Game of Thrones Season 4 is OFFICIAL! Premiere Date: Spring 2014

By Jacob Klein on Apr 2, 2013 to Game of Thrones

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2013 – HBO has renewed GAME OF THRONES for a fourth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.
Based on the bestselling fantasy book series by George R.R. Martin, GAME OF THRONES is an epic story of treachery and nobility set on the continent of Westeros, where summers and winters can last years, and only the lust for power is eternal. The Emmy®- and Golden Globe-winning series launched its ten-episode third season Sunday, March 31 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO, with other episodes debuting subsequent Sundays at the same time.

Among the early critical praise for the third season, the Hollywood Reporter called GAME OF THRONES “addictive and outstanding,” while Newsday termed the series “superb,” awarding the show an A+. The Chicago Tribune hailed the show as “spellbinding” and the Washington Post described it as “masterful.”  A solid premiere date for the next season is forthcoming.

According to early data, GAME OF THRONES’ season three premiere March 31 on HBO topped the series’ highs, with record viewership for both the 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT) airing and gross audience across the three plays. At 9:00 p.m., it averaged 4.4 million viewers, outperforming (+4%) the previous high of 4.2 million viewers from last season’s finale. GAMES OF THRONES improved 13% in comparison to last season’s premiere of 3.9 million viewers. Across the three plays for the night, 6.7 million viewers tuned in, surpassing last season’s debut night of 6.3 million viewers by 7%. Last season, GAME OF THRONES had an average gross audience (HBO linear plays + HBO On Demand/HBO GO + DVR) of 11.6 million viewers.

HBOWatch: Duh!  And we can also confirm that Peter Dinklage WILL be returning (assuming he survives season 3!) contrary to some what some jerks might be saying.  No word on an official premiere date but we’re guessing it will be around the same time it landed on the calendar this year: Early Spring 2014!

But what about a premiere date?  When does it air?!

We’ll post a premiere date as soon as we know when Game of Thrones season 4 will start.  An exact premiere date is based on the last three season’s air times.  We’ll update that schedule page when we have an exact time for the premiere but we can almost guarantee that HBO is planning on airing it along with it’s normal premiere schedule in Spring of next year.

  • blixx

    It’s been awhile since I have made a comment here, but I saw this comment on my e-mail about piracy and had to put my 2 cents in so, just wanted to ask has anyone’s subscription rate increased besides mine? My single most reason to subscribe to HBO was to watch TB & GOT but the TB series 7 is scheduled to end this summer so my only reason to continue my scribe is to keep up with my only other television obsession GOT. I adore this program. So far I LOVE the new paring of Tyrion with Sansa, Jaime with Brion, and Arya with the Hound, poor sweet Sansa, at least she didn’t see what poor Arya saw what they did to Robb & Cate. I kind of think the Hound is beginning to care for Arya and I like Shea but her days are numbered since that female castle-rat squealed on her & Tyrion to Cersei. I am wondering what’s going on with Tyrion, I have a feeling he’s beginning to fall for Sansa, I think he’s trying to show her that he is a good man, and I think he will do everything he can to show his father that he has changed, that being married he has given up his vices and is concentrating on the tasks at hand.

  • Anyone know of any LA viewing parties for season 4?

  • N

    Piracy or theft if everyone keeps pirating the show and the ratings drop HBO will drop it and then noooo show for anyone. I think Ill just upgrade my tv package and watch it honestly . . .

    • Timothy Davis

      they make more money off the sale of the DVDs then the sell from cable! Over 50% of what you pay goes to cable company!

  • foxtrot11

    does anyone know how i can watch the new season when it airs my cable company does not offer hbo go

    • kilee


  • BoutDatHipHopLifecom

    help me I can not wait until April for the season to start? I think about that dragon queen and the Lansters Every Sunday!! I just want to slap the boy king and i’m now awaiting the sisters arrival to save her brother!!

  • blixx

    theft, from random house’s college dictionary; (theft) the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny. something stolen. the taking of something that belongs to another sure sounds like theft to me…

  • shigg

    Download XBMC and watch game of thrones on that, forget about torrents.
    XBMC = Any tv show or movie for free and legal.

    • KaladinStrom

      XBMC is a program… you still have to acquire the video files somewhere. Perhaps you a using a plugin to download them or stream them.

  • DLT

    OK I’m addicted to Game of Thrones I admit it, but what am I to do, I presently living outside of the us and now my HBOGO won’t work….aaaaahhhhh help I can’t miss season 4

    • John Doe

      It’ll almost definitely show up here, often new episodes are posted shortly after the episode finishes airing.

    • Katie Wiedeman

      go to and search game of thrones, and use the putlocker link. you may have to wait a week after the episode has aired to watch it but it will work

    • Gm777 will have most shows on their site about 1-2 hours after airing. Stick to videoweed or for the links.

  • Me

    HBO ?? What’s that .. oh ya, another money sucking sound. I pay zero and download spectacularly captured HD torrents of this great show instead. Thanks torrent guyz.!

    • David Strausser

      You know that is theft, right?

      • Chris S

        Nobody cares about piracy. Even HBO has publicly stated their more worried that the torrents are of low quality than the fact it’s theft. But, here’s a simple concept: Create something worth paying for and people will voluntarily pay. You’d never think it based on the lies Hollywood and Wall Street spew, but it works. If you like the show and want to ensure future episodes get made, subscribe (I did).

      • Benny

        No, theft is when you steal something and the person owning it loose his property. This is piracy and you cant compare it to theft. HBO doesn’t loose their property and they make more money than anyone could imagine!

        • Jenny

          Your parent’s must be so proud of your morals.

          • Benny

            Proud of me for stating the fact that morons like you compare piracy with theft? And the fact that HBO making tons of money and doesn’t care about piracy? Go back to bed little girl. you are drunk.

          • blixx

            dear f_cktard, you are deluded to believe piracy is not theft! when dickwads like you carelessly go to piracy sites to view programs, it causes whichever network that owns that program to pass on the cost of that programing to consumers that PAY for the privilege to view it, so that in turn causes the company to raise the price of that programing to decent people who pay for it! SO ASSHOLE, STOP STEALING FROM ME!!!

          • Benny

            Dear fucking moron! You dont posses enough IQ to understand the difference between piracy and theft so im not going to bother to try explain this to a fucking minion! If you read something else the the ancient writings in you mothers vagina you will realize that even HBO doesn’t care about piracy. Piracy contribute to the shows popularity and the result of it generates money in other forms! You really think HBO isn’t making money tons of out of this? You fucking stupid asshole COW! Oh and by the way. How much have you paid to watch it?? Exactly how much? Or are you paying the cable company that pays HBO to show a really popular show? The popularity that everyone contributes to. Like HBO said. They aren’t worried about piracy, only piracy with low quality that might damage the shows reputation. Ignorant little cocksucker!

          • blixx

            Benny right? It should be Benny the BOOB, so in future I shall dub thee BB, you are under the impression that I give a rat’s ass that you sir are the idiot! My IQ is 142 and I have age and experience on my side, you have shown your intelligence by bad grammar and disgustingly antiquated and vile language. Certainly HBO does not care about piracy, they are a multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn’t give a flying fart about you or I as long as they get paid their fees for programing. Whether or not the cost of that program comes from cable or wherever is irrelevant, I will not tell you what I pay for the service I receive because frankly BB this is none of your fucking business. I will though give you a lesson on the use and meaning of the word “piracy”. The definition of PIRACY in the Random House College Dictionary is; 1. any person who robs or commits illegal violence at sea or on shores of the sea. 2. a vessel employed by such persons.3.any plunderer, predator.4.a person who appropriates and reproduces the work or invention of another without authorization as for his own profit. 5. to commit piracy upon ; plunder; take by piracy.7. i’ll skip this one, it’s redundant. I hope you get what I’m putting down chum, What I mean, dickwad is PIRACY IS THEFT, I do not give a flying fig what HBO says about it they GET their money one why or another but each time a person watches a pirated movie or program that dumbass, raises the cost of that programming and that cost is passed on to me and other HONEST people that pay for programming. So BB do you feel superior because like minded people such as yourself with low morals and lower IQ’s think that it is fine to steal from others? You are an incredibly stupid and misguided individual without manners or moral aptitude, I suggest you start learning how to use a dictionary and take a class on manners, someday you may become a decent person, but I sincerely doubt that!

          • blixx

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  • David Zion

    they need to shorten some of the things in the book. the books are dragging a bit – book 4 esp and a lot of 5. Though they risk running out of material at the pace the books are written.

    • john whealen

      George has this great ability to fill out all his characters. Who they are, why they do what they do and the motivations. He also has a way to completely shock you by killing off his characters when they seem to be indespensible to the flow of the story. I just hope he has the will and stamina to finish off the story complete. I’ve heard there may be 7 books.

  • snail

    STICK TO THE BOOKS!!! its was a well written story plz dont change it because you guys suck at story lines …. plz dont pull a walking dead on us … keep it true to the books…

    • Hannah Shearin

      The 5th book was horribly written. Either George Martin needs to write another book to fix all the loose ends he left, or the filming crew isn’t going to be able to finish the series.

      • Mossey

        He is writing another book – in fact he’s writing another two. The next, The Winds of Winter, should be out in the next year or so, and the final instalment, A Dream of Spring, will be out in a few years.


    OMG I have GooseBumps!!!!! I can’t wait too see how Daenerys Targaryen is going to work those dragons!!! Game of Thrones Rocks!!!!

  • Lem Renrek

    Dinklage is THE MAN!

  • Sandie Parsons

    Well that only saves me money. I cancelled HBO as soon as True Blood was over and won’t add it back until the season premiere of GoT

  • Jonathan Mayer

    I have to ask, what I believe, is a simple question. Why the hell would you make your fans wait 14 months between seasons??? If it’s popular, you’d think people would pay to see it more frequently. As it stands now, I cancel HBO when GoT is off the air. There’s nothing worth seeing in my opinion other than that..

    • It’s a 10 month wait, and the reason is simply because shows don’t just appear out of thin air. A lot of dedicated hard work and production goes into bringing them to the screen.

    • Kelly

      I don’t enjoy the wait either, but when you look at the length of the episodes, the costumes and locations, the editing that goes into the episodes etc etc…it’s a lot of work! Good things come to those who wait ;)

      • immyownthinker

        True but you have to admit that the wait and length of time pretty much guarantees longer customers…trust me it IS a lot of work, HARD WORK, but as with most everything it is about the MONEY! :-)

    • Nicole Farrell Remax

      The author hasn’t finished writing the books, so I’d guess that contributes to the longer wait in between seasons…

      • Mossey

        Naa – he has already written 5 books, two of which are so big they had to be split in to two parts. Effectively, what we have seen so far is only 3 parts of 7 that have already been written. It will be another few years to catch up, and by then he will have released the next, and final, two books.

    • Sara Dalrymple

      would you rather have them make sloppily slapped together scenes for the series to be done within say 5 months to appease impatient people like what the writers for Dexter did with their final season? i’d rather have them take their time and write some real good stuff rather than haphazard shit. besides, if the show airs the seasons as fast as you would like, then the TV series would catch up to the book series way before the books are done, then we might wait for two years before a season. would you want that?

  • Hussam Harb

    tell me guys … 4 season when does it start ??

  • Hussam Harb

    its a bad thing to make a great actor like shon bean from the movies in first sesoan

    • jdubbs


  • Roy

    Good Job HBO.. Absolute Fan of Game of Thrones..!!!!!!! Waiting for more !!!

  • Pernille


  • imwiththe greyjoy

    wonder if joffery is really gonna serve rob head to sanza on his wedding….

    • vivian lopez

      no…. because he dies at his wedding

      • mana

        Dude, spoiler alert.

      • Isräël Jämës Gmärïö

        Dude, Seriously!! Dafuq?

      • Sara Dalrymple

        he doesnt die at his wedding. idiot.

        • blixx

          Excuse me, my dear but it is you that is the idiot!

          • Rebekah Wrathy Haq

            um….well not really….it wasn’t robb’s wedding it was his uncles. so yeah…

    • Sara Dalrymple

      jon’s head already rotted away before it reached KL

      • Rebekah Wrathy Haq

        jon isnt dead….ROBB is dead.

  • Tex

    I’m still trying to recover from the Red Wedding scene….

    • CAROL

      Just wait till you see what happens at Jofferys wedding.

      • Pernille

        Me 2!
        Read the books. You will be surprised!

        • mana

          There will be parties in the streets.

          • liz

            Oh yes!!!!!

    • Sara Dalrymple

      a few shots of vodka did it for me, friend

  • Rbrooks26

    need to start on season 5 now

    • Sara Dalrymple

      best not to rush

  • Wilderman

    Beautiful job HBO. I will miss this show and cannot wait to see what you produce next. Very well done on senary, locations, and talent, this is a win, and a series that other series will be mearured against.
    It is hard to wait to see this next season as many have stated, we should all get together for a Game of Thrones party in Hollywood.

    • Webster’s

      What is senary?

      • Kev

        it’s when you see nary a date announced for season 4 premiere!

        • Sirynone

          Isn’t the date April 17??

          • No Google is wrong. That’s the premiere date for the first EVER episode 3 years ago. Plus that’s a Thursday….

      • Sara Dalrymple

        a typo for “scenery”

  • JlopFSU

    This is not soon enough! :)

  • Brady

    Pleaser hurry up ;-) I’m sooooo looking forward to season 4 – Love the Hot Dragon Lady

  • Tara Johnson

    Hurry up season 4!

  • brian

    winter is coming not soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sara Dalrymple

      it’s still summer in the series. not even Autumn yet

  • angiemgn2104

    Why is it taking so long for season 4??!!

    • Sara Dalrymple

      filming takes time. and there’s a big battle scene, which would mean taking up more time

      • blixx

        Orkus Orkanus , Bringer of Death! Woman, have you taken leave of your senses or possibly imbibed strong drink? I am setting aside my most valuable time to correct your statements, you made a remark about a head to be presented to the lady Sanza at King Joffery’s wedding, a head that you stated belonging to Jon, I must assume your meaning to be Jon Snow, who if you had watched the season finally, is still in possession of, clearly you were not paying attention to what inwiththegreyjoy’s comment stated, he wrote Rob, and I think that head must be previously owned by ROB STARK, now belonging to the despicable Walder Frey may he die a thousand death’s, each more heinous than the last, may his bones be ground to dust and scattered to the winds!!!

  • KingRobsQueen

    HBO cant make us wait another year i mean thats just inhumane

  • Smeeagen

    Have to say season 3 has kept me riveted and intrigued…can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next season :o)

  • GOT

    khaleesi!! BOSS she must win

  • Lorrie Lanham

    I’m in love with this show. It is exquisitely done, performances and scenery! And I love the books as well so I know what’s coming. But the cast for this series was expertly picked! I mean truely remarkable acting! I just miss Sean Bean (Eddard Stark) but it’s been an epic journey from that first season!!!!

  • fefefe

    Daenerys Stormborn, best character of them all!!!

  • anon

    Can’t wait to see the Red Viper of Dorne!

    • Lorrie Lanham

      It ends badly though. But I want to see who plays him!

  • blixx

    Bringer of Death !… Death to Lord Bealish!!! King Joffery should be boiled in his own body fat! Next to his grandfather and mother..i now have mixed thoughts about Jamey Lannister, as dose his handler/companion Brion of the Emerald Isle,…Tyrion Lannnister should be made king! If not of King’s Landing then of another realm,he was born to lead!!!

    • Jere53

      It’s Brienne of the Sapphire Isle

      • blixx

        I stand corrected, Jere 53, sorry about the bad grammar also. I need to get my spellcheck checked.

    • blixx

      Orkus Orkanus, Bringer of Death! Lord Bealish’s interest is clearly his own, and what can benefit his rise to power and wealth, although his agenda to become a nobleman will never be met, he will always be a nasty peon that runs a brothel. No matter how much charm, education, status, or wealthy he becomes he will always be despicable, a low born individual that the nobles will only tolerate so far.

  • lancelot

    Yes the show is addictive and I truly enjoy it and the various twists and turns it offers. The dragons and the army of the unsullied should be very interesting as they go forward. I would love to have one of the swords and a suit of armor but I doubt I could afford them. How the King Slayer and the large female companion get out of their current mess works out is another situation to pounder. Otherwise I love it all!


    I missed the start of season three, is there a way to see these past episodes?

    • GameOfThronesFanBoy

      Torrents bro, i know its illegal but HBO don’t give us a choice, you can repay them by buying the Dvd’s when they come out.

      • shidddoon

        HBO GO they do give you options or smartglass

        • ShadowDragon

          Not for people living outside the United States, though. Torrenting and buying the bluray once available is the only “real” option offered (that is, option where you aren’t a second class citizien).
          I wonder when they get around to realize that torrenting is not a response of bad intentions from our side, but a response to bad offers from their side.
          Just sell it online as a download format already. It ends up on torrenting sites anyways, if you make it directly available or not. May as well give honest customers a way to pay.

          • zjm1979


          • Bluetruth

            you said it…hit the nail on its head

          • shidddoon

            i was not aware thank you.

      • HugeFanGuy

        I bought Seasons 1, 2 and 3. All from WalMart. I’ll buy Season 4 when it hits the store shelves too. It’s all worth a marathon second or third watch during the off season and to keep all the actors straight and get you up to speed prior to the release of the next season. I think the DVDs were around.$20

    • steflynnk25

      If you have HBO you can watch all the episodes on HOB GO.

      • bob

        Go to Google and wrote in buttermouth and follow the simple instructions

  • Patricia Francis-Wilson

    I am an Addict of the TV from HBO and also of George Martin’s work but he is not – to my idea – to be called the American Tolkien – the styles of the Two Authors are completely dissimilar – and both unique

  • The more that is revealed about the 7 kingdoms, I get more hooked. This show is incredibly well done and I love every minute of it.

  • Eleonora Iafano

    Was there ever ANY DOUBT?! OH YEAH!!!!!

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