

    Love this. Reading all these comments is more entertaining than any talk show I have ever seen. I want to grab a bag of popcorn and start screening “Jerry” over and over…. continue on….

  • Paulie

    Only just read this article and came very close to smashing fuck out of my netbook. Glad its only an april fools.

  • 707

    You bastard.

  • Ahahahahah

  • please learn the difference between “between” and “among”

    It was a unanimous decision between David, myself, Peter and George.

    • RealityCheck131

      There is nothing wrong with the usage of between here. They are all distinct, individual people. You must be a lot of fun at parties.

  • dsatrgrw

    Well I’m out for the 4th season then

  • My heart sank whilst reading this, lol. He’s my favorite actor on the show. I like Warwick, but come on. Damn, I’m gullible.

  • Brouhaha

    Where do whores go?

  • SAGJ

    If anyone truly believed this, then they’re not very bright.

  • janis lang

    Where’s my wildfire you baffoons? You gave it away though. Not the best April fools joke. If I didn’t fall for it, it wasn’t that good.

  • I thought his joke came up a bit short…anyone?

  • OMG, I was about to hit the roof, and then I read that it was an April fool’s joke. THANK GOD! I just could not believe that Peter would want to leave such a beautifuly done show as GOT for BB, LOL! We love him in the show; he’s a part of it.

  • dwaves for higher

    Lol warwick davis can never compare to Peter

  • Drix

    Well, the comments just goes tah sho’ yah… humor is dead…as wouldah been most of the peeps if this “ruse'” were true…me included…now, please let’s git on widdit…!

  • Jake

    SCREW U JOFFERY BAD JOKE ON UR UNCLE HAHA jokes on you i wouldl’t “choke” pfffffff lil babybackbiotch

  • i dont think i would even watch it if they replaced peter, hes the perfect fit for tyrion! Knew it was a joke all along tho no way would they replace the most fitting person for tyrion

  • Ugh! I am too pissed off for words.

  • claymorerocks

    you bastards!

  • Maria

    I figured this would be an April Fools joke. It’s Dinklage that really makes the show. They wouldn’t just get rid of him like that and I don’t think he’d really leave either.

  • Crystal

    FFS i was so pissed for a minute… then I was like wtf, how can you put somones face over someones, thats so stupid, then I saw April fools. Super lucky!!! No one can f*&$&$&img replace Peter Dinklage. He is by far the best character in the show!! WE LOVE TYRION!! Dont do that again ;)

  • oh no YOU DIDN’T…

    it was a good one.

  • jdub

    Thank you for the joke. Honestly, the character is a heavy weight on the show. Nothing could be gained by making him comedic in nature. Pretty certain the role cannot be performed by anyone better. THANK GOD IT WAS A JOKE!

  • i read this last night and was all bummed out all day today and i come hom and this page is still up and i noticed the bottom and seen april fools. damn you!

  • I’m crushed, really crushed. I loved Peter Dinklage. This may be the end of Game of Thrones for me.

  • that was a good one! I was completely devastated!


    I have read all the books and follow some blogs. I am a pretty huge fan of GOT. This has to not be real. I’m sorry but Peter IS Tyrion Lannister and to suddenly change the show into most of character Tyrion Lannister takes away from what GOT is! The show has already killed two characters from the book that weren’t supposed to be and gave a useless whore (in the book) a larger role on screen that wasn’t supposed to happen. This isn’t GOT.

    I seriously advise you to rename your TV Series because this IS a joke.


  • Zeus

    That is stupid, Tyrion Lannister was the most brilliant one… That was a great load balance between the righteous vendetta of the Wolfs (Stark) and the unworthy Lions (Lannister)…

  • I was seriously upset! You got me!!!

  • You SUCK I was getting really Destroyed as I was reading this….you SUCK don’t ever do that again….Peter Dinklage…cut…less dragons & dire wolves …so glad it was just a joke!!!!

  • TBBT is a good show but if i must compare tbbt and GOT got will kick TBBT’s ass :D

  • pitdog3

    ya! ya ! that is a really funny joke- if your Joffrey!

  • As I read this it is April 2 so not surprised. My father used to say don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

  • Clos604

    buddie i was soooo angry and sad first ned stark dies then they take away my favorite character this is by far the the worst prank i was soo upset and i dont even watch tv only game of thrones

  • Not cool. I only read this on April 2nd.

  • Brian


  • not cool bro. not cool.

  • So not funny.

  • 1 mill per episode? are u f@cking crazy???? which sh@t bag can be a replacement actor and ask for so much?

  • Well.. you just caught us by surprise :)
    I was startled, then instantly realised it could only be a joke and nothing more cause he is fuckin’ amazing and therefore irreplaceable! Go Peter Dinklage, Tyrion Lannister’s role truly becomes you

  • you had me until you said they would super transpose his face on the dvd. think a lot of fans would have been fooled if you would have left it out. a bit too far fetched.

  • Larli

    I feel so silly! I was actually getting quite wound up reading that. I was abou to fire off an angry email! You got me..lol

  • MAX


  • c5babe2

    I’ve given up on GOT books, and I won’t watch the series until it is complete. I dislike being held hostage to Mr. Martin’s ego, so I won’t be buying Winds of Winter if or when it is finally released. I’ll buy the whole TV series from HBO when it is completed–IF it is completed. I hate to be left hanging because the writers are too lazy or greedy to finish the story. I’m done.

  • carol

    Love The Big Bang Theory!!!!!!!

  • carol

    Thank Goodness!!!!That was a dirty trick, he is the reason I watch Game of Thrones, I do love the whole show , but he adds something special to it!!!!

  • Danielle Karthauser

    OMG I just practically peed my pants until I saw the April Fools! Wow…I think I need to re-evaluate my life if it takes an article like this to scare me so much!

  • grand poohbah

    you ass holes..i was stopped in the middle of the article to start my hell letter to whom ever i could find..i’m relaxed now.

  • so mean! i was in tears. (but i do like willow as well!)

  • yayita

    I had a brain freeze the entire time… April 1st is to hard a day!

  • I can’t believe it! I had to take a sick day off work to go to see the doctor to give me something to calm me down. Now i just feel used & dirty.

  • You best not be mocking Willow, FOOLS! That movie has a special place in my heart and kidneys.

  • Right, obvious joke…there is no actor or character on Big Bang Theory named Kelly anyway.

  • OMG I HATE HATE HATE WHO EVER DECITED THIS WAS A GOOD JOKE!!! lol I was so upset….then boom, April Fools!! I love Game of Thrones.

  • Im the biggest fool!!! I panicked right away!!!!! Fu :) :) Pardon my french! :)

  • :P ~~~~~

  • ClosetGeek

    I am so scared that this isn’t a joke….. George’s comment ” while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter to catch up on some of my favorite movies”

  • Seven hells! This would be nothing short of a tragedy for the realm.

  • Dianne

    I passed this on to my sisters before I finished reading it. I did not know it was a joke (NOT FUNNY) I could not get passed the first few sentences I was getting so mad. My sisters were pissed at me too. He is the best darn character you have and can NOT be replaced by anyone.

  • Trish94903

    I would stop watching if they took off Dinklage–he makes this show!

  • Lulz Joffrey Troll!

  • Reanna

    Oh my goodness I about freaked out…and I was thinking to myself:

    “The producers also noted that, in an effort to maintain continuity, Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.”

    How terrible would that look!!!

  • Warrick Davis can’t act, so I knew it was an April fool right there haha

  • This is the sort of joke that gets some people killed and other people sent to jail :P

  • Dutch

    The funny detail is that Peter was the only cast member who didn’t audition for the part because GRRM simply had to have him as Tyrion. To say that he initially wanted Warwick back in 2009 made me a 100% sure that it was in fact an april fools joke.

    Arguing about whether TBBT is a “good” show is pointless, since it’s the simple matter of taste. And whether or not it is scientific is easy. I’m one month away from receiving my PHD in Maths and I’d have to say that most of TBBT “scientific” material is pretty basic stuff and sometimes even wrong (schrödingers cat misconceptions). Yet, it has a lot more “science” than any other sitcom (that I know of) and it reportedly helps young students head into the exact sciences direction which makes me very happy :)

    If about 15 million people regularly watch something you’d have to at least consider they think it’s “interesting”.

  • The vicey

    Yall had me… I was getting MAD…

  • After reading lots of comments, my resolutions are:

    1) Peter Dinklage = Tyrion Lannister… ALWAYS!! <3

    2) I want to be part of the Marketing Crew of: TBBT, Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana and the list continues… (haha)

  • DICK


  • I believed this crap!

  • Drix

    OMG! My boyfriend sent this to me – I’m a day late for April Fool’s day and I still almost had a heart attack! I love Peter Dinklage – we’re both from Jersey! In the Lanister tradition, You Sirs, are most cruel…

  • If you took out the sex, I bet 95% of the people that say Game of Thrones is the greatest ever would just think it’s boring nerd shit for fantasy geeks.

    • IKillU

      Boring nerd shit for fantasy geeks? Your calling yourself ZALGO & coming at us with that- or was this another April fools joke?

      • Coming at who like what? They’re not saying that’s what it is, they’re saying that without the sex (and violence I’m sure) that’s what most of the show’s fans would think of it.

  • Luckily my friend caught on that it was a joke before my computer went out the window.

  • LOL Wooowww got me.!

  • too funny…wasn’t warrwick the guy that played in the leprechon movies

  • That was a good one…

  • alright, saw this on the second so I wasn’t even thinking about it being a joke. And I was about to comment here something to the effect of “Alright, rage-quitting the series.”

  • When Warwick was asking for $1m per episode, I’m sorry, the veil was lifted, I carried on reading anyway, and thought it was great :’)

  • Chris C.

    Wow That was not funny

  • Well played HBO

  • My screen was smashed for no reason…

  • So glad to hear this was a joke! I’d been hoping for the past 24 hours that it was!

  • Paul Kelly

    His character does not appear in the 4th book, but does return in the 5th, so he most likely will not be involved in the filming next season,

    • tikimuppet

      I read this (and probably the next) season is a mixture of both Storm of Swords books, and Dance with Dragons. I imagine that’s so that all the characters get screen time and viewers don’t get confused by the unchronological order

  • LMJ82

    You had me! You had me until “We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwolves due to the new budgeting that will have to be done to compensate. But in the end it’s a small price to pay for this kind of acting gravitas.” Lol….After hearing Warwick Davis described this way, I instantly scrolled back to the top b/c I said this is BS! and very happily discovered that this was an all an April Fool’s joke after all! Lol…Thank God! :-)

  • Numpty’s, the biggest clue is it says (APRIL FOOLS!) in the tab title.

  • TM

    I think the biggest clue it was fake was that HBO would be willing to give Warwick a a decent gig.

  • Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray. This is what gave it away for me

  • Hawk Smith

    Haha Theres no way HBO could do that. I laughed at the announcement cause theres just no way they could replace him. Even if Peter died HBO would have to get their special effects crew working on a cgi version of him. Of all the terrific characters in GOT hes the best. I just couldn’t continue to watch without him. You rock Peter and I am glad they were joking.

  • omg, this is NOT a funny joke @ all! Peter Dinklage IS the very best Tyrion Lannister!!!

    • Right now he is the only Tyrion Lannister, so technically he is also the worst.

  • Peter rocks it out! I loved him in Find Me Guilty, Elf and I am looking forward to Knights of Badassdom and his CONTINUED role on GOT. Willow, Leprechaun, Acorn and the not so recognizable Wicket (Ewok)….Warwick is a great actor but no else could play Tyrion at this point without a huge outcry….good prank HBO

  • Val

    thank’s God it’s a joke,
    not funny :(

  • PLEASE do this again, HBO!!! This was a GREAT joke! Don’t stop making jokes just because a few people can’t take ’em! It was good to see the people at HBO have a good sense of humor as well as giving us the best shows on TV right now. AWESOME joke! :D

  • Kari

    I just had a small heart attack!

  • Gregor

    Ya that would suck

  • So Game of Thrones goes the way of Deadwood…

  • Zack

    Keep the integrity! Tyrion won’t be Tyrion anymore!
    He’ll be a pretender!

  • Patricia

    I find it funny that no one is actually talking about GoT, just fighting about other shows lol

  • Andrew

    I love how half of these comments devolved into some sort of hipster debate on the worth of The Big Bang Theory.

  • Amazingly, no homes of HBO employees, or HBO offices were burned to the ground minutes after the release of their little joke. :P

  • sara

    that was just mean!

  • Frank

    That wasent nice at all.

  • OMG I was about to freak out that we would see less dragons and direwolves due to Warwick demanding 1 million per episode!!!! WTF?! so glad this is an April fools!! I love Peter Dinklage….one of my favorite characters.

  • I believed it because Tyrion is seems a lot uglier in the books.

  • Oh, god! I was about to start writing angry hate mail! I would rather see his character killed off, than see him replaced! I should have known it was a joke, when they said that Peter wasn’t the man for a more comedic role. His character is the only comedic one in the show, and he plays it perfectly!

  • Ada

    He totally sounds like Michael McIntyre.

  • Adrian

    For God sake, I thought this was for real!!! I was going crazy already…

  • dornishkingonironthrone

    I fainted when I read ‘while on an indefinite break from writing winds of winter’s -_-

  • I was getting ready to flip out! LMAO!!!

  • Red

    Evil but also very, very awesome!!

  • Alex

    I rather watch the dragons and wolves than Warwick.

  • I really believed it, but then I thought twice when they said they were going to put Warwick Davis’ face over Peter Dinklage in future GOT DVD releases ….good one …

  • Dale

    YOOOOOOO….. I was so angry. I should have known something was up. I told a couple of my friends about this. only to be told that it wasnt true.

  • Anna

    you guys are dead wrong. thats my favorite show. I was really mad about this. thats not funny

  • benaly.canales

    I was not about to watch the fourth season. best April Fools yet.

  • wtf

    that is a cruel joke. i was considering not watching the 4th season.

  • great joke george …back at ya only thing on primiere draw back is that you didnt 2 hour primiere..at in the house showing my place ,with -in comments at end of thee opening show, with a plus + rating …e-mail request tom edick on facebook and can spill the minor script changes and a costume failure

  • got me good lmao!

  • lilibetp

    Drop dead.

  • Steve

    As soon as I saw that it would be Willow, I knew it was an April Fools joke but SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! One simply doesn’t walk a new face into Tyrion Lannister’s shoes.

  • RAaAaAaGE.. I’m cool.

    I was just about to punch the screen of my laptop -.-”

  • Beboy

    Unfortunately, i read this article on April 2 and almost got a heart attck. Damn you !

  • Dfan

    That is not nice!!! Bastards!!!
    And Peter, we want to see you on BBT anyway!!!!

  • i cried a lot, you cruel bastards

  • Everything always descends to, “Big Bang Theory is shit” which it is, because it’s tedious, predictable, clichéd and lazy, nothing at all to do with science and everything to do with bad writing. The fact that it gets 20 million viewers per week is not a measure of quality, it’s a measure of intelligence, or lack thereof.

  • amanDUH!

    Bastards! I nearly had a stroke thinking the Willow fella was gonna replace my Tyrion. Cruel. Very cruel -_-

  • OMG!!! Was skimming this while panicking going NOOOOO!!!!!
    Mean joke HBO, mean, mean joke.

  • Jen

    Thank GOD that was a joke! Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion is my favorite book-to-screen character of all time. He is a master!

  • Derek

    Eventualy Tyrion does die, so when I saw that he wasn’t returning I just assumed they were going to kill him off at the end of this season.

    • z_meh


  • words are like bullets lol

  • dentoncoop

    HA!!! I so felt for it!! I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading..till…TROLLED

  • Usman

    Fuck, I almost had a heartattack.

  • Chris

    You, bastards. You had me for a minute there.

  • Nadine

    Don’t even think about replacing him, he is irreplaceable !

  • BQ

    You just don’t do face transposition over an Emmy award winning face. That was a little obvious joke.

  • MyName isSTFU

    Really People are coming to a Game of Thrones Article to complain about Nickelback and Big Bang Theory??

  • Airah Howling

    Reading this almost gave me a heart attack.

  • J

    lol. I noticed when they complimented willow that something was up.

  • Wii

    Bad joke guys !!! really bad one :D

  • It was evident that it was a joke when it said “we want to take Tyrion to a more farcical side”. Because we know from season 4 things get really rough and sad for Tyrion and his dark side comes out.

  • You sick bastard ;)

  • Patty

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I was so torn! I love Peter Dinklage and wanted to ban GoT because of his reease but I have read all the books and loves the story! Thank God! Hahaha

  • Thank fuck for that!

    • I said the exact same thing after Tyrion was attacked and almost killed near the end of season 2

  • you had me….I was screaming….

  • This is fucking bullshit! Dinklage is the best part of this show….. this just might ruin it for me…..

  • I actually hope you DID cast Warwick to play one of the dwarves for Joffery’s wedding. Because “that” would be AWESOME!

  • I’m reading the book and when I imagine Tyrion, it’s Peter’s face that comes to my mind. I can’t imagine him portrayed by another.

  • Worst April Fools Joke This Year. At the “we’ll have to not show the dragons” I realized what was up.

  • Axxcexx

    lol Bastards. I love Peter I was so sad reading this and got so mad when I read that his face will be digitally replace on the dvds… but that’s when I suspected it was a joke.

  • pongskie

    if this was true id never watch GoT again lol

  • joe4560

    Fell for it because in my timezone it’s 2nd April already. I started to wonder though once I got to the point about the effects budget slash to pay Warwicks salary. I’m usually wiser to these sorts of April Fools day pranks. You bastard children.

  • some things should never be jested at!

  • I blame Joffrey for this! Only he would be cruel enough to run a joke like this!

  • I called Bullshit at the title. You can’t replace Dinklage with Willow. He’s the best character on there series.

  • OMG these posters are jibber jabbering about jibber jaber………

  • DanielHartman


  • Jon

    So messed up. I was bummed. It’s bad enough some great character and thus actors have to die, to see Peter taken out needlessly got me wound up!

  • Lionel mitchell

    Shame I really enjoy his acting And his story line is riveting

    One thing i ask b4 he goes Spend more time in the brothels

  • Nat

    that’s just mean!

  • Thank god its a joke, thought they’d all gone soft in the head…

  • yeah good joke but if they were ever to replace peter dinklage i would cry he is the perfect lannister

  • gosh wth, stunned a bit there,

  • This is horrible. How can you replace him with Warwick? I’m going to quit watching the show. I hope others will too until you have some more sense and keep Peter.

    • You didn’t read the whole thing did you?

      It was an April fool’s joke.

  • catherine james

    LOL You guys suck! :) I *finally* clued in to something being “wrong” when brought in TBBT. “Uh, wait a minute…when did BIG BANG add a character named ‘Kelly’?” All I could think through most of your “article” was: “OMGawd – how am I gonna break this to my dad?!” (The *HUGE* GoT/Tyrion fan). T’ank g’d eet vazz ‘üst a yoke!

  • Lol, people really do get militant about the entertainment that they enjoy.
    The argument here seems to be “Who is a douchebag?” and I hate to break it to you but it’s most of you.

    Game of Thrones is a wonderful show with wonderful actors, doesn’t hold a candle to A Song of Ice and Fire but it’s fantastic anyway.

    TBBT is a sitcom, one that I enjoy immensely. As sitcoms go it’s one of the better ones, I’ve only ever watched three of them religiously. (Friends, HIMYM and TBBT)

    I loved SoA until the end of season 4.

    The Walking Dead was amazing until the latest season which I didn’t enjoy much what with the lack of focus on the main cast (and what’s with Rick & co not taking Woodbury?)

    I don’t like Breaking bad, I’ve tried to watch it a few times but I get this feeling I’m about to sit through another Weeds (Regular dude sells drugs, things get crazy, he stops being so regular, things get crazier season by season until it’s so far out of the realms of possibility that I’m just saying “Meh”). That and the manufacture of Meth Amphetamines aren’t a subject that interests me at all.

    I love Arrow, but then I love anything DC. (Not Smallville though)

    The point I’m making is that it’s a person’s prerogative to pick and choose which TV shows they enjoy. There is no point in hating on folks just because they like something that you do not. But then I suppose that’s religion for you, and what are people doing if not worshiping these video files?

    “Heathen! Game of Thrones is the true show, there is no show but Game of Thrones!”

    Get over yourselves.

    • ikillu2

      Like allot of other shows 2, but who’s the loser w/ the 3 page essay on why these people suck? Get a life

  • chris gleave

    had me fooled i was fumming !

  • dinepo

    You can see what he has done to ” an Idiot Abroad ” Carl Pilkington is no longer funny with his dwarf sidekick.

  • SuckmyDck

    Oh shut the fuck up! all of you, celebrate for the Game has resumed once again! Hooray Game of Thrones :)

  • LMAO… it was them saying that they would digitally impose Warwick’s face over Peter’s that gave me a clue, I laughed my head off at the idea



  • omg. I really frowned.

  • Whew! So glad its a joke! I was seriously thinking I’d have to stop watching the show now. When the said, “We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwolves due to the new budgeting…” I was like, “That’s it! I’m Done!”

  • I was so unbelievably upset, I didn’t think the show could survive without him! I hate it when movie, or tv series change actors for the characters! It’s awful! Thank god that was a joke!

  • IT GOT ME OH MY GOD I WAS SO ANGRY for about 10 seconds

  • OMG, thank god this is just an april fool’s joke, Tyrion is my favourite character and would probably have stopped watching the show if you changed the character and the actor.

  • Lilah

    I can’t fathom how an off-hand comment expressing mild contempt for a TELEVISION SHOW – not any human individual or group, not a set of beliefs – sparked such a heated and hostile argument! There are the obvious trolls, and some that are probably subtle trolls that I don’t notice, but… people on the internet get so upset so quickly! It escalates and you’re enraged but NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL OCCURRED! I realize I’m not the first person to comment on this phenomenon, but I am rather in an altered state of consciousness where I have the desire to comment. on something on the internet. with a bunch of strangers. thoughts?

    (i might be high)

  • kaskamc

    I hate April Fools

  • Dn Guillermo

    got me…would’ve been better if i kept in mind it was april fools day, could’ve spared some tears :’)

  • You bastards! I nearly died!! I was gonna lose it seriously! HAHA

  • Altos

    you dick!

  • April Fools

  • Christopher Lee Lopez

    Oh I read on and saw that this was an April fools joke, Haha You all got me. Nice one.

  • John

    an absolute waste of my time – you f’tards ….

  • Christopher Lee Lopez

    Horrible Idea! Keep Peter. Keep The Budget. Keep IT THE WAY IT IS. I believe if you all decide to go through with this, you will regret the decision later on.

  • this is really really sad.. :(

  • raican

    This gave me heart palpitations!

  • I knew, Tyrion doesn’t appear in the fourth book so logically he should not appear in the 4th series anyway.

    • Scott

      That doesn’t mean anything though, as HBO decided to split book 3 into 2 seasons. Tyrion will be in season 4.

  • Damy

    This is the last TV show i actually love ….PLEASE don’t screw it like that!

  • XD you got me good, well done.

  • I wish u a purple wedding Lannister X(

  • IT Amazes me that peoplw will sit at the computer reading 10000’s comments about mindless drivel but mention picking up the GOT books and giving them a read n reread , and they express abuse n shock that some of us still actually read books :D

    • RealityCheck131


  • Take it easy guys, 50% of the readers didn’t read the update part.
    I hate April fool damn lies !!
    I was on my way to smash my monitor !

  • You complete b******s! As if Game of Thrones doesn’t play with my emotions enough (*shakes fist* curse you Mr. Martin!)! grrrrrr.

  • How dare you! How dare you!

  • I nearly shit myself! My heartbeat changed!

  • Jesus Christ. thats NOT funny.

  • You… bastards!! I had a stroke for this joke!!!

  • monica71680

    knew right away it was an April fools

  • N Rigby

    best april fool ever, got me

  • azan

    God …you people are terrible …My heart was on the floor till scroll down…

  • Sir Peter Dinklage the Great

    well played HBO, well played

  • That was horrific reading that article….wowser!

  • Oh! Good my heart is starting to beat back normally! I hate you ppl! Btw, I thought it was April fools but the seriousness of the article fooled me! ah! feels so much better now!

  • Arrrrrrghghghghghghg nooooooo, ya got me! Far out brussel sprout, i’m relieved….

  • Almost gave me a heart attack, until I saw the date.

  • JRSEchelon

    Thank God it’s a joke, I’d have stopped watching.

  • FYI

    Took me ’til the media questions to catch on. Well played, sirs.

  • I was seriously almost tearing up. THANK GOODNESS this is not real!

  • Hell, I almost collapsed T_T
    luckily I could read till the end

  • Mel

    You buggers! Glad I only read this today, so I was only pissed until I scrolled down. Funny though :P

  • When I saw the headline, I was thinking “WTF?!?”. When I saw the “new direction”, I started looking at the date to see if it was still April 1st. Then when I saw Warwick Davis, I busted out laughing. Then I didn’t read the rest. I’m hoping no one else fell for this.

  • Wow… I was raging… but figured it was a joke…

  • Melane Lee

    That’s not funny…Im here wondering what the hell. And I agree with the reporter that said,“Are you fuc@!n6 serious right now?”..yeah. I would have stop watching immediately. I know a few people who stop because they killed their favorites characters. I would join the club, now I can sleep now.LOST MY DAMN VOICE CAUSE OF THIS…

  • Oh crap! you had me going…. was just replaying all the episodes in my mind with Warwick Davis thinking… “yep it’s never going to work… and what do you mean Peter Dinklage is not funny enough!!!”…phew can get back to my lunch now! Love your work Peter!

  • Hey~~~~~~~ I’m pregnant with twins! you can’t make a joke like that! LOL.. you b….ds~~~!

  • best april fools joke ever…. however I CAN’T imagine ANYONE falling for it… :P… However, i wouldn’t mind Warwick Davis getting a part in the show… he’s my hero :)

  • loser girl with broken heart

    just want to let you all know i cried and it’s your fault

  • Guest

    better be a joke! this is gonna ruin the show if its not! Sorry love Willow and all but not the right guy in my book! Taking away from the Dragons really?!

  • Kent

    dammit! that was cruel!

  • DGsilk

    Omg I was getting soooo upset!!! I was had.

  • big bang theory..longest running april fools joke in history

  • Guest

    Uh isn’t this post about Game of Thrones? Why all the talk about The Big Bang Theory? Some people like it, some people don’t. Doesn’t mean you have poor taste either way, it just means that you have different tastes. Also bashing other shows doesn’t prove that your show is better. Sorry Breaking Bad is amazingly acted, written, and directed. Also just because something makes a lot of money, or gets 20 million viewers does not prove that its great. We need more discussions not arguments. We all have different opinions, let us all just accept that fact and move on with our lives.

  • hes gone im done with this show peace out

  • jayeatworld

    I’d believe it if they got Mini Me to play the part.

  • Georgia

    Not even cool! You got me because where I am (South Korea), it is no longer April Fools. I thought all the cruel pranks were done for the year…

  • lol seriously? this was a silly joke. and people are arguing over the quality of the show the Big Bang Theory? lmao wow. If people did not like that show or any other show it would not have been on this long. See in the world of hollywood tv and movies there is this things called FAN BASE. which means a group of a lot of people that like something enough to make it popular. might not be all the people in the world in that group but more than enough, lol i mean who fights over a show seriously lol lamers

  • Name

    Fuck you guys! That was really fucked up. I had linked my GF thinking it was for realz. Guess the final joke’s on her…

  • Sam

    I’m going to hurt these damn people!!!! hahahahHAHAHHAA!!!! BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH, DON’T FUCK WITH MY LANISTERS…

  • savage mandalore

    Wow trolls need to be either silenced or neutered…got to stop this annoying hate speech

  • Shanshi

    I nearly threw my computer across the room when I started reading this… I’m waayyyy too gullible! I would be SO angry if this were true! Peter is AMAZING and nobody could replace him! He’s my FAV character!

  • Willow and big girl boobs? Come on.That was leprechaun milk from the beginning.

  • I just want to say, after looking through all of the TBBT debate below, that there is no one named Kelly on Big Bang.

  • man i about to go HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay thanks, I’ll stop crying now…

  • alanij

    I was wondering why Peter was leaving because Tyrion was supposed to be more comical only to go on The Big Bang Theory, which is supposed to be funny. Also, why would you want to mask his face in the DVDs??? LOL. I was going to fly off my soapbox if the dragons were really going to be gone because of some actor I’ve never heard of!!! I figured it was all April Fools, but you never know anymore.

  • I was about to be so pissed, he’s my favorite character. Get rid of that douche Joffrey. And why are none of you actually talking about “Game of Thrones” and fighting over “The Big Bang Theory”? True internet queers.

  • Jeric

    The first time i read the headline you should “Hear me Roar!” hahahaha

  • LOL thank god

  • Why would u change who his character is thats gonna be stupid, he is awesome!

  • Great prank! Really great! …how’d Warwick feel about it being a prank, though?

  • Big bang is one of the biggest hits on primetime TV it is a GREAT show

  • Ermalinda Ferrer

    thank goodness it was a joke because if they did replace Peter as Tyrion Lannister, I wouldn’t watch Game of Thrones anymore…He is Tyrion Lannister and no one can replace him…it would totally ruin the show. A great big “sigh” of relief. Game of Thrones is one of my favorite series on HBO only second to Spartacus which is on Starz!!!

  • Omg I nearly died !! haha…love it !

  • Yeah, it’s a joke. otherwise they’d be giving the fourth season away. For those who haven’t read the book, he’s character gets killed. there you have it. so he won’t be back for the fourth season.

  • Lalune

    ahhhh had me going ; )

    sooo glad it was just a joke!

  • Love Warwick, but I honestly would stop watching the show if they simply replaced him

  • Liz

    I hate you! XD

  • Chetan G

    I was so bloody sad to read this…was about to get out of the page before completing it..luckily scrolled down…thank God..hehehe..a good prank indeed…he has done full justice to that role and nobody can replace Peter…:)

    • Chetan G

      PS: TBBT is awesome :) :)

  • that was a very bad joke man.i was heartbroken

  • Dean Kinred

    lol i was in a massive rage till i scrolled down -_-

  • Mary Howell

    Doh! You got me good buggers!!! HA! Best April Fool in a long time, thanks for the emotional roller coaster ;-)

  • ihateyouall

    why the hell are you morons crying about tbbt, its a great show so stfu

  • Guys, stay calm and watch Breaking Bad!

  • Watuzzi

    alright you got me, I started to freak a little

  • stacey

    Dont even kid.

  • Ladydraon

    I knew it, and FUCK u for doing it

  • derp

    this is just stupid

  • Christina

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost started crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winner

    u got me ppl… the imph is ma favourite character…

  • tink

    When he looked through the door and stepped on the stool, I thought of the episode in Life’s Too Short. Was that planned?

  • i’m glad this was a joke. peters character tyrion is one of the most important people to the story and no-one could replace him, it would make a mockery of the programe to even try.

  • Thanks, I almost punched through my laptop, snapped it into two or eight pieces, and threw it around my apartment all night long before I read the update.

  • White Walker Lord

    I figured it was a joke when they said that they were willing to pay the Willow guy a million dollars an episode. He definitely does not have that kind of star power!

  • koolz

    This pretty much read: Game of Thrones throws in the towel…

  • lesle

    the anger was boiling inside of me! i got fooled..-__-

  • I almost broke my computer. This was the sickest April Fool’s joke ever!!

  • S.O.B. ya got me. I was all pissed. I was like, wow how insulting. When I read ya’ll was going for a more comedic style is what threw me off. Peter Dinklage makes that character/role. If that wasn’t a joke I’d say cancel the show. LOL Glad that was a joke.

  • I was about to flip a table!

  • Aditi

    I hate you

  • prolly april fools

  • Jen

    Worst prank EVER!

  • Dante’s Disco Inferno

    Sacrilege! To even joke of such things is a tantamount to blasephemy! :P

  • Kia

    I almost survived April Fools Day without being tricked… I almost cried seeing this… Well played!!!

  • F*ck.

  • ant301

    Goddamn morons! What were you going to do it I had a heart attack and croacked?

  • haters_gon_hate

    holy crap!!!!!ppl on here should take a chill pill…you hate tbbt show coz the science is not valid? dumbasses…get this through your head…CO-ME-DY!!!as in your ass is supposed to laugh…not try n figure out the validity of string theory…dont get the joke or dont like it, change the channel…no ones stopping you. “one mans meat is another mans poison.” wanna watch real science, Discovery channel has some shows. granted you wont laugh coz you wanna learn instead…dont hate on the show coz your feeble mind cant grasp the complexities of tbbt writer’s humor and sarcasm….. and one last thing…. BAZINGA BITCHES…..:) and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

  • In other faux news – Rowan Atkinson is set to replace Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.

  • First of all, Big Bang Theory sucks. And second, you bastards.

  • Oh god. You guys got me good.

  • brady

    i was wondering who the hell kelly was in the big bang theory

  • Holy shit! I never get a trap in the April’s Fool before! Well played, Sir!

  • Why does Tyrion Lannister’s hair color change so much in the very first episode? When he’s introduced, he’s blonde blonde blonde and then halfway through the first episode his hair is already brown.

    • RealityCheck131

      Magic. Who cares?

  • steve

    Thank God this is a joke because he’s the best actor on this show.

  • holy crap you had me until the part where it says “We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwovlves due to the new budgeting…” . Good one guys.. soooooo glad it’s not true

  • filbypott

    That’s a funny joke, but I do like Warwick Davis. Just not as Tyrion. :)

  • I just got trolled!

  • MOTHER FUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kungfujackrabbi

    Whew….okay something got me on april fools! So glad that was a prank.

  • shaneslayer

    nerds fighting about nerds

  • shaneslayer

    Before they even filmed this season Dinklage signed a huge contract for the next couple seasons at least- this is a big joke

  • oops

    they wouldn’t replace this season’s hero now would they? maybe even the season hero for killing the most hated character on the show (joffrey)

  • beavis

    ya got me

  • dindin

    this joke wasn’t funny! i almost had a heart attack. thank you to the genius who cooked this up.

  • Hoopar

    I like how the majority of the comments are in relation to Big Bang Theory, and not the joke. :P

  • Paul

    If that really happens I will stop watching it.
    And this is my favorite damn show. The Dwarf rules!

  • Bob

    Yeah, you’re going to have to actually TRY…

  • oops

    HAHA You couldn’t possibly get rid of the hero of this season…the one who will kill the most hated person on the show now can you???? Yes the last episode has him killing Joffrey, now why would you go ahead and replace him?

  • Dollie

    A Lannister word is no good, there moto is A Lannister always pays his debt..Not never tell a lie.. GoT is one of the best shows on cable/satellite today. I would hate to know Tyrian (Peter) was replaced, he is one of the characters that make the show., I have read all the books that have been published, Peter is the best man for the job.

  • Good one. Excellent April Fool’s joke. Well played.

  • Joe

    If you were actually fooled by this, you are one naive motherfucker.

    • Paul

      I was fooled… because they often do stupid shit in hollywood.

  • A very well written article for an April Fools joke

  • Didn’t Fool Me


  • M

    And here I was thinking this was a discussion of Game of Thrones…I can to the wrong place!

  • Brittany_Hyde

    This better be a freaking April Fool’s joke.

  • jacflac2112

    haha! Totally fell for that. So glad it’s not true though! =)

  • Fooled

    They got me good, they got me reeeeeeeeeeal good!!

  • Yeah
    I’d heard they were replacing him with Tyler Mane and thought Well ok
    He can act the part and he’s ugly enough with the right prosthetics on
    his nose. But he’s a little tall, don’t you think?

  • Are you fucking kidding me i hate april fools

  • JM Willis

    You almost got me. Though I would stop watching if Dinklage was let go. He is a fantastic actor.

  • Wayney Keogh

    I fucking hated reading every line in this article, untill i reached the last paragraph… You guys are sick fucks for messing with my emotions like that hahaha :) so happy it was a joke :P

  • I was a little bit into it but I then remembered IGN’s Zelda movie trailer a few years back plus I remembered what today was so they got me a little, but I wised up quick.

  • If only I saw it coming.. doh!

  • fuc you.. who ever did this
    …u scared the shit outta me

  • dude…i totally fell 4 it & the irony of the situation is that i was going 2 play the same type of prank on sum1 earlier in the day but decided not 2 ~ so i fell 4 my own trick…i’m pretty sure that the 4 drinks i’ve had had absolutely nothing 2 do w/it…well played good sirs…xoxo

  • Mel

    As to TBBT, the 80s/early 90s called, they want (their sh*tty actor) Johnny Galecki back.

  • blashyrkh999

    april fools

  • aaronbbrown

    APRIL F-in FOOLS micky fickies… Not funny

  • lordbradiii

    I knew it was an April Fools joke, but even if I hadn’t, once they called Penny “Kelly,” the jig would have been up. lol

  • Haleigh

    YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. Oh my god. I was seriously in a huge rage when I finished this article, especially when you said that he was demanding 1 million an episode and that it’d lessen the featuring of dragons and direwolves. Oh my god I’m just so relieved that this was a joke. Hahahah. No one can replace Peter.


  • I sure hope it´s april´s fool joke. Otherwise I´m starting a protest with other fans ;)

  • Nimama

    Phewf!!!! THAT WAS MEAN!!! I stopped breathing until the end of the article!!!!! THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR PETER DINKLAGE!!!!!!

  • liz

    You guys suck!!!!!!

  • I was so pissed there for a second! Then I was like wait.. its April 1st. This has to be bs… and it was thank god! haha

  • King Slayer

    This is kind of short notice,

  • Ill Get You Back

    Firstly… you had me for a bit. Then I thought, hang on, season 3 has just started, why would they announce this now. Then the date came to mind. Then the reason for replacing him was to give his character more comedy. The sarcastic humor of his character is great. You did have me a bit pissed off for a bit and I was about to post an abusing remark on the Game of Thrones Facebook. I say… you accomplished you joke….. pr#@ks.

  • Well, I won’t be watching Season 4 thanks to the overpaid actor who took all the value out of it for me. I’ll reread the books for my Throne pleasure. Good Luck Peter, Lords grace and Gods speed.

  • Haha you jerks!! And I was all depressed when i read the section about the dragons and direwolves! Now I’m just more excited about going to the Game of Thrones exhibition in Manhattan Weds.
    I wish Peter were gonna be there… then I can ask him what many of us Tyrion fans want to know… “When is Knights of Badassdom” coming out?!!!

  • Burke

    i hate you… digitally transposing Warwick’s face over Dinklage’s in all future releases. haha that one pissed me off.

  • KJean

    Also, $1 million is not 20% of $50 million….

    • 1 million PER episode X 10 episodes is 20% of the season’s 50 million dollar budget, sillyass.

  • I knew it was a joke when I read “1 million per episode.” That gave it away. Til that point they had me…

  • Wow, this is the only April fools joke that got me today. Well done.

  • fuck you

    Fuck you

  • OMG. I was just getting ready to write the biggest and cruelest complaint letter in history. Thank the old gods and the new that I kept reading. I thought the producers had lost their minds when they spoke about cutting out dragons and direwolves for more comedy. Peter is the halfman for the job and no one could play his role better EVER! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 & 2 and am completely hooked as season 3 begins this month in Australia. I know, I know… I could stream, but the loss of quality is too intense and I need every pixel i can get as my eyes are glued to that big screen. Thank you so much for bringing this series to us, It’s truely a work of art…. xox

  • mk

    OMG! I was so pissed… I was just telling my husband, “THAT’S IT! I’M NOT GOING TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES AFTER THIS SEASON!!”
    I love Peter Dinklage!! HE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!! So glad it’s not true…

  • Bastards!

  • FUCK YOUUUU. haha

  • Hahaha, when it got to 1 mill an episode and less of the dragons…a small price…it was an April Fools.

  • Fuckers!!!! Ok, ok, you got me! I was all pissed off about that.

  • Thank God! I was praying the whole time I was reading this was a joke. Peter Dinklage is exquisite and I don’t think I would watch the show without him.

  • That’s a terrible joke! I was like “WTF Noooooooooo! Can’t they just replace Ginger Stark instead???”

  • good joke, I got really pissed for a second…. lol

  • vicki

    That was not f*cking funny!

  • Kelly

    this was so mean…. so mean. I told everyone I knew then I had to tell them HBO April Fooled me….

  • Oh this was the only one i fell for the whole day, really scared me at first haha

  • ive had to plug an external monitor and keyboard into my laptop upon the initial rage moment i had reading this…you trolled me well

  • Shawna

    WHAT!!! no one can do a better job than Peter and I think he is very funny!!

  • Assholes! Hey I was really looking forward to a change with the Willow actor….who know s right? I would have really missed Peter though. All bullshit aside bring back SEXY ASS JASON MOMOA AKA Khal Drogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You piece of shits! I was getting pissed of lmao!

  • Was not as bad as the joke u played on us on the last episode of sopranos…

  • Is it sad that I saw Warwick Davis and cringed. Life is too Short is great and all, but he isn’t GOT material. No way anyone would give him a million per episode.

  • east

    stupid joke

  • Raethry Katzenpantzen

    You can tell it was a joke because GRRM said he was taking a break to watch movies… not taking a break to post about football on his Livejournal.

  • me

    you motherfuckers!!!@!!!

  • Daisy Hernandez

    Haha…well played good sirs!

  • I. Hate. You. Lol, I actually believed it at first until I realised what day it was ha

  • u r all morons…this is a game of thrones article.

  • Eve Hell

    Haha! Awesome!

  • Jo

    oh my gods, you fucking assholes lol

  • jeane

    that’s the meanest trick ever! i kinda caught on in the middle though, when they sang the other guy’s praises too much.. i mean, no one but no one can play that role but dinklage. he breathed life to tyrion lannister.

  • Tim


  • that’s the meanest trick ever! i kinda caught on in the middle though, when they sang the other guy’s praises too much.. i mean, no one but no one can play that role but dinklage. he breathed life to tyrion lannister.

  • Sam K.

    Ugh, you got me. Thanks for that heart attack, HBO.

  • Wow, really. This is a thread about Game of Thrones and your all talking about Big Bang Theory??? If they really replaced Tyrion, thats it for me. He isn’t comedic any of the books, why should he be for the TV series. I’ve read them all, and the fourht one is definately not him be funny.

  • haha very good almost fell for it

  • DAFUUUUUQ!! I almost killed my dog for that!

  • Brennan Bolls

    All day. All day i’ve thought this was true. I broke up with my girlfriend, quit my job, then drank taka out of the bottle on the overpass until a cop snuck up behind me and pulled me to the ground. I was finally let out today 8pm central standard time. Thanks HBO.

  • you don´t play with that!!!!!!! he´s my favorite character <3

  • Ellie

    You fooled me for a scaringly long and agonizing second there, but no longer than that. Good prank!

  • Jim

    After Reading All five of the books this was nothing

  • I’ll admit it took me to the part where he talked about being in shock and awe on the first day of April. Then it hit me, and I figured how ridiculous an idea it was to put Warwick Davis’ face over Peters on the Blu-Ray releases. Should’ve figured it there.

  • I was flipping out when I read this for the first time.

  • Nicolette LeBlanc

    LOL!!Phew!Love Peter and his character on this show;Looking so forward to seeing him in the future .Nicolette LeBlanc

  • Just saying if it were true. Love you Peter! To be honest I was fooled! I was so pissed off I didn’t finish reading the article before I had to rant.

  • LMAO! I love practical jokes. Good one Mr. Klein :P

  • Eat shit and die! You motherfuckers are going to destroy the series. Peter has been the heart and soul of the show and you bastards what to take his face off the brilliant work that he has done. I hope season four burns in hell you fucking bastards!

  • ME

    was about to never ever watch this show again

  • shannonlatrisha

    haha GOT ME!

  • wyattmonk

    That was a great April Fool’s joke. I’m a Peter Dinklage fan and I was too upset.

  • Bastards. I so freaking hate April Fool’s Day.

  • fuck u

    Haha Fuck you!

  • You got me!!!!….that was SO wrong, but thanks for the joke. Whew! Besides I have never watch The Big Bang Theory so I would not have caught it. GAME OF THRONES is one of the GREATEST SHOWS ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for this stress, beware of revenge! xD

  • jess

    Oh my God, I nearly cried. My parents are probably wondering why I just yelled, “NO! I DON’T WANT WARWICK DAVIS!”

  • S.Moore

    You suck.


  • This made me furious even though I knew it was a joke haha

  • Doreen

    omg, thank goodness this is an April Fools’ joke, it was just too devastating to not have Mr. Dinklage as Tyrion. Thank you for the joke – it was a good one!

  • You a… Ok. I see how it is! Just for that, I’m joining Joffrey’s side.

  • lol cruel prank! what is the game of thrones without dear Peter as Tyrion!!?? got me good :D

  • wow — i was feeling pretty devastated about losing peter as tyrion (ie. what the original joke intended) & then i get to read 20-odd ridiculous comments about the big bang theory. really??? who cares about the big bang theory? either you like it or you don’t — period. jeez.

  • Dr duck

    next thing you will tell us is that your dad is not going to give you Casterly rock

  • blind_archer

    well played, well played.

  • poo

    actually. fuck warwick davis. fuck.

  • BlackPeony182

    Well played HBO..Well played.

  • Warrick should not be Tyrion at all and the fact that they are making him for “comedic” is wrong and totally strays from the book. I think Peter Dinklage is the only one to play Tyrion Lanister

    • Laura

      finish the article…

  • boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    …Seriously, fuck, Peter was my favorite actor on the whole damn show. I haven’t read past book 3, but Tyrion always seemed rather dour, and I think Peter nailed it perfectly. WHY DO YOU DO THESE CHANGES HBO? WHYYY? POR QUA?

    • Joseph

      No wait…I’m an idiot….derp, WELL PLAYED, HBO, WELL PLAYED.

  • Itsno longer April 1st here in Australia!!!!! Please stop this crap!!!! THsi is the third time ive been done and not one of them was on april 1st

  • Suzie

    Bah…blah….BigBag , What about the joke! I would miss Peter Dinklage. He is such a wonderful actor. The looks and sllght facal adjustments give you insight into his feelings and just what he feels and as the insults fly he is so smooth the way they lay there. BRAVO Peter Dinklage

  • Maybe he’s shooting Tiptoes 2

  • Hope this is an April fools or the producers are fools.

    If ONLY I would read the whole article!

  • DRodriguez512

    First enough with TBBT this is not what this article is about……
    But thank God I decided to read this because for just a minute there I thought this was real…LOL I would have definitely stopped watching Game of Thrones if it were true.

  • BOOO. warwick doesnt fit the bill. peter dinklage is GOT

  • I knew it was a joke when they said they wanted to take the character into a more comedic direction, and Dinklage wasn’t the man for the job… whether or not the direction they wanted to head was true, Dinklage has played many a character in comedic films. To say he is not suited for comedy is ridiculous.

  • As soon as I read the words “We want to take Tyrion in a more comedic, farcical direction” and Warwick in the same sentence I knew it was an April Fool. Warwick and comedy? Nope.

  • Wow! I was TOTALLY believing this and feeling SUPER annoyed!! I was confused because Tyrion’s character was going to be made more farcical and comedic?!? That is NOT cannon! Duh. Feeling stupid now.

  • Diego Oliveira

    Damn you! I was totally fooled…

  • you assholes, you totally had me and i was ready to quit watching.


  • I was reading this whole thing praying that it was a joke. THANK GOD!

  • Gerald

    Game of Thrones about to go WACK!!!….no changes pls….we love the show how it is….if we want comedy, we know what to watch

    • Justin

      Another person failed to read the update.

  • Big John

    Well you got me good on this one. I was totally upset of your idea of replacement because there is NONE!!!!!!!


    • Justin

      She didn’t read the update.

  • Warwick Davis in anything has to be an April fool.

  • Yep that got me. At first it wasnt funny, but thinking back on my reaction to this prank, ya I guess it kinda is funny.


    thank god its a joke Warwick Davis would be a horrific replacement

  • Of course it is a joke, everybody that read the books, know that he dies in the forth book…

  • No offense to the new actor but NO!!! He will not be Tyrion no matter how hard he tries!!! This may even be a deal breaker for me!

  • I was like O_o until the part with him asking 20% of the show’s budget and cutting on other parts… no way they would spend this much

  • josh23809

    This better be a joke!

  • You guys are idiots. Read the whole thing. April fools…..

  • Chaosash

    This had better be a joke….

  • Yep got me good. April fools was a BEAUTY. I shall never forgive for this heart wrenching gut ripping joke. Almost had a bloody heart attack. BASTARDS !!! well done.

  • Dick E.Less

    Awesome joke, seems that some below here have just a sliver of a sense of humor.

  • Meanest. Joke. Ever!

  • They just killed this show! Seriously? The dragons and wolves were what we looked forward to and now they have to be cut to pay a new actor to come on the show to replace an already wonderful actor who was funny and charming already? Got a feeling season 3 will be it’s last good season.

  • I really hope the bigger April fools joke was “It finally hit me last week while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter….”

  • TUUUUURDbomb

    You can tell how many PEOPLE on here are jokes by the fact that they took time out of their lives to argue about Big Bang Theory. Not because it sucks. Not because it doesn’t. But just because there are obviously some folks thinking WAY to much about it, and obviously NOT getting laid.

    • Ryan

      look at you raging

  • Very glad it was just a joke ! Feeeewww…

  • o.0 this gave me a heart attack! I’m totally sending this to my fiancee.

  • Dinklage for President!

    I sure as Hell hope this is an April fools joke He’s the best and most interesting character on the show!

  • Dicks.

  • Solstice

    1 million dollars is not 20% of 50 million dollars!
    What a joke!

    • VSG

      1 million per episode x 10 episodes = 10 million = 20% of 50 million

  • april fools??? i hope!!!

  • I knew it was a joke when i saw the picture of warwick davis

  • I hate you. :)

  • Warrick Davis does have such wit, such tenderness…but I called BS at the get go. Nice try folks! ;)


  • camacho

    skipped towards the end of the article like I always do, guess that ruined it :))


  • Beeds

    That was cruel, so, so, so, so cruel.

  • I almost started Crying! I was going to boycott the show!! Good one guys… DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!

  • How in the fuck do you go from Game of Thrones to some other shows that have absolutely nothing to do with Game of Thrones? And nickle back? Really? Are you all that fucking retarded???

  • April Fools lol

  • David

    Wow. Not funny,.

  • hollyhatchet

    who Kelly on big bang theory

  • Whew! You had me until they said they would digitally etch out his face. Wow – that was a good one. LOL!

  • This is so wrong for so many Reason’s. I am sorry but peter made the show. He was my favorite character. Sorry but I don’t think any short person can come in and take over. This will probably ruin the show for me.

  • Not cool guys…. not cool.

  • bitches aint funny– peter is this show.

  • If you check out HBOWatch on their Facebook page you will see that this is, in fact, a joke. http://www.facebook.com/WatchHBO



    • ALASKA

      Oh, SH**, I just read the rest of the article…..(00)

  • My heart dropped for a moment! Peter is my favorite character and would be DEVASTATED if he left! In the books Tyrion is my favorite! Love Him!

  • halfman_lover357

    I just kept scrolling till I found “April Fools”. Thank goodness it was there.

  • Obviously a joke. They filmed season 3 and 4 simultaneously back to back. How can anyone be fooled?

  • This joke was far too obvious to think it wasn’t an april fools, and so lost all impact. Little lines like “after taking an indefinite break from writing” its almost sad if someone thought this was real.


  • ” Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.” that’s where I knew something was fishy, that made no since

  • I knew it was a joke as soon as they said they were going to make Tyrion more of a comedic character. His character gets darker and more shrewd and cunning as the books progress.

  • As soon as I saw who they were going to replace him with I knew it was a joke.

  • Charles Kensington

    OMG, I was outraged and furious before I realized this was an April fool’s joke!

  • when that piece of crap show “Big bang theory” was mentioned I knew it was bullshit.

    • Poke

      This comment is HILARIOUS and ORIGINAL. Thank you for sharing your superior intelligence and opinion with us! People like you make me realise life is worth living!

  • Sugarbeet

    Bit mean to Warwick, yes?

  • april fools?????

  • Dinklage isn’t funny? Call me Elf One More Time… I will not be watching season 4

  • Claudio

    a lot of hate

  • is the decline of the show?! peter is PERFECT as tyrion!! his character is NOT “comedic” in the books, as a matter of fact he gets darker and angrier and murderous!!!!!

  • Jb

    There should have been more on how Life’s Too Short was going to have a whole behind the scenes to GOT. In fact this April Fool’s Joke would still be a great episode of that show.

  • Shannon

    I hate you! I was yelling WHAT, WHAT, WHAT…NOO throughout this article.

  • First time I’ve fallen for April Fools in years… timing was too right. Damn you! haha

  • mother of god!

  • Guest

    Please tell me this is April Fools!

  • so not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (but hilariously funny, will share) You are gonna give people a heart attack, you know that right?


  • Peter Dinklage is why I watched

  • i had my doubts when i read that he wanted 1 million per episode… they can’t show “a lot less” of the dragons and direwolves. they’re a big part of the story!

  • Christinne

    Thank God it’s a joke. Tyrion is my favourite character in the show and Peter is the BEST actor in this part. I’ve read all the books (hanging out for the next ones) and I can’t imagine any else doing it as well as he does. He’s brilliant!

  • Jells

    My goodness, I just wanted to read the reactions of this awesome April Fool’s joke and I end up scrolling through a whole bunch of people criticizing each other on the apparently debatable worth of TBBT. We’re all entitled to our own opinions (although I didn’t expect so many people to put other peoples’ opinions down). Back to Game Of Thrones now…

  • Im sorry but Big Bang Theory effing rocks, but Peter Dinklage is the hottest little person I’ve ever seen.. both equally important in MY REALM …

  • gsddg

    less dire wolves and dragons. digitally re-do his face… as if it was obvious enough

  • Robert Halley

    April Fools MUDA!!! Im hoping to see this, soon O_O i hope -_-

  • reg

    got me until i saw the “transposed face” part. well played!

  • You sons of bitches lol!!!!! I was already half way through writing my season 4 review and how you guys destroyed it hahahaha. I was seriously praying while reading this article that it was a April Fools joke!

  • For those who thinks TBBT is a bad show, sarcasm? No? LOL

  • steph

    Oh my god ,,,I was freaking out hahahaha ,so glad it was a joke.

  • Tiffany

    in knew it was a joke as soon as they said any released episodes from this point forward would have Warwick’s face on Peters body LOL

  • EVIL!

  • Sami

    This so got me! What a relief.. forgot all about April 1st! :D

  • mooky9669


  • Rick

    I’ve not seen 1 good april fools joke this year. Everyone is losing their creativity and imagination.

  • Oh come on! For those who don’t like TBBT, is it a sarcasm? No? LOL

  • man i was so bummed till i read the update part…….was telling my wife they just f’ed the show. and was gonna go get the current season before they took him out completely. just happy it was not for real

  • Also, how did this turn into a Big Band bashing? Seriously? Some people like it, some people don’t. Does it really matter?

  • rayarogue

    I would rather see more dragons and have his character killed off, than pay a little person, great actor as he is such and exorborant fee for such a silly little humourous role.

  • mrae

    You guys had me going for a good hour! I didn’t read further, it was all too much to take in, I was devastated. I wracked my brain for an hour, on how this was even possible. It took me a whole hour to figure out it was April 1. I hate you.

  • Whoever did this is evil. I noticed the flaws but still. I had real fear. I’m slightly in love with Tryion so this truly scared me.

  • fuck u

    Eeeem, if they actually mean it, they shouldn’t have published this on April 1st xD

  • whoever came up with this farce owes me a new cell phone and needs to fix a hole in my wall haha

  • Jason

    Shame its a joke, he’s rubbish in it anyway!

  • April Fools!

  • So Leprechaun/Willow is going to be Tyrion Lannister… WTF

  • NiteFaul

    I was ready to revolt! No one by Peter can play Tyrion!! Don’t get me wrong, Warwick Davis is a good actor, but I can’t see Willow or Professor Flitwick screwing the local bar wenches lol!

  • Disappointed

    We can’t have willow do this!

  • Kat W.

    An indefinite break on TWoW? That was the giveaway for me.

  • Maxximus

    damn i allmost got an hearthattack

  • whew….don’t mess with me like that. Nearly had a sh%*

  • Jamie K

    April fools?

  • Dtr

    “I know this was one of the cruelest jokes anyone could have played on the first of April.. ”

    ..except that is totally, and utterly obvious.A good April Fool’s joke should be about something somewhat believable.

  • Kris10

    Oh you f***ers. You had me!


  • I all but had a coronary!! Damn April Fool’s Day enthusiasts!!!

  • You son’s of bitches…I’m about to post this and do my own April Fools lmao

  • Gina

    OMG THANK GOD this was a joke! I almost texted a bunch of people with this devastating news. The one part that was suspicious was when they would digitalized Warwik’s face onto Dinklage’s face for future DVDs.

  • You Suck!!! It was a cruel but funny and well thought out prank. You got me

  • I read the title of the article and my very first thought was: “I have lost half of my desire to watch the show at all!” I almost didn’t read the rest of the article, but I’m so glad I did. Huge sigh of relief!

  • Lori

    YOU SUCK! Thank god he’s not leaving, he’s the whole reason I love this show.

  • Jo S

    You soooo got me….I just went on a tirade….lol….Damn you, sooo not fair…

  • Amanda

    So I know this is a joke, and I can laugh about it now that I know I’m not having a heart-attack, but I just want to make it clear to HBO: Replace Peter Dinklage and you are dead to me. DEAD!

  • 4u

    tv pls go

  • cant believe this!!!!! silly decision…he was one of the best

  • omg…I totally fell for this. phew. He’s one of my favorites! so happy this is a joke!

  • Ye bunch of shaggers!!

  • MEG

    OMG, they got me so good! We were yelling about this, and only realized it was April Fool’s by looking at the comments. lol

  • name

    april fools

  • The thing that made it believable is that people are foolish and stupid. Also, an actor is a real person, and contrary to fandom, they are not owned, not even by their characters, yet it is typical to treat them as such. Thumbs down for an April Fool’s. But this gives me hope you can do better ;) :)

  • ExFan

    GG, you just killed a great show.

  • Val

    Holy cow, i really thought it was true… I’m still stun lol

  • NYGiants84

    GRRM taking an indefinite break from writing, however, is not a joke. Sounds pretty much par for the course.

  • Well played HBO, if you ever do that again, you’re blacklisted! Gave me a heart attack!

  • Thats just evil, lol

  • doguzhann

    Well, to be honest, I got suspicious when I read Warwick’s price per episode. 1 mil? Are you f***ing serious?
    But still, not a better April Fooling than Google Nose :)

  • Adriana PITA GARCIA


  • Whoa you got me

  • Elaine

    So, who’s Kelly on the big bang theory?

    • Thingy

      Kelly Cuoco = Penny

  • LAN8

    This better be an April Fool’s joke, he’s the best damn one on the whole show!

    • Have you lost the ability to scroll down with your mouse?

  • Sara

    I almost shit myself reading this…that was a cruel joke! I have to say though, I love the Big Bang Theory.

  • big sleaze

    This is certainly a joke. They’re going to pay Willow 20 percent of the entire budget to have him on the show? Give me a break.

  • Ryan Smith

    This was terrible!!! I was ready to write a formal letter of complaint to HBO regarding the folly that would be replacing Peter Dinklage. Well played, HBO, well played.

  • poo

    it got me man i was pissed off seeing as hes one of the best characters lol

  • best april fools ever!!! Im glad i didnt stop reading!! I was sooo pissed!!!!

  • GonzoG

    I thought I smelled chocolate fish.

  • LOL…. thank god though

  • Fv<k312s!


  • thank God ..I would have stopped watching if he left !!!!

  • A very very wrong decision. That man was the most awesome part of the show. You had to change the scenario to fit him, not change him to fit the scenario. I even doubt I will like season 4 :|

    • nytim

      Reeeeeeeead the article not the headline.

  • SATAN!

    What a fucking joke…“We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwovlves due to the new budgeting that will have to be done to compensate. But in the end it’s a small price to pay for this kind of acting gravitas.” WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS!..So because fat santa director wasnt happy about a character they are paying a shit ton of money for someone who is basically doing the same job only more shit….I’ll just stick to the books, cause clearly these fucking people dont know what we want out of the series.

    • nytim

      Are you sure you actually know how to read? I suggest you go back and try the article again…especially the part about April Fools.

    • GOD!

      Are you retarded?

  • you utter basterds i was going to stop watching it there and then, how fucking cruel

  • Ha!! Good one. When I read this I was hoping it was an Aprils Fool joke…Whew.

  • For a moment I died :D
    I hope its trully a joke… Peter is the best actor and caracter of GoT.

  • damn

    Damn…. fell for that one :(

  • Are there people who actually believed that GoT would replace Peter Dinklage?

  • thank god its a joke the show would not be the same

  • Byakkotai

    Wonder if they got inspired by the latest seasons of Family Guy for bad jokes.

  • I think the owners of HBO need to be charged with cruel and unusual punishment for making us wait a full week between episodes. I liked the old days, when a series took place, and it was one night after the next, until the series was over.

  • Haha, good one

  • A lot of work into a bogus article but not really very funny, people do things just as stupid as the above report.

    George Lucas – Star wars prequels – ja ja binks

    need I say more

    and now they have sold it to disney who plan to make more star wars movies

    So if you really really want something funny watch this:



  • syed

    not cool dude…

  • pashunfruit

    OMG!!! I was so upset!!! I was OH NO it’s all down hill from here!!!

  • Brad K.

    Thats just sick. Sick. Sick.

  • This… was… well done!!! I was reading this with my jaw dropped, asking the same question over and over in my head… “WHA-HUH?”

  • Justin

    My god i almost started a protest and declare that the end of the show came with the 3rd season i stopped reading 1/2 way in to go start a rant on facebook about i came back and finished it for more info.. That was a good one ill give u that

  • AHhhhh, this is a cruel jape! I almost just died of dispare.

  • Shirlz

    Why are people talking about the big bang theory?

  • destinyinthedark

    Bloody Hell ..that was just too cruel

  • Bronn

    I nearly died omfg

  • Funtabulous

    I was getting upset until I realized it was April 1st.

  • Jesus! I just about shat myself reading this

  • Dan lark


  • As someone who has read all the books this is unbelievable, Peter was perfect for tyrion. This is disturbing

  • Richard

    omg I totally fell for this

  • John

    April fools’ day!

  • Gosh, most of the people here are real smart! They actually figured out it’s an APRIL FOOL joke!
    It took me a long time to figure it out. But then I ain’t as smart as all the folks here that said “HA HA! NICE TRY, HBO! I KNOW IT”S APRIL FOOL!”
    Wish I could be smart as some of these folks! Maybe that’s why I don’t get most of the weird stuff in “Game of Throwns”.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • domensional

    Dont fucking do it , better be a joke….

    • If you had actually read it, the article said “APRIL FOOLS”

  • brigitte sisson

    today’s april fools day…..



  • So, does this kind of twist in the story mean the remaining Starks will go search for the Dragon Balls in Season 5 to bring back Ned?

  • okay seriously for a few seconds they had me going.I was pissed and about to throw something across the room lmao..I love Peter Dinklage and Tyrion’s character. I would have been heartbroken if they recast him! Happy April Fool’s day people.

  • ok I’ll be a good sport about it this time, but in the spirit of all Game of Thrones fans just let me say, Don’t you ever pull that s@$* again!

  • don’t ever scare the fans like that again!

  • fricking hysterical!!!

  • One of the better jokes I’ve read today! :) Best line in the article: “But in the end it’s a small price to pay for this kind of acting gravitas.”

  • Dex

    I had to stop and look for something that said april fools after I read “but for me the choice was as clear as a crystal crown. Warwick Davis will be our new Tyrion Lannister!” I just couldn’t take too much more of that BS lol

  • Tia

    Anyone who has read the game of thrones series knows that this is a joke. No where does Tyrion become comical and farcical in the books. Also this line “The producers also noted that, in an effort to maintain continuity, Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.” is complete crap

  • Look at the CALENDAR people.

  • JERKS!

  • Troll

    Arrested Development is a smart show about dumb people.
    Big Bang Theory is a retarded show about smart people.

  • horselady

    I am as Outraged
    ! as I was when Ned Stark died. I will STOP watching this show and tell others unless you like being disappointed do the same.

  • jason britten

    the fury that rose within me…

  • Tyrion

    Ha ha as bad and annoying as it would be it would be hilarious if this was true and the april fooled everyone by pretending it was an april fool

  • I was about to cry! He’s one of my favorite characters!

  • CeeQ

    oh you bastards! That was NOT COOL!! But also: LOL =D

    ETA: Okay you got me. I just got up. That was so mean. I hate you all. :P

  • Warwick Davis just killed himself

  • Not funny… Almost killed myself…..

  • APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

  • dwinn10055

    Peter is the best part of the show. AND they are gonna give the new guys 1 mil per episode??!!! Big Bang theory ??? WTF?

  • ellebogo

    i hope this is a freaking april fools joke

  • Mini heart atack

  • April Fool?

  • JasonEnzoD

    Sad – he was one of the best cast actors in the series.

  • Heather

    nooooooooooooooooooo! this has to be an April Fools joke?!?!

  • Adam

    ” It finally hit me last week while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter to catch up on some of my favorite movies.”
    Thats the real April Fools Joke…I hope… -__-

  • Well, thank goodness this was not true.

    As Washington DC’s tutoring team, we all love the show!

  • Yeah, I knew this a long time ago. This Dinklage guy has been practising his ice skating under my tutelage, as well as picking up some expertise at stick-handling and body checkin’. – my specialties.

    He’s gonna be a secret weapon for the New York Rangers in the 2014 season. He’ll skate BETWEEN the defenseman’s legs when he goes in on goal, and, if happens to hit one, well, there goes that guy’s knees for the rest of the season! THIS is my kind of hockey player.
    He might have a hard time slammin’ their heads in the boards- Heh heh – at least while they’re still standing!
    I’m glad to see he ain’t in that “Game of Throwns” show anyhow? What’s he doin’ in a sissy show like that? They can’t even talk proper English! Ha! Just like most of the common taters here can’t even type it properly!

  • terry

    You know it is a joke cause the even mention in the article that it is April first…..oh they got me good, I had a big WTF moment going on.

  • Arewefreetoroam

    Well played HBO… Well played…

  • John connor

    Hilarious! Also the BBT is a terrible show and anyone who likes it is drooling moron who is contributing to the decline of america

  • Tara Mazzucca

    I had a good chuckle over this one! Well done!

  • … If this is true, then I will stop watching Game of Thrones after season 3… If this isn’t an April fools joke, then I have lost hope in humanity.

  • this is an April Fools Joke plain and simple, who is Kelly on Big Bang Theory?

  • Green

    April Fools!

  • “while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter to catch up on some of my favorite movies” – GGRM.

    I guess they sprinkle enough truth in there to keep you guessing. Still bitter about the last 7 year wait for Dance. At least now I have the visual arts to keep me entertained while the slow cog of GRRM’s mind turns ponderously, grinding the rough concepts of Winds of Winter into refined storyline and character development.

    • I read them

      Hopefully having a show that needs material breathing down his neck will give GRRM some incentive to finish the next one, and the one after that…

  • Well played HBO well played. You had me going for a bit.

  • Megan

    No, this is not true, can’t be. I read all the books (read them 10 years ago) and have re-read all the books. The show is very faithful to the books. There is no way in hell the would make the char of Tyrion Lannister more “comical”. Plus he’s actually very comical already.

  • Natasha

    Wow. I was terrified until I remembered it’s April Fool’s day. THANK GOD.

  • raven

    if you don’t like big bang theory it is probably because you don’t understand it.

  • Oh Please…

    This is so obviously an April fool’s joke. It is written in a completely self mocking manner, and some of the stuff they say is too outrageous to be real. I don’t care how good Warwick is at acting, they would not be giving him $1 million per show, and there is no one named “Kelly” on the Big Bang Theory, there’s a Kaley, but the spelling is different enough that I think its a deliberate typo.

  • holycrapdontdothat

    AGH WTF? SERIOUSLY? Right as the new season starts? LESS dragons and direwolves? WTF?
    Gawdamn april fools. oi.

  • lceSin

    Damn I can’t believe I was actually convinced until they started talking about digitally transposing Warwick’s face over Dinklage’s

  • April fools.

  • I don’t want more comedy and fewer dragons and direwolves. I don’t want Peter to relinquish Tyrion. You’re right… this HAS to be April Fools…

  • Aaron

    I certainly hope this is a joke. Peter Dinklage is THE best character next to Jon Snow on the entire series.

  • SGP

    April fool…..

  • this had better be a joke!!! Peter is GOT!!! hes the reason why i watch it

  • Cody

    weird how this is out on april fools day

  • Steve

    an April fools joke

  • please! why you GOT waste that much of their budget on replacing someone!!! Warwick looks nothing like Peter!!!!! #FAKE

  • Jacob Klein: Peter’s last name is spelled Dinklage, not Dinkalge. Just FYI.

  • Did you read that Peter says he missed out on playing Kelly’s love interest? I was like who the heck is Kelly. Then I realized, it is KALEY CUOCO, they can’t even get the name right. Good April Fool’s joke!

  • Jim

    Of course it’s an April Fool’s joke you morons.

  • Man…listen to yourselves…

  • frank

    This better be an April Fool’s joke otherwise I’ll be pissed!

  • Who’s Kelly on BBT? Her name is Penny, not Kelly! He can’t love the show that much if he can’t even name the characters right.

  • OmgAprilFoolsDay

    You know, they could have fooled more people if the tone of the article was even a *tad* bit serious.

  • HWollenberg

    F you HBO….NOT FUNNY!!! lol

  • Gotta be a joke, Warwick Davis would have to work around the clock and be in 2 places at once to shoot both Game of Thrones and Life’s Too Short. If the article was a little more subtle it might be believable but $1 mil per episode? Transposing his face onto future releases of past episodes? Just a little too far fetched.

  • foziwriter

    If this is such a serious subject for a successful HBO show, why hasn’t the story been picked up by other entertainment news sources? Enjoy April 1 for what it is people!

  • Hervé Villechaize would be a better choice, when Daenerys finally reaches Westerous he can yell ” the dragons, boss, the dragons”

  • mandymh30

    It better be a joke, cause other wise it sux!

  • April fools!

  • way to ruin a great character. Peter is an amazing actor, hoping its an april fool.

  • NO….PLEASE, please, let this be some awful April Fool’s day prank. Tyrion is my favorite character in the books and on the show, and Peter Dinklage perfectly embodies the character, YOU CAN’T JUST SWITCH THEM OUT, Peter isn’t just interchangeable with other small folk, or regular folk for that matter. Lol.

  • if youve read the books you would know he wasnt ment to be funny, thanx for runing the show i will never watch again

  • GoT Fan

    April Fools?

  • Nenad

    Did anybody read a book? there is no part fot Tyrion Lannister in season 4 because he is hiding!!!

    • I read them

      If you read the books, then you know that book 4 and book 5 occur concurrently, therefore season 4 and 5 will pull from both of those books.

  • Dick Butkiss

    Not subtle enough.

  • Not funny….I had a moment of panic.

  • joke or not…big bang theory is seriously a terrible show.

    • Liderc

      Guess that’s why it has 10+million viewers heh. How many does GOT have? oh yeah less than 5mil.

  • I hope it is a joke because I will stop watching if Peter Leaves the show. He is my favorite character. What a big mistake if they do!

  • Best April Fool’s press release I’ve seen yet — made me laugh out loud at the screen!
    The season premiere last night was awesome….

  • Rias

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :(

  • Aurora-7

    I hate April 1st.

  • I like Warwick and all but this better be a f***ing joke

  • Maxime

    I love Peter as Tyrion! He is the best character on GoT by far! I don’t like this April fools joke! :)

  • Charles Fletcher

    This better be a joke. Big Bang Theory is everything I dislike about TV rolled into a painful half hour of crap pie.


  • Veryangrybadger

    In response to Big Bang Theory:
    Actually ratings don’t mean a thing. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it any good. Look at Justin Bieber… Big Bang Theory is a one joke show and so predictable. It’s hard to believe it’s been on for as long as it has.

  • fuck this shit

  • I’m dying and almost in tears over here..my husband is a diehard fan of the books and the show. I wasn’t planning to prank him on April 1st but this is too good to pass up LOL Looove you honey <3

  • did i just fall for this….

  • April Fool’s ?

  • Very nice, I’ve been hoping for this all along. After they replaced the Mountain with Ian Whyte, I realized that it makes sense for the show to go in a more comic direction. I’ve heard that Will Ferrel has an audition set up as well. Good show, HBO! ;)

  • datcha

    You forgot to mention he was in “Willow” too! ;-)

  • It has to be a joke … I can’t even imagine Tyrion as a jokester, that’s just ridiculous.

  • An April Fool’s day joke?

  • the producers must be the children of the mad king I would personally stop watching over a bs move like this and Daddy Lanister is the only one who was a semi well known actor in this series so anyone who would be the fool to jump ship now.
    Peter you my friend should take pride that so many fans love you, your our hero because dispite your chars lineage you remain the Hero thru it all and stay true to your heart and to be sure these ladies love ya bro only a fool would leave his legacy to crumble into ashes

  • timmy

    April fools perhaps?

  • Miamiroe

    its April Fools….. Oh shit I got scared…..

  • April Fools? Please say so!

  • Shellie

    I won’t watch anymore! I only watch because of Peter, and his incredible acting skills..you are making a huge mistake changing his character…he is WHAT MAKES this show!! Disgusted I will now cancel my HBO subscription.

  • Chasey

    Less dragons? Less Direwolves?? NNooOoOoUuUu!




  • To me, Peter Dinklage is a big part of the show. I am not sure I will feel the same about the series without him on it. Lets hope it’s a joke!

  • disqus_LPt7lEnzqt

    Good one. You got me

  • Hahahha this made me laugh my balls off.

  • Jack

    April fool Joke

  • Oh man! Totally fished in…You people are cruel. CRUEL! Viva la Peter ;) Peter, you are the best part of the show ;) Keep up the good work. Bazinga!

  • This better be a damn April Fools Joke!

  • Nads

    lol Using one of the most beloved actors in the cast of one of your most successfull shows. Well played, HBO, well played.

    • Shiro

      Right? lol.

  • Sterling Archer

    They broke the line when they suggested they’d actually pay 20% of revenue to one character of such a huge series. It’s all april fools. You really think they’d “digitally transpose” the comedian’s face onto peter’s? In the words of Lana, “Nooooooooooooope!”

  • you have to be kidding me thats freakin ridiculous u can’t replace him

  • hoping this won´t be true…..


    clearly an April fools joke, point 1. point 2 BIG BANG THEORY KICKS @SS!!!!!

  • “Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.” Either April Fools, or hilarious in a painfully disappointing way.

  • If Peter goes we riot.

  • notice the date on the article. april 1st common people.


  • Nicole

    Even if this is an April Fools, Peter Dinklage was way too attractive to play Tyrion IMO.

  • This is the worst Joke I ever heard (read). What in the 7 hells was HBO thinking.

  • Shiro

    Well played, HBO. Peter Dinklage is FFFAAAAARRRRRR too talented to be let go. You almost had me though, I will admit.


  • Daniel

    April’s fool ;)

  • Grim

    this got me fooled and scared :P

  • Kat

    SUCKS unless it’s a April’s Fool joke

  • Lili

    Well done HBO, you almost got me.

  • Notice how they referred to the day being the 1st of April? “This reporter, for one, stands in shock and awe at the decision handed down this, the first day of April.”
    Happy April Fools Day, you fools.

  • Mayu

    This MUST be A joke…I’m not going to fall for it ;) With all do respect for both actors, but, no.

  • jack237

    okay, so i just woke up and my head is still a bit groggy. They had me going until I read “Peter’s face will be superimposed over in any future releases of dvds and blu-rays…” when I realized they didn’t mean the cover, but in all scenes of the actual show…

  • omg…..this was a cruel April Fool’s joke.

  • Such an awful April Fools Day joke!!!

  • Nitania13

    I’m actually sick to my stomach. A coworker said it may be an April Fools joke. Let’s hope she’s right b/c he’s my favorite character in the series and not b/c I like Tyrion so much, but b/c he plays him to perfection!

    • bob

      I’m surprised someone as stupid as you has a job !

      • Nicole

        that was so mean!!!


  • This has got to be a joke.

  • shatara

    April fools is strong with this one…

  • ….

    considering Tyrion is not in the 4th book its only natural that he wont be playing in the 4th season

    • Lawlcats

      The 4th season is the 2nd half of book 3.

  • I’m wondering how many of you missed this little hint in the article … “This reporter, for one, stands in shock and awe at the decision handed down this, the first day of April.” … First day of April everyone. April Fools Day! ;)

  • shatara

    First youtube, now GOT. Oh come on, how many times will I be duped today. April fools is strong this year…


  • lannister

    this cant be….its april fool…they are making our fool///

  • alxn


  • It must be a joke. Because in the books he is not a comic person. He uses his intelligence to beat them that think he is “less than” because he is short. But in the books he is also ugly….which Peter is not.

  • I will be SO pissed off if this true. We love Peter Dinklage. In some ways we feel that he makes the show. To take his character into a more comedic direction is a HUGE mistake. Did they even read the books? Damn.

    • April Fools! ;)

    • bob

      Holy crap are you REALLY that freaking stupid Laralee. ?

      PS – Pick a fucking name .

  • Was actually about to start breaking furniture – totally had me nerdraging and as a result I didn’t read the whole article. And breeeathe, just breeeathe!

  • April’s Foll please … i love Peter ! He is my favorite !

  • This had BETTER be an April Fools joke!! No Peter & less Dire Wolves & Dragons?!?! Plus replacing Peter’s face on all previous seasons?! WTH? Are you forcing me to stop watching?!?

    • bob

      Did your parents have any children that lived ?

  • michele isanski


  • SLM


  • sotonin

    Son of a bitch. i was literally screaming fuck game of thrones. i was about done was going to boycott it… Peter Dinklage is my favorite character in the show.

  • I was seriously flipping out!!! MEAN!!!!!!

  • weedcard

    April Fucking Fools!

  • Please make an outtake reel with the other actor on the bluray!!!! That would be hilarious!

  • Idiots

    Quick question to all the cretins asking for confirmation that this is in fact a joke: How do you manage to function in day-to-day life? You cannot seriously be that stupid. I refuse to believe it.

  • lol. You bastards, you had me going there for a few seconds; and then I looked at the calendar. Well done, you bunch of ‘Snows’, well done ;)

  • I almost rage kicked my monitor ’till I realized what day it was. Good one Game of Thrones… good one.

  • Please be an April Fools joke!!! The series wouldn’t be the same without him.

    • “The producers also noted that, in an effort to maintain continuity, Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.” This has to be a joke…

      • bob

        thanks, Einstein !

  • If Peter is replaced by Willow, Benioff should sleep without pillow.

  • Guest

    If Peter is replaced by Willow, Benioff will sleep without pillow.

  • baioArk

    Honestly, guys, just have a good read. It’s clearly a joke, and quite a good, be it obvious, one! Very well made, loved it! :D
    Watched the first episode yesterday, unbelievable. Peter Dinklage, as always, you are an absolute beast.

  • ElPaso

    I cried for a second there… Then I looked at my watch.

  • totally slays, lol

  • Anonimous

    This just sucks! :(

  • Pat Bateman

    Haha I love the people ‘blowing the lid off’ this article. “Guys, there’s no way this is happening. They’re not going to give Warwick Davis $1 mil per episode.” Yes, good, thanks for that insight. Anyone who needed to be told that this is a joke should slap themselves repeatedly. I mean, they’re blatantly winking at you halfway through the article, for gods sake.

    • Couldn’t agree more!
      This is clearly a joke.
      At first I was upset, until I started reading the article!
      Haha! Then I just started laughing!
      “Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.”
      LMAO! Died laughing!

  • I really hope this is an April Fool’s joke. If not I will be piss!


    Happy April Fools :)

  • Rhiannon

    no one can replace Peter, how dare they!

  • Guest

    Terrible decision. Won’t watch the show now.

  • Tink

    I hope this BS. I love Peter as Tyrion. We DON’T WANT ANOTHER!!!!

  • Doll

    Peter Dinklage is my absolute favorite actor of the entire show. As much as I love Warwick Davis as an actor, I will quit watching the show if they change the role of Tyrion Lannister by one little toe hair.

    • bob

      Are you really THAT stupid ? It’s APRIL FOOLS DAY.

  • VladimirV

    Tyrion is not showing in fourth season by book, so it doesn’t matter whether actor is changed since it would not show up anyway. :)

    • bob

      Fourth season is mostly the 2nd half of Book Three.

  • Hahahaha! I’d stop watching the show if Peter Dinklage were replaced!

  • hahah Willow….

  • seagoddess4u

    I hope it’s a joke otherwise I’ll stop watching it… :O

  • cat

    I must admit I did fall for this for a few moments :)

  • miniviolette

    Better be a joke guys or I’ll cry

  • How do you think taking this character in a farcial direction improves the show? Lannisters are not funny people, they are conniving backstabbing heartless mostly

    • bob

      are you on acid ?

  • lily888

    i hope this is an april fools trick, also its not funny. we love Peter playing that part.

  • Bran Stark

    This is a prank.. It was DINKALGE a while ago they changed it to DINKLAGE this time.

    • Ned Stark

      Get out of here boy!

  • Axel T Gunnarsson

    FUDGE! it really got for a moment

  • This better be a joke!!

    • I am pissed off by ” It finally hit me last week while taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter”


  • Direwolf

    Nooooo!!! It must be a joke!!! That can’t ne true. Peter is One of the best and important actors at Game of thrones … nononononooooo … the series needs him! :-((((

  • Mary

    If this isn’t an April Fools joke the producer has lost his mind. If Peter is ill I understand being taken off if not, I may not watch the Game of Thrones any longer without him. Besides, if you want him to be a funny Character I’m sure he could pull that off too! Please don’t take Peter away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valhalla86

    really? willow will be the next Tyrion Lannister?!??! I call bollucks!!!!!!

  • Better be a joke -_-

  • LaGollum7A

    This is the Gollum’s reaction for this article

  • Haha I hope this is a joke. Otherwise I will stop watching the show!

  • April´s Fools Day, anyone ?

  • djemmerke

    April fools…

  • LaGollum7A

    Hahaha good joke, nice try but GoT fans are not idiots

    • bob

      apparently many of them are. Read the comments

  • Not. Funny.

  • I started to cry till i realized what day it is hahahaha ty made my morning :D

  • wulf

    If this is not an April Fools joke I will flip some shit..just sayin’

  • Sacha

    For those that seriously believe this to be true and hope it’s not, the show is called ‘Game of Thrones’, not ‘Circus Game of Thrones’

  • Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nessa

    THAT WAS………………… CRUEL.

  • Common Sense

    Please let all the people who commented they believe or believed this be an April Fools joke…

  • Never have I shat so many bricks. Took me a while to click on there.

  • WTFareyouserious

    Whaaaat??!? no FRIGGIN way! I’ll stop watching it, I swear. ugh.

  • 1st of april…

  • QueenMab

    This is where you can tell it’s a joke:

    …in an effort to maintain continuity, Warwick Davis’ face will be digitally transposed over Mr. Dinklage’s in all future releases of Game of Thrones on DVD and Blu-Ray.

    They would NEVER actually do that! It would be like erasing Peter’s Emmy-winning acting! Besides, it’s just plain ridiculous!

  • JOKE? PLEASE say it is!!!!!

  • This is a joke! And so is the salary that little bastard is asking! And if the show has a 50 million budget per seaqson and they do 14 episodes, his 14 million is a hell of a lot more than 20%…If this isnt a joke, I wish the show doom!

    • bob

      they don’t do 14 episodes. Each season in 10 episodes, thus, 1 million per episode is 20% .

      And it’s also April Fools Day

  • Joel

    Are they f**#in serious right now? This is an April fool’s prank, right? No way they really gonna boot him from the show…no one can replace Peter as Tyrion…this is madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bdem

    “taking an indefinite break from writing The Winds of Winter to catch up on some of my favorite movies.”

  • nice if it is joke but looked the actor got lots of work coming to him. Not sure if they are big role but he got 7 movies over the next few year

  • Not gonna lie, I believed this COMPLETELY for the first few paragraphs. I
    could not believe it, thinking about how the hell the show would carry
    on without Peter Dinklage. Lost me when I read that they’re going to
    digitally alter Peter’s face on the DVD. Lawyers would be rubbing their hands.

  • NotConvincedFan

    Lol its got to be an April fools joke. Just the random comments like the huge pay per episode and George’s indefinite break from writing and not to mention that Peter is perfect for his character.

  • anonas

    The typo in the link gave it away for me, haha.

  • This better be a joke… only because I refuse to see less of the dragons!

  • For the love of rainbows and unicorns and all other fruity i the universe I hope this is a joke because Lannister is a Boss.

  • JennH

    “We want to take Tyrion in a more comedic, farcical direction”?! That’s the first clue that this is not real. There’s nothing comedic or farcical about The Song of Ice and Fire. They might as well have said that the fourth season was going to be put into a musical format.

  • This gives the april fools joke away

    “Warwick has reportedly asked for 1 million dollars per episode, amounting to nearly 20 percent of the show’s 50 million dollar per season budget. “We felt that Warwick’s experience and star power was well worth the investment,” Weiss said. “We’ll be seeing a lot less of the dragons and direwovlves due to the new budgeting that will have to be done to compensate. But in the end it’s a small price to pay for this kind of acting gravitas.”

  • Happy April Fools!!

  • Oh dear. I believed this!

  • Anonymous

    If Tyrion, the actor playing Tyrion, yea I dont even know your real name dude and I dont care. If you stop playing Tyrion…The show is OVER. Ever hear of ARTISTIC INTEGRITY! YOU ARE THE BEST ACTOR ON THE PROGRAM TO FIT YOUR PART. THIS IS YOUR LEGACY YOU FOOL. Beg forgiveness… and get back in the show young man…This TV series will exist in peoples hearts and minds 200 years from now. IF YOU DONT SCREW IT UP!

    • k4815162342

      OMG- don’t get your panties in a twist. It’s April Fool’s…fool.
      Joke= 1 Anonymous= 0

    • Erm the title is EXCLUSIVE: Peter Dinklage. Is this not a big enough clue to his name??

  • timseha

    April fools

  • Swayed by an “epic role in Willow” – now that’s funny.

  • Fitl

    Let’s hope this is a joke or HBO is the fucking joke.

  • Not funny :P

  • Browncoat

    I had a heart attack for about 2 seconds before I remembered the date.

  • G

    when you see the calendar..

  • Brenda Holm

    Cannot be real! I will quit watching!

  • dam, you guys got me good

  • Warwick has reportedly asked for 1 million dollars per episode deffo joke

  • ho_

    His name’s spelt wrong. I can breath easy now.

  • GiddyUpGo123

    Haha totally had me going … hehe

  • cant believe I fell for this was raging for a good 10 mins!!!!!

  • Merq

    Oh god you scared me for a moment. I almost didn’t remember what day it is today…

  • tramzzy

    gad demmet!!! thats not even funny.. hes by fa my fav char in GOT that is worse than killing him!!!!

  • Sir Davidvs of Westchesteros

    I fell for it long enough to click the link.

  • This is not funny

  • Jon

    Come on guys, the article makes a point of mentioning that this is the first day of April in the final paragraph. It also quoted media reaction as “Are you fuc@!n6 serious right now?” which is an obvious joke.

  • Looks, smells and sounds like an April’s Fool joke. My senses have been mostly accurate so I hope I’m still on par for this one…at least I hope it’s a joke. The Imp is nothing without the wit and genious of Peter Dinklage…period!

  • laura3341

    This has to be an April Fools joke..it has to be.

  • bluemonkey11

    lol had me goin there hahahahah


  • The drowned god plays cruel japes upon us all

  • Congrats on helping me shock my wife this morning with the title!

  • this is an april fools joke isnt it you bastards!

  • Liam Templeton

    David Spade would make an excellent Tyrion Lannister.

    • Theon

      Just for the part where he gets his face slashed.

  • Misty Roberts

    A very large and substantial part of my soul would die forever.

  • Kat

    Argh – cruel joke HBO…

  • omg how can some of you actually think this could be true? WOW! are people really becoming this stupid? remember what today is,stop taking everything so seriously, & have a f’n laugh people!

    • GiddyUpGo123

      Don’t call people stupid. It’s juvenile.

      • bob

        Okay, lets not call them stupid. How about calling them “Americans”. Surely that is a synonym for stupid that you can agree with ?

        • Annika Karlsen

          Dude, I’m not even American and I found that incredibly insulting… Way to express yourself in an intelligent way.

        • GiddyUpGo123

          Ok, let me rephrase. Calling someone “stupid” while you sit safely and anonymously behind your computer screen, or making the ridiculous generalization that all Americans lack intelligence simply because you didn’t fall for an April Fool’s Day joke makes you look like a child.

          • bob

            Nope. Judging by the links to their profiles, 95% of the people who thought this was real are Americans, and should be well aware of the English language and April Fools Day.

            BTW, I am an American myself……. but, the stupid is strong in this land.

          • GiddyUpGo123

            Falling for an April fool’s joke doesn’t make you stupid. Distracted, sure. Busy, yes. Easily fooled, absolutely. But you’re missing my point. You are certainly entitled to think someone is “stupid,” but saying so out loud (or online, where you don’t have to worry about the consequences) is something you generally only do if you are a) a child, or someone with the maturity level of a child or b) someone who generally has a low opinion of himself so likes to call other people names in order to prop himself up. Thinking someone is stupid is your own business, but saying so out loud is juvenile.

      • JoeRogan

        Sorry, “Intelligence- Impaired”

      • sorry,but if anybody believed this for second then their stupid! no other way around it

        • GiddyUpGo123

          Yep, “their” a child. Definitely.

    • If networks didn’t do stupid shit all the time, folks wouldn’t be so ready to believe it.

  • hahahahha

  • Silvermug

    I’d be really sad if this was true :(

  • defo april fools! it had better be anyway lol

  • Hahhahha nice April Fools joke! Almost believed it until they talked about less Dragons & Direwolves. Also the part about digitally putting his face over Peters! Good one HBO.

  • OUTRAGEOUS, THIS WOULD RUIN THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhinay

    Man. thats a cruel joke!

  • Eric

    They wouldn’t make this announcement now. If there was to be a change in actors the announcement would come after this season was over. They wouldnt risk the backlash and ratings drop.

    • bob

      thank god Einstein here is on the case ! ^

  • Valerie Braden

    Har har har april fools your not funny!

  • James Hollibush

    Two sick april fools jokes? Indefinite break from winds of winter”?? And replacing Peter? George’s “Not a blog” is gonna get trolled indefinitely!

  • Best April Fools Joke EVER!!!

  • You can tell it is a joke because they say that Big Bang Theory is a good show.

    • laura3341


    • It is… a good show, but this is definitely a joke…

      • jesus

        yeah, this is a joke…

        • jesus

          in that nobody EVER actually thinks that the big bang theory is a good show

          • I love the Big Bang Theory!

          • Sara

            I love it too! Why is everyone arguing about Big Bang lol? Either you like it or you don’t. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, it’s a sitcom and it’s awesome. That and Game of Thrones are 2 completely different shows. You’re neither smart nor stupid for watching either. You like what you like. Everyone needs to lighten up and be happy that this was a joke lol!

          • Bradley


          • Samwise

            boil em cook em, stick em in a stew

          • Stefanie Kiedrowski

            Two best comments yet.

          • qwerty

            its “boil em MASH em stick em in a stew”. the only reason why i correct you is because there is a video of that clip and am somewhat obsessed with it. :)

          • jo9ng

            Big Bang Theory gets an average of 20 million views weekly. Don’t be a douche because you’re too retarded to understand science.

          • Maleboligia

            Don’t be a douche and think that science determines the value of the show or is the only facet of the plot. The comedy is not for everyone, I don’t like it but I can see why other people do. No show appeals to everyone on earth.

          • dumbpeopleeverywhere

            If watching the trash television is your idea of science I feel sorry for you.

          • thought it was about 4 geeky virgins?

          • Except for Game of Thrones, the only people that DON’T like it are the people that haven’t seen it. :-)

          • AGREED! I am trying to get my fiancée to watch it. He keeps saying “no”. BUT he watched a few episodes when I was re-watching season 1 and 2 ready for season 3 and he actually quite enjoyed it.

          • Or people who just don’t give a crap about fantasy. I’m more of a sci-fi fan myself, cause I just love thinking about the possibilities of the future and what those worlds would look like. Fantasy kinda tickles the same fancy, but with no basis in reality other than the overall world design and people drama.
            Fantasy movies/books/shows are too often like a kind of star warsian soap opera like thing that just sits better with the ladies in my experience. Sorta like how girls believe in ghosts and guys believe in the loch ness monster and alien obductions. And by girls and guys in this example, I actually mean morons and idiots.

          • django

            Read the Sentence in your comment then quickly scrolled to the next ..

          • Miguel

            You can decide if you like it or not, you cannot decide if it’s a good show, it is a good show, you can decide whether you like it or not.

          • Stegosaurus

            It appeals some people, don’t appeal other, but you can’t say the show is bad or crap.
            “I don’t like it” is an opinion.
            “This is shit” is a fact.
            Learn the difference.

          • “this is shit” is an opinion

          • Pretty sure you’re mistaking “making claims” with “having an opinion.”

            “I think this is shit.” opinion.
            “This is shit.” claim.

            See how that works? This IS something is not an opinion unless you somehow make it obvious that it’s your opinion and not some fuckbag just posting stuff he thinks is true as fact. You know, the way the republicans usually do with everything.

          • Rick

            No, an opinion is an opinion.

          • TheRealStark

            Your mom appeals to everyone on Earth.

          • Jason Bourne

            Everybody likes the weather channel :P

          • laurabitt

            nobody said anything about science,you dumb shit.tbbt is bad because has shitty jokes.

          • galvanicus

            …While you have shitty grammar. Maybe watching a show with more intelligent humor would help you for the better…ahh, I’m too tired for this.

          • Miguel

            The TBBT is by no means bad, and people are talking about science you dumb shit.

            “Shitty jokes”? No, you’ve shitty sense of humor, period.

          • brandon

            that made me laugh..lol

          • joan

            implying you need to understand science to understand the big bang theory

          • Seritho

            I enjoy TBBT, I just know that some of the things that they debate are not very well thought out. Some of their debates really do not take certain things into consideration. For example, Superman would not have fought for the South and obviously would not be defeated by a Battalion of Orcs from LOTR! But thank God Peter is not going anywhere. I love Warwick and wish he was in more things, Willow is one of my all time favorites, but Peter IS Tyrian!

          • Tyrion

          • It helps. If you have no interest in science or comic books etc. You won’t get a lot of the jokes, and if you don’t get the jokes it’s kinda obvious why you wouldn’t like it. Much like how I hate Anime, I just don’t get that stuff AT ALL. Doesn’t mean it’s shit, just means that’s clearly not made for 34 year old douchebags.

          • Rob rob

            Holy fuck you are dumb

          • Darius

            wow. Who’sbeing the douche? It is a logical fact that Big Bang Theory is a poorly written, and acted show. It is horrible in comparison to “good shows.” Breaking Bad, Thrones, and so on. 20million people just keep CBS on all the time. Or NBC whatever, They dont care if its good or not. God i hate you assholes…..Thank you for your time.

          • Brad

            I love Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones but I also like Big Bang Theory. It’s a comedy and a detour from my usual dark shows. There are a lot of people that think BBT is hillarious but to each his own.

          • Bert Bondy

            As soon as you mentioned Sons of Anarchy I knew you were going to apologize for watching The Big Bang Theory.

          • Chelsea Hoffman

            Of course shows about bikers and meth labs are more entertaining than comedies about science (whether accurate or not) America is mostly comprised of white trash, so what do you expect?

          • Ahahahhhahahahaha…Agreed.

          • Nadia

            I enjoy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for what it is, silly and predictable humour which celebrates geekiness (albeit in a broad and generalised way). Just because it doesn’t reach the heights of storytelling that other shows have to offer, doesn’t mean fans deserve your derision, or to be called assholes. It’s incredibly cheap to stoop to such insults and hate people for simply appreciating a half hour of television which is purely for lighthearted simplicity and escapism. The characters may be derivative, but they are relatable on a human level and just because something is popular does not make it trite. Game of Thrones is becoming hugely popular, will you turn around in a couple of years and suddenly hate it because millions of others discover they love it too? Get a life.

          • elroy

            bro, this right here. this correct

          • monica71680

            i happen to like tbbt. it shows how awkward some of the smartest nerds can be.
            and i watch a variety of channels

          • Strange, i record TBBT on my dvr every night and i get 7 episodes EVERY NIGHT across 3 channels. 49 episodes a week and people argue that its a shitty show? Your a bunch of neanderthals that have no respect for intellectual humor (that is even dumbed down for people like you), and your arguments are all made invalid by the point i just made

          • ca81684

            I* it’s* You’re* I*

          • jet black

            except that a huge chunk of their own viewing audience is apparently too stupid to understand the already watered down science jokes, hence the laugh track

          • Miguel

            It’s by no means comparable to dramatic fiction shows, and in what way is it “poorly written”? Random claims you’ve got there, it’s by far the best comedic show on the air right now, by far.

          • menakles

            You “hate” someone cos they like a different tv program? I think maybe you should get out more?

          • “It is a logical fact that Big Bang Theory is a poorly written, and acted show.”

            you should look up the words “fact” and “opinion” in the dictionary.

          • Zeus

            its a sitcom…a 22 minute sitcom that doesnt have a big budget…the fact that u compare it to breaking bad & game of thrones shows how much u know

          • to compare TBBT against GoT is a heinous crime!

          • tbbt ? Science ? dude you’re the retarded one in 20 million here if you think tbbt is about science.

          • saket999

            Umm…duffer alert ? If TBBT isn’t about science, then what IS it about ? Your PJ’s ? man…the kind of born idiots these days…

          • Indeed, the idiots.

          • Robert Halley

            HAHAHA “SCIENCE” !!

          • PSYCH?!

          • Grant

            YOU KNOW THAT’S RIGHT! “Phsysics: The Physics of Psychics” It’s legit.

          • “suuuuuuuuuuuuck iiiiiit”

          • Psych is awesome

          • ASDF

            Nickelback sold over 50 million albums. What”s your point?

          • CloudStrifeNL

            And with good reason :-) They are great!

          • Miguel

            Nickleback hate is a product of an internet bandwagon, they sold 50 mill albums cause they deserve it.

          • diddles

            Nickleback being good? Are you freaking mental?!?

          • I and aparently many other people don’t need the internet to know what shitty music is….The internet only allowed those of us that hate Nickleback a forum to vent our distaste for their brand of unmusic.

          • Miguel

            Wrong, most of you, like me, didn’t even care about nickelback before this bandwagon, they’re not great, but they don’t suck like hte bandwagon implies, nor Emma Watson’s the greatest actress nor cats are that cute, but you keep enjoying “the internet”, damned sheeps.

          • Jordan

            “unmusic” Is that even a word? he asked caustically. Just proof of your skewed sense of good and bad. You can’t even speak English well. How can you possibly judge music with fantastic lyrics if you can’t even pronounce them, let alone comprehend them? How many rock bands and grunge bands have used the same melodic schemes and back stories? Granite, the worst are the ones whom of which all they do is “borrow,” and make songs sound like gravel going through a wood chipper, but Nickelback actually does none of that. They try their best to make songs that appeal to everyone. That people can relate to. As does every other band out there. Look, if you are so dead set against Nickelback, think of it this way. If it weren’t for Chad Kroeger, My Darkest Days wouldn’t have gone mainstream as quickly as they did. They would probably still be a garage band and nothing more. And you can not convince me for one nanosecond that you haven’t cranked Pornstar Dancing on your radio loud enough to blow your freaking eardrums. People like you wouldn’t know good music if it kicked you in the head and thanked you for the opportunity. Geez, next thing you know, you’re probably going to tell me that Psy performs songs that have actual lyrics. Base your arguments on opinion all you want. Just keep that shit off the internet.

          • DarkDane

            Er… did I somehow get lost on the way? I thought I was on a Game of Thrones page… but it’s starting to sound more like a Nickelback forum?

          • Guest

            Dear English Professor Jordan,
            When you’re handing out lessons on language comprehension, try to avoid using “granite” when you mean “granted”. Granite is rock, Nickleback is not.

          • Justin beiber and Hannah Montana sold a lot of “music” too, doesn’t mean that it has any soul or meaning, just means they have a great marketing team , like nickelback does

          • Miguel

            Yeah, their marketing is so great, that’s why the whole internet hates them, and just stop it, I’m not even defending them, I’m saying that if they were as bad as the internet says, they wouldn’t have a fan base, period.

            PS: Don’t argue about “music”, most people who critique music don’t even have the required Music education to do so.

          • TommyF

            Mcdonalds served over 247billion, do they make the best burger?

          • Most definitely :)

          • Miguel

            Did I say they were the best? Dear lord people are retarded, and stop it with your out of context analogies, they don’t work, sad attempts to look witty.

          • Damon

            Is that even relevant?

          • Damon

            No, it’s really not. And neither is the Nickelback comment made by ASDF.
            Nickelback is music. Game Of Thrones is a t.v. show based on medieval
            fantasy. McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in
            burgers and fries. No resemblance between the three, is there? Everyone
            has their taste in t.v. shows & movies, everyone there taste in
            music, everyone has their taste in food. Everyone is his/her
            own person with their own taste in everything. Different interests,
            different talents, we’re just all freaking different. If we weren’t,
            humanity wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. You know what they
            say “Different strokes for different folks.” I agree with guest. Your
            weak ass analogies are nothing more than a poor attempt to look witty.
            Your foot is for walking, not eating. So I suggest you use them to walk
            your way off this forum before someone sees and sues you for Libel.
            Which is a fight they will sure as shit win, because let’s face it.
            Money always wins.

          • Nik

            Yes! I would rank Big bang theory along with McDonalds. There are a lot of people with poor taste. That is all the popularity of either proves.

          • RAWR

            LOL you sir made my day!! LOL they deserved it…. You’re a riot!

          • jesse

            The only reason you don’t have more thumbs down is because you have to sign in to do it. Don’t even try to compare the tbbt to a good show. Its the same episode every week! oh no Sheldon is upset. oh that Sheldon is so witty and funny. Fuck Sheldon and his annoyingly predictable personality!

          • Miguel

            Your comment is retarded in every single way, Sheldon’s character is predictable alright, it’s what makes him be Sheldon stupid, that’s not a defect, nor is every episode the same, you obviously don’t follow it, TBBT theory has it’s story arc, and it does derail with filling and other story arcs, but the filling is good, very good.

            Dumb asses believing they’re smart cause they hate TBBT.

          • jet black

            Sheldon is annoyingly predictable at times. Most of the punch lines (for any character) seem like they were written before the joke was ever conceived. The show takes it a tick further and gets a genuine laugh out of me every now and then (seen every episode) but all and all… there is no way i would call it the funniest show on television, and definitely not the smartest either.

          • Miguel

            It’s not a “smart” show per say, it’s a light show, but not lightly dumb, it’s also lightly about science, but mostly set up in a “science” context, it’s more enjoyable than just cracking laughs, I personally enjoy all the references since I’m a geek myself, I’d say it’s right at the top of the funniest shows like Modern Family and a couple others.

          • starch

            WTF! What self-respecting scientist would enjoy this pseudo-geeky nonsense? Plus, it isn’t that funny. In-jokes doth not a good show make.

          • Mr blah-blah

            Self-respecting scientist here, and really enjoy tbbt.
            It is obviously not science, but they do use scientific context for some of their bits and jokes, which is rare in most tv comedies, and gets to be amusing. Some times.

          • oops

            Wow. Low brow shows often get high ratings while getting bashed by more critical viewers. See also Two and a Half Men, NCIS, and Jersey Shore.

          • Uncontested

            You really just compared NCIS to Jersey Shore? Really?

          • Don’t you dare bad-mouth NCIS. That show is great

          • can’t…..tell if…..trolling

          • The dumbest shows routinely get the largest audiences. That doesn’t mean they are good it means that they appeal to the lowest common denominator.

          • Bingo! Someone said it. Lowest Common Denominator. As avid fans of a `science` show, I’m surprised fans of TBBT aren’t aware of this phenomenon ;)
            The only time I’ve only seen TBBT I thought it was a lot like Friends (or any other generic US fluffy sitcom) except with stereotypical `geeks` as the main players. It lacks any soul, and character. It is bland generic US sitcom rubbish. IMHO :)

          • Inosolan

            I’d like to congratulate anyone here who used the phrase lowest common denominator to describe fans of TBBT — it’s pretty much the funniest thing I’ve run into lately.

            Simply because it must take a huge pair of balls to imply that every single interest you’ve ever had is so fucking highbrow that you have any right to use that phrase whatsoever. Like HUGE DANGLY COJONES. We’re on a Game of Thrones page. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this damn show like a rabid Nintendo fanboy(..girl…). I’m just sayin’, HBO’s slogan might as well be “Love tits, ass, and pornographic violence? WE PANDER TO YOU!” (….not that I’m complaining). At least double check you’re not being a giant hypocrite when you dismiss out of hand the intellectual capacity of millions of people that you’ve never met. Especially if you refer to “lowest common denominator” as a phenomenon.

          • Inosolan

            So as a member of Game of Thrones’ MASSIVE international audience, should I feel insulted right now? Or does the “dumbest shows routinely get the largest audiences” adage only apply when it’s convenient to you?

          • You could choose to feel insulted but that would be on you. GOT is a good show. TBBT is not. That is the difference. Lighten up.

          • Sedax

            To be fair he is Jesus and Jesus doesn’t believe in science.

          • Dan

            Justin Bieber gets a lot more than 20 million views on his videos, and that doesn’t make him a great artist.

          • Fruitlewp

            Actually, I think in keeping with the idea of reaching a broad audience, any references to actual science are quite light and easy to pick up and understand, if not greatly watered down. The whole concept revolves around the majority of viewers -not- being heavily educated scientists. There really is no need for much scientific knowledge at all to enjoy the humour.

            Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The show does have a keen viewer base; “to each their own”.

          • HowlJenkins

            By your logic, Hitler’s millions of followers must have been at least a bit right about him.

          • A bit

          • CA81684

            The science on that show has been incorrect several times, particularly when they foray into the medical sciences. And while the humor is sometimes funny, it is vastly overrated.

          • buttes

            The Big Bang Theory is like a nerd minstrel show. It’s what normal people think smart people are like all the time.

          • jo9ng, I agree with you IN THEORY. IN THEORY communism works. IN THEORY.

          • yop

            lol ok geek this show is like u always the same episode

          • CloudyMcstrife

            IT Crowd…Just saying.

          • Dwayne_Chapman

            And lots of people have bought Nicki Minaj albums. Doesn’t make her a great, talented artist now does it and it doesn’t make those who don’t like her music “douches to retarded to understand it.”

          • Max

            Is over-explaining a joke SCIENCE?

          • killface

            LOL if Big Bang Theory is your idea of science, you’re an idiot.

          • There’s no actual science to be found in that show, just out of place/context/sync references from geek and pop culture, wrapped up in 80ies idea of humour. Don’t be a douche because you can’t see through that. Yeah, it’s got fans. Then again, so does Bieber and One Direction. I rest my case.

          • TheRealStark

            Yes, because we all need a TV show to teach us science.

          • Big Bang Theory is not an intelligent show. It pretends like it is so all the stupid people watching it can discuss it and feel a sense of entitlement because they aren’t “too retarded to understand science”

          • Big Bang Theory is not an intelligent show. It pretends like it is so all the stupid people watching it can discuss it and feel a sense of entitlement because they aren’t “too retarded to understand science”

          • Nik

            We understand science we just don’t like watching ugly socially awkward people… It’s painful not funny.

          • Matthew King

            You are kidding? A five year old could watch that fucking piece of shit show

          • galvanicus

            So obviously since you hate it/don’t watch it, you seem to have the mental capacity of less than a five year old. Oh sorry, is capacity too big of a word for you to understand?

          • LaughTracksMakeJokes

            Go to youtube.
            Use this to find the video I’m sending you to.

            BBT is NOT funny. I cannot emphasize that enough. I would love for there to be a nerdy, smart comedy that represents nerds well, but there isn’t. You can defend this show all you want, and until your last breath. It will NEVER be good.

          • Zach

            There was and it was called Frasier. But in all seriousness, BBT represents nerds in a predictable normative stereotype making it easy to digest for those who think they are really smart when they laugh at the jokes. No one I know who are anything actually like the characters in that show would actually watch that show, because they are too busy watching Game of Thrones or Dr. Who, playing table top or video games, or being productive rather than watching a mediocre sitcom.

          • 49 episodes a week, with top notch advertisers for every commercial, really wants to weigh its wallet and yours and see whats doing better in the long run. Quit hating, i hated the show too before i took the time to watch it. Its so hard to hate that the fact that you do indicates you haven’t taken the time to watch it. Get a life you ignorant piece of trash

          • Miguel

            Wrong, read me well, you are wrong, you will NEVER be right if you think TBBT is not funny, you don’t have a sense of humor, I cannot emphasize that enough, there IS a show that represents nerdy guy, and it’s TBBT, I’m a nerdy guy and I completely relate to them in most ways, I am defending this show all I want.

            Just remember, you are wrong, this is a good show and there’s nothing you can do about it, period.

          • Keep it going, guys. I’ll just get more popcorn.

          • Miguel

            You can’t type grammatically correct for shit, thus you can’t comment on a 5 year old intelligence, a 5 year old can watch GoT, what are you implying.

            And it’s not a piece of shit show you moronic tasteless cunt.

          • Bro, check your grammar before you bash others. *flies away*

          • Freud

            Sure they do, they’re the same folks that cry about 2 1/2 Men losing Charlie Sheen

          • OnTheFence

            It baffles me that you have spent this much time arguing on what TV programs are good or bad, its all opinion.

            Im more annoyed that I read it all.

          • It’s obvious that you wouldn’t like The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Jesus Christ.

          • I like Big Bang Theory when I feel like watching something funny and entertaining. I like Game of Thrones when I want Drama, quality storyline and Action. I will never get upset if Big Bang never wins any prestigious award…..that’s not what I use it for…… every person uses the media in their own way. If you don’t like it don’t watch it…..nobody will care either way.

          • I agree. I actually think you lose brain cells watching this hideous show. Big Bang Theory is EVERY SINGLE thing that is WRONG with television sitcoms; from the annoying and revolting characters to the embarrassing laugh track.

      • It used to be a good show. It’s starting to suck so hard. They need to get rid of those two other annoying girls. They’re just not funny OR entertaining

        • Helena_Handbasket

          Translation, he doesn’t find them hot.

      • Freddy

        It’s a damn shame that retard beat out Steve Carell at the Emmy’s, let alone even being considered in the nomination process.

        • Retard Freddy

          I think you’re a moronic retard Freddy!

      • Sami HQ

        big bang theory?u serious bro?

      • TheEnd

        I like trains.

        • kev

          I like turtles.

          • Anomymous

            I like tornadoes and thunderstorms?

          • Arashi

            Where are the turtles?!?! Where are they?!

          • tony


        • elfos

          MINE TURTLES!

          • TheRealStark

            Me likey roaming around in my apartment naked imagining I be the king of Winterfell.

          • Django

            I like to muff dive…still.

        • The Station Agent with Peter Dinklage is a good movie. I may still not be a fan of trains but I am of Dinklage.

        • Brian

          I like lamp

      • What really gave it away is the name Kelly.. Penny’s real name is Kaley.

      • BBT is shit

        BBT is a good show ? Do you enjoy taste of poorly made food too ?

        You can safely assume that it’s shit because it tells Burgericans when to laugh.

      • I think you mean was. This season.. Kinda like when How I Met Your Mother turned into a pure romcom show. “We need to capture more of the female audience.. Let’s take the focus away from nerdiness and jokes and just lay heavily into the interactions between the people. Kinda like a mix between garbage and shit.” I really miss the old TBBT. Don’t care if it was lame, I laughed.

      • black cack in yo face.

        I like bacon!

    • rocknrollsuicide

      Aww. Over your head? It’s ok.

      • Foowring

        The people that dislike Big Bang Theory certainly don’t dislike it because it goes over their heads, they dislike it because it the jokes are pretty stereotypical nerd, obvious and don’t have much depth. On top of this, just to make sure that everyone “gets” the joke, the characters explain the jokes in graphic detail … so that everyone’s in the loop.

        I think it’s a great way to inject nerd/science stereotypes and cursory explanations of scientific theories into popular culture.

        I have a feeling most of the jokes might have been a lot funnier but ended up being extensively watered-down to make them accessible to a wider audience, which has work well for them, in terms of popularity and viewership.

        • There’s a famous phrase that’s been applied to many people that they are “a dumb person’s idea of what a smart person is.” Well TBBT is a dumb person’s idea of what intelligent humour is.

    • Justin Embree

      You’re a moron. Clearly the rating of Big Bang Theory speak for themselves. Just because one or two fools like you dont like it, doesnt mean it isnt a good show. Because it certainly is.

      • no, it’s *popular*, not *good*. but so is Budweiser, and they don’t make *good* beer…

        • Jared G

          It’s okay that you don’t get the jokes.

          • anon

            there’s no “getting” the jokes in the big bang theory. they’re all made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, with a few science and/or geek buzzwords thrown in to up the “quirkiness” of the show. they literally rephrase the exact same jokes over, and over, and over. High ratings mean nothing about the quality of a show, I mean, just look at arrested development’s ratings versus “here comes honey Boo Boo”

          • Ranko

            What are you talking about??? BBT’s general treatment of science, along with the well thought tidbits discussing the Large Hadron Collider, in no way appeals to the “lowest common denominator” you Troglodyte! The LHC, something you probably don’t even fashion to understand is most definitely appealing but only to those high erudites capable of understanding the potential for its future.

          • wegrow

            you sound like you put a dictionary in a blender and squirted it up your ass with an enema.
            p.s. big bang theory is garbage and you don’t have to be “smart” to get it.

          • Ranko

            Judging by the lack of syntax, I wouldn’t assume you would know this but just for future reference, when using ” “, aka quotation marks, an actual reference has to be made on behalf of the person you are quoting. However, you do have to be “smart” to actually know that.

          • dtr

            You also might note that intelligent debate does not resort to ad hominem.

          • My fifteen year old niece understands and enjoys the LHC comedy, as well as much of the rest of the predictable comedy (mostly the scientific material and sci-fi/fantasy references, not so much the gaming or comic aspect as she’s not into those things) on the show.

            Honestly, I don’t think that putting highly scientific and geeky references into the show in layman’s terms, and delivering them in the most obnoxious 90’s sitcom way, is funny, entertaining, or smart. But to each their own. I’m sure I like a few shows a lot of people don’t.

            To people who argue ratings, look at American Idol, Jersey Shore, and Honey Boo Boo. Look at Justin Bieber and Nickelback. Ratings only mean crap to the people who are in the industry. Because no matter how low a show’s rating, if you genuinely like that show, you will watch it anyway. Ratings are not science. Good ratings do not equal good show.

            But I digress. GOT is badass, and that is why I am here. I was fooled. I won’t lie. But at least they picked someone amazing as the “replacement”. I am excited to see more from Mr. Dinklage though :D

        • Bosses Boss

          I know “intelligent” humor is hard for some to understand…so just stick to your slapstick humor with the rest of the morons that are too dumb to laugh at something funny AND smart!

          • I’m always a bit confused at the assumption that people who like fluffy, silly, lighthearted humor that takes no thought, cannot also enjoy intelligent humor. Sometimes at the end of a hard day I like to zone out to things that don’t really engage my brain. It doesn’t mean I am incapable of enjoying more challenging things. It isn’t always one or the other, and the fact that people like you assume that speaks more about you than the people you are trying to put down.

          • leGamer

            And this is the most insightful comment on here. I can only assume most of the commenters on here just try hard to be/feel superior to other people, and/or are so lacking in emotional intelligence that they cannot see how other people perceive things? Wait… I AM DESCRIBING SHELDON.

          • Dontos Hollard

            So you don’t like Big Bang Theory, either.

          • Dave

            If you look at the beginning of all these US sitcoms, a good deal of them are done by Chuck Lorre (sorry if I messed up his name), with Two and a half men, TBBT, How I met your mother, the list goes on… and theyve all been successful so you cant complain about repetitive jokes because they all do them and it works for the audience it appeals to :)

          • HIMYM isn’t done by Chuck Lorre, but two other showrunners. He also made Dharma & Greg and Mike & Molly, though.

          • bigradmachine

            Hey, do you like the fat girl from Bridesmaids? How about the other fat guy from King of Queens? Can you picture them having sex and not vomit? Then watch “Mike and Molly” Thursdays on CBS!

          • Dave

            sorry Dontos that wasnt meant to be a direct reply to you… I’m knew to these forum-style chats

        • dtr

          I think it’s funny that people think TBBT is a smart show, and if you don’t like it, it’s because you aren’t smart enough to understand. Elitists… The show is about humor, not enlightenment. To me, the jokes are contrived as hell, and they’re predictable and not witty. It’s the same old sitcom we’ve seen over and over for decades, just with different characters. That’s my take, anyway. Everyone’s got a different sense of humor, and the show doesn’t apply to everyone’s, regardless of their intelligence. It’s not like they’re making obscure references to quantum physics, people.

          • Dany

            Great comment…that’s exactly how I feel about TBBT. People always say that it’s “intelligent humor” when in reality it is silly and unoriginal humor about smart topics. It takes absolutely no intelligence to understand these jokes, it just depends on your type of humor. I’ve watched the show a few times, and the jokes are all predictable and extremely unoriginal.

      • Yeah, and Two and a Half Men was the highest rated sitcom for several seasons too. Shows you how much ratings mean.

        • Jenny Lu

          Ratings tell us what the majority of people like to watch. If you don’t like a certain show, it just means that you aren’t a part of that majority. Nothing wrong with that, but it does not give you the right to make sweeping comments on whether a show is good or not.

          • ResonanceCascade

            There are these things called “opinions” that give us exactly that right. Conversely, you have every right to be butthurt about said opinions, as you have demonstrated.

          • Ok, really didn’t want to do this but its a pet peeve so sorry in advance. Opinions are things everyone has about everything (yes, even when they’re apathetic) but they can be wrong I.E. the tea party. Opinions don’t give us executive power over others unless you have honestly examined and/or expunged your opinion of personal bias, misinformation and personal taste (the latter element is beyond scrutiny due to its unquantifiable nature and is why people should be allowed to enjoy something in peace).

          • ResonanceCascade

            If you really think that saying “The Big Bang theory sucks” is taking “executive power over others” then I guess we’re at an impasse. I have no argument against something so insane.

          • Sure it does, it’s all a matter of opinion. BBT and Two and a Half Men are both atrocious sitcoms that should’ve been taken off the air years ago.

          • Actually, I do have the right to make whatever “sweeping comment” I might choose. You, on the other hand, don’t have the right to silence me even if you disagree.

            That being said, I never made a sweeping comment. I’m simply stating that ratings don’t necessarily give merit to the quality of a series. I give you Firefly as a prime example.

          • Brad

            I call your Firefly and raise you Deadwood!

          • Dan

            And let’s not forget that the Wire was almost canceled after season 3 due to low ratings. That’s right, season 4 might never have happened because not enough people watched.

      • Josh

        Your right, it’s overall misogyny, ability to make jokes only out of the simplest parts of nerd culture, and only get people laughing who the jokes weren’t aimed at means it’s totally a good show. You caught us.

      • The Kardashians get good ratings. Your argument is invalid.

      • You have a terrible sense of humor. It’s one of the most hated shows on TV by numerous critics, it has high ratings because it caters to the lowest common denominator.

        • HazaRDReborN

          How can you judge someone’s sense of humour based on one of the things they might like? Second, how can you even begin a serious conversation when you bring critics into the equation? Critics are the sorest bums that never made it and I have seen hundreds of critic reviews that no-one agreed to and have argued with many a critic myself (as have others). That is a low example to set.
          As for BBT, I like it. Is it astonishingly clever and humorous? No, on the contrary it kinda annoys me from time to time, on the other hand, when I am in a mood to kill brain-cells and laugh with some humour aimed at a very simple level (that also appeals to the geek community) I find it a great time and enjoy those boredom hours spent into it.
          So in the end like I said you can’t judge anyone from this. I myself am aware that the show is lame in many ways (whilst completely hate the main character) on the other hand there are aspects to other characters and things like comic and gaming culture and things of the sort that actually do bring a laugh and liking to the show.
          Someone who enjoys better quality shows and humour that is clever, witty and so on, can also occasionally enjoy a stupid laugh here and there as well. All depends on the mood. Doesn’t make that person have any less of a sense of humour than someone that doesn’t watch those shows.
          I am sorry but your comment sounded so pretentious.
          p.s. the lowest common denominator could be a geniuses “slow” hour as well, hence it is something in the end that everyone can relate to no matter their understanding and sense of humour.

          • I’m not reading all that because it sounds angry and irrational. Humor can be judged on what people find funny; there is a difference between high and low-brow comedy. If you enjoy BBT you probably don’t have many brain cells left to kill.

      • Alex O’Leary

        And Candle in the Wind by Elton John is the best selling song of all time. Being popular sure doesn’t mean right :P

      • jonriley

        try watching it without that laugh track you sheep…

    • syed

      big bang theory WAS a good show.

      season 6 is lame cus there are very few scientific jokes. its been made too much like friends.

    • You seriously think TBBT is a bad show? Sarcasm?

    • Guest

      Big Bang Theory is not a goot show it is Great…Not Great and epic as Game of Thrones but it is a great show

    • Big Bang Theory is not a good show, it is a Great show…Not Great and epic as Game of Thrones but it is a great show

    • Laura

      The joke is there is no one named Kelly.


    • Ill Get You Back

      The Big Bang Theory is awesome. Dont understand what the hell they are talking about, but its the only comedy show that makes me laugh so damn hard!

    • Fight fight fight fight….okay I really shouldn’t be encouraging them I know.

    • Akul

      @facebook-18900045:disqus my man, you are fricken hilarious

    • I could say the same thing about 30 Rock. I’d rather get 4 abscesses removed without painkillers than watch that horrid, boring show.

    • You obviously have NO sense of humor if Big Bang Theory doesn’t make you laugh…I don’t make judgements about good or bad, since I like a lot of stuff that I know most people think is bad. Just saying.

    • Miguel

      It is a good show, fact.

    • It is a good show! Gotta love Dr Sheldon Cooper :o)

    • lol, true

    • Smo

      just because your not smart enough to get it , doesn’t mean it’s crap :)

    • “I recently had to turn down a part playing Kelly’s newest love interest
      on The Big Bang Theory. I love that show! It killed me to have to turn
      it down.”

      1, I’ve seen every episode so who the fuck is Kelly? Don’t you mean Kaley?

      2. The Big Bang Theory is fucking awesome…….. FACT!!!

    • Guest

      “Penny, you don’t know science. Bazinga.” Yup, really funny.

    • Epic comment! Love how everybody is getting all butt hurt over it.

    • Arguing over the internet about a television show, I think you can all take yourselves off the “smart” list.

    • Go. Go fast and go straight to the Wall and take the black before I reach you, and you must pay for your last sentence.

    • Hal_Jordan77

      They also said(in Peter’s fake quote) that Peter would be playing Kelly’s new love interest. Big Bang Theory doesn’t have any character or actress named Kelly. If this was real, Peter could have just gotten the name wrong but since the whole thing is a joke I think that ‘mistake’ was intentional as another hint.

    • Asashii

      you must watch people bidding on storage and idiots who hunt reptiles, redneck idiot!!!


    I agree – Totally April Fools joke! Peter is Tyrion and the show will NOT be the same without him!!!

  • Lisa

    Very funny HBO.

  • sheila

    That’s not even funny!!!!

  • I really hope this is an April Fool’s joke. He is one of the best characters on GOT and it’s because Peter has done that for the character. Not only does he bring wit, the ability to have a believable sexual relationship, but he also brings humor without it being silly. It’s an intellectual style of humor that doesn’t dumb down the character. Say what you will but I can’t see Warwick Davis pulling this off, it would just ruin the character. And they should know by now that replacing beloved characters is not something fans will tolerate. It may ruin the show because Peter and Peter as Tyrion are one of the reasons this show is so great.

    • calm yo’ tits

    • I can’t slap my own face any harder.

    • DJ DroBro420

      No offense Cindy but you, and anyone else who believed this, are dumb as hell.

    • lol

    • I completely agree! If they really do make the Tyrion Lannister character into a “more comedic role”, I will really be disappointed. I really hope this is April Fools!

    • Ser Fool

      Cindy…what day is it today?

      • MQ

        It’s the 2nd April here and even I got that it was a joke… But you do have to remember that this goes out world wide, others have already done there April fools jokes.

    • “The ability to have a believable sexual relationship,” uh…what?

      • Apparently being a (midget? dwarf? Little person? idk the correct term) means no one would want to have sex with you.

        • Pickedbrok

          Yes. That is correct. No one would want to.

          • crusader!!

            Peter Dinklage, regardless of size, is one of the sexiest men alive. If he had been born without Dwarfism, I’m pretty sure he’d be Hollywood’s leading man for everything, since he is crazy handsome and talented. The fact that he took Tyrion Lannister, who is NOT a sexy character in the books, and made him attractive without losing touch with the essence of the character is testimony to that. As it is, he’s stuck character acting and is still one of the biggest names around.

            The moral is, more people want to have sex with him than will ever want to have sex with you, troll.

        • BillB

          Dwarf (or little person). And as such a person, I have “unbelievably” good sex all the time.

        • That was not meant at all as an offense. What I meant is that generally speaking, he’s not the handsomest guy but has such a great sexuality about him that he kills any stereotypes regarding his height. Whereas Warwick Davis being a more comedic person lacks that sexuality on camera.

  • Heaty

    WHY?! 1 million an episode?! Surely Peter doesnt ask for more than that? Sure warwick is a great actor but replacing the character we all know and love.. and at the same time wanting 20% of the budget?! crazy.. PLEASE PLEASE BE AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. if i could be in the game of thrones as a main character id be happy with minimum wage…

  • Please let this be an April fools joke…..

  • HAHA – oh look at the date.

  • I pray it’s an April fools joke. If it is, they definitely got me! lol I was about to loose it.

  • Good April’s FOOLS. NO way Willow is taking over for Peter. LOL.

  • He he, yeah, sure…

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