By Jef Dinsmore on Jul 6, 2013 to Eastbound & Down

Ken-Marino-Eastboundphoto credit: Gage Skidmore cc

Actor Ken Marino, who has appeared in such works as Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital and Veronica Mars and its upcoming movie, takes a turn at HBO comedy. He will appear in all eight episodes of the fourth and final season of EASTBOUND AND DOWN starring Danny McBride.

In the show he will play Guy Young, a middle-aged athlete who’s still living the high life where every weekend is a big party.  Also cast as a recurring next season is Tim Heidecker (HBO’s FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS…) as Gene, a vanilla guy in Kenny’s neighborhood. He has nothing in common with Kenny and lacks even a basic sense of humor.

So, it is kind of easy to see, based on these characters descriptions that in Season Four Kenny Powers is going to be caught in the middle between two different lifestyles. On one side of the fence he sees Guy Young still living the hedonistic life that Powers may just be missing about now. On the other side Heidecker’s rather bland neighbor resides and he is not making a strong statement for domestic bliss. By series end, we suspect that Kenny Powers will have to finally choose which side of the fence he is on.

  • J. Ross

    Omar Dorsey was just added to the cast as well. He’ll be playing a former NFL-player turned media personality that often berates his guests.
    He played Chicken Charlie in Django Unchained.
    Other interesting casting from Eastbound and Down reveals possible plot lines:
    *SPOILERS* (maybe?)
    Wilmington, NC casting calls for “baby doctor” and “priest” among others give me the feeling that there will be a wedding or a burial … the baby doctor doesn’t bode well for Toby.

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