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HBO Films: PHIL SPECTOR Premiere Announced

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 30, 2013 to HBO Films

In a just released Teaser # 2 for HBO FILMS: PHIL SPECTOR is a locked in premiere date. The HBO Film will debut on Sunday, 03.24.13 at 9:00pm. Check out the uniquely crafted Teaser below:

Is there any interest building up for this movie as news and clips come forth? Comment below

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I’m not sure how much a biographical piece this is; it is more about the murder trial he was caught up in. I am sure it will give some background of his career so that the unknowledgeable will get to know the character before the woes hit.

  • Jacob Klein

    No idea who Phil Spector is.. even AFTER watching the trailer. But since I love Al Pacino maybe this will be a good opportunity to learn!

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