News Roundup: GAME OF THRONES Edition

By Jef Dinsmore on Feb 23, 2013 to Game of Thrones

news-logoSince fans are so hot and eager here are a few news tidbits to whet your appetite for GAME OF THRONES. Obviously, as we get closer to March 31st more and more news, comments and excitement will surface. These are no exclusive, big announcements but, HBOWatch knows how much you want any news about your favorite show.




  • GAME THRONES Season 2 DVD Breaks Records  GOTS2_dvd

 The Season 2 DVD has been out a week and already it has proven a slayer in the home video market. Tallies show that on the first day of sale alone 241,000 units were sold. That, according to HBO, topped Season One’s DVD launch by 44% making The Season 2 set the highest selling home video release for HBO. Needless to say, HBO hopes that this momentum will keep GAME OF THRONES going strong for Season 3 and beyond. In part, it is due to loyal fans like the ones that frequent HBOWatch.


  • Texas A&M gets exclusive premiere of Season 3, Episode 1  

How lucky are they? On March 22, nine days before its HBO debut, a screening of the Season 3 premiere of GAME OF THRONES will be seen at Rudder texas_AM-300x72Auditorium at the university. Also present will be concept creator George R. R. Martin. “A Special Evening with Famed Writer George R.R. Martin” begins at 6:30 p.m. He will give a lecture and brief Q&A followed by a screening of the episode beginning at 7:45pm.

It is a free event but advance tickets need picked up on campus due to only a number of seats available. So if there are any GAME OF THRONES fans in Texas he is your opportunity to see the Season 3 launch before the rest of us. And if you do go, how about coming back to HBOWatch and sharing the experience with us?

  • GAME OF THRONES Ascent Game in Beta

Game makers Disruptor Beam has got an adventure game called Game of Thrones Ascent up and running on Facebook. It is a public beta version which means tweaking could happen along the way. I have found a trailer. Watch and enjoy and all you gamers out there let us know if this is a worthy title to play.


Alas, that is all we got right now. But, come back to HBOWatch for all your GAME OF THRONES news!

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