Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed

By Irene Enlow on Mar 10, 2017 to Game of Thrones

Mark your calendars! After months of mystery surrounding the rather novel summer premiere date for Season Seven of Game of Thrones, HBO has finally released a tangible date for the premiere, and they did it in style. Determined to cause a melt-down over the news, HBO created an elaborate way to reveal the premiere date, encasing the the much awaited information in a block of ice, which they challenged fans to melt via an interactive Facebook Live experience. Despite a few hiccups in the livestream, the ice eventually melted and the date was revealed. Game of Thrones will return to our screens on –

July 16th 2017.

Start planning your premiere party now!

In addition to unveiling the date of the show’s premiere, HBO also released a new poster and teaser-trailer for the much anticipated upcoming season. The poster is tantalizing, albeit minimalist and largely ambiguous. It features  the season’s hashtag against a background of stylized ice and fire. The poster seems to reference HBO’s dramatic method of revealing the premiere date, as well as the title of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, upon which the show is based: “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Of course, with ice and fire comes reminders of what we can look forward to in the upcoming season; Targaryens! White Walkers! Perhaps even a clash of the two? We will have to wait and see.




In addition to the Season Seven poster, HBO also dropped another teaser trailer, which features a stunning display of the sigils of the major Houses of Westeros, entangled in combat, overlaid with memorable catchphrases from characters in the show. The sigils, all rendered in stone, grapple for a bit before becoming consumed in in wildfire, and we are reminded of Cersei’s recent violent ascension to the Iron Throne. The sigils begin to crumble, before the image shifts to the ominous patterns White Walkers have been known to make out of their victims. While the quotes used previously were from past seasons, now we get a new, foreboding quote from Jon Snow, “There is only one war that matters, the Great War, and it is here.” The image is consumed by the icy, blue eye of a White Walker, and the trailer ends.

Well, it certainly seems that White Walkers will be playing a major role this season. Jon Snow’s quote seems to suggest a season of uneasy alliances and surprising compromises, as characters put aside their differences and come together against a common threat. But will all believe the threat is real? Will everyone be able to ignore past wrongs, ingrained prejudice and personal pride? If only July was not so far away….

What do you think about the reveal date, poster, and teaser trailer? Comment below!



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I programed VCR to record GOT season 7 on HBOeHD for 9pm. Guide told me program “cancelled” I found it again at 11pm HBOwHD and set it up there. No cancellation notice. (I don’t care where I get recording I’ll watch it later this week)Has anyone else had this experience?

VCR? Really? I didn’t know they even sold blank VHS tapes anymore! Haha!

I just looked for it to put on DVR. Id the premier of Season 7 called “Dragonstone”?
Just want to make sure Ive got the right one

Yes that is it.

Does anyone know if I can watch the premiere on the air date/time from the HBO Now app? I don’t have cable so depend on (and pay for) the Now app to watch its shows via varying devices.

The answer to that is YES.

Thank you Jeff. Went from Cable/HBO GO to none, and then HBONow. Didn’t want to plan a premiere by making (allbeit correct) assumptions. A lot of help. Cheers.

Maybe I missed it, yet I see no premier time in the various time zones where HBO is available – via traditional cable or satellite… too much too ask for?

GAME OF THRONES and all of HBO’s Sunday night dramas air at 9:00pm. ET. I guess we assumed everyone knew that.

I couldn’t find if it will only be 9 pm or if it will repeat again. I may not be home from a meeting yet. I can’t find an hour-by-hour HBO schedule anywhere. (the official site) has a schedule module. If you learn how to use it you will find all the information you need. Go to the premiere time, click on GAME OF THRONES and a box will open with details; one more appropriate click will list all the times that episode will run across the channels.

Thank you!

Lol I’m another human who didn’t know that, thanks. Streams at 9 p.m. ET on HBO GO as well? (For some reason I remember the HBO and HBO GO times sometimes being different last year).

I don’t have service, just HBO GO and I want to make sure the 20 people coming to my premiere party at 6 p.m. PT will actually get to watch the show and not flay me.

It will appear on both streaming sites at the same time it is scheduled on the channel. Enjoy your party.


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