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Do You Feel Lucky?

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 25, 2012 to HBO Watch Originals, Luck

Now I don’t have a .44 magnum pointed at your head or anything, but I still have got to ask the question. Maybe, I should rephrase it to – “do you feel like watching Luck on HBO?” It did have a sneak preview on December 11, but its official premiere is January 29th. Variety has quoted David Milch, series creator, as stating the following:

“The pilot is about a bunch of intersecting lives in the world of horse racing … It’s a subject which has engaged and some might say has compelled me for 50 years. I find it as complicated and engaging a special world as any I’ve ever encountered, not only in what happens in the clubhouse and the grandstand, but also on the backside of the track, where the training is done and where they house the horses.”

It clearly sounds like an interesting milieu to explore. But the question is will you? It certainly seems that a large portion of HBO’s fan-base as of late is in love with the fantastical. Talk on this site and others, including, sway towards Game of Thrones and True Blood, even though new episodes are not airing at this time. Meanwhile, other series, like Boardwalk Empire, do not stir up as much discussion especially during their off-season. So, are viewers ready to embrace another series, let alone one based in a real world venue? For those willing to give it a try let me say that I think it may have to grow on you. For one, the characters are surely not as colorful as those from Milch’s Deadwood. I think that right out of the gate, as it were, it might be as if they are running through mud and may take time for this show to hit its stride.

Now, this opinion is only based on the pilot I watched in December, but I found Luck simply to be muddled. In analogy, Treme seemed bogged down too but that was because it moved so slowly through the character’s lives, but Luck is fast-paced; so fast-paced that you are not even sure who all the players are. It is more muddled for the wrong reasons; unintelligent dialog and confusing plot points.  But, it definitely places you right in the thick of horse racing and gambling and done so by actors fit for their parts but in need elocution lessons. I am hoping it will improve over an episode or two. Hey, it is HBO and they have a good track record and loyal fans it seems. Their worse show is still better than most. I do not see where Luck will be a big blockbuster show, but it will draw attention. It is another attempt for the channel to keepinteresting shows before its audience. Is it going to be a lucky hit for HBO?

It is a gamble and HBO is betting it all. Are you willing to place a bet on this dark horse or are you just going to wait for your favorites to show up in April and June? Time will tell.  Luck Premiers January 29th at 9PM on HBO.

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When does this series start? I watched he pilot three times now. I woul call a release date (29th) a release date when you show tweety times before that and there is nothing to fallow. I am very disapointed in the cap in programing, i look forward to my sunday hbo. I dont have hbo to watch the same movies you play over and over and over and over. You guys get good movied but beat them to death, why, i dont know. I dont consider angry boys a tie over. What a piece of crap that is, what where… Read more »
First, let me address your question. LUCK had a sneak preview December 11 ’11 t build interest in the show It’s actual premiere was January 29 and will now air Sunday nights for the season. Now on to your concern. HBO is a 24-hour channel so there is going to be pro grams repeated in orfer to fill up all the hours in a day. Consider his, if a show only aired once a week and you missed it you’d be pissed. Also they repeat airings of movies because you might not be able to watch it during its Saturday… Read more »

I am interested to see where the series goes. I remember thinking it took Deadwood a few episodes to REALLY hook me, same with Boardwalk Empire.

And why is that the case I wonder? You would think that most shows would just POW you with a great attention-getting beginning and either sustain that (hopefully) or get weaker as the series goes on. Yet This show and the others cited don’t do that. They, as you post, start off slow and build to better pieces of work as time goes on. The networks, more often than not, cancel a show after a ferw weak episodes. HBO, on the other hand, sticks with a show for its committed season. LUCK seems locked in to a Season Two already… Read more »

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