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HBO Gift Buying Guide for 2020

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Ok, so this year has been a Dumpster Fire™ and while Christmas is going to look different for most of us, there’s no excuse not to get the very best in HBO swag for the TV lover in your life. Or say f*ck it and spend it all on you, because you’re worth it and this year has been trashhhh. Whether for yourself or your King of the North, here’s the best in HBO swag for this year’s gift list (in my opinion).

The Funny Ones41LsOKj73nL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

We’ve got the very best to offer for the funny guys and gals in your life.  Salute your favorite actor/murderer with a stunning mug from Barry, for only $14.95 you can sip your favorite beverages while planning your next monologue…or murder…cause it’s been a year. No list would be complete without stopping by John Oliver’s for a chat.  The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver notebook is the perfect place to jot down some funny jokes for your next stand-up or pithy social commentary to argue on social media and it is on sale right now for just $3.74 (yeah, I didn’t make that up, go look!).  But if you really want to give the gift of laughter, look no further than A Woman First: First Woman: A Memoir by Selina Meyer. For $25, you can stare delightfully into Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s eyes and try not to giggle thinking of all the hilariously crass things she’s said over the years on Veep

The Criminally Dramatic hbod2atname_1200x1200

HBO is known for scintillating television on the crime and drama scale. You can sink into your couch and get ready to binge while sipping on the very best. “Secrets Always Surface” is probably the best tagline to use for Big Little Lies but also what happens when I have too much vino. The stunning stemless wineglass, featuring that phrase, is available for only $5.23 on sale right now!  You can get them for the whole posse! And you might as well cook up some yummy food to eat with your vino. For $25, you can serve up the very best in Soprano cuisine with the Sopranos Family Cookbook. A wide selection of delicious Italian delicacies you won’t need a gun to make. Looking for someone a little more cutthroat? Bedeck your fiercest family members in the best of Royco Waystar but don’t forget who is the top dog. In fact, you can see the line of Succession all over this amazing tee for $24.95-$26.95.  

Leading Men and Women of Colorhbotvtat850_15177448-fed0-4ec9-99b6-2e7b14645063_1024x1024@2x

Can’t have a section here without giving credit to some seriously important voices this year. People of color are still fighting an uphill battle here for equality and justice, and I appreciate seeing space on HBO for people of color to create and share their stories. I’ve watched along with Issa Dee since the beginning of Insecure and fallen in love with her blunt, funny personality. HBO has several adorable tees but none better than the Trying Hard AF shirt.  For $24.95-$26.95, you can glow up or wine down just like our fave Issa and nothing is more fitting for a 2020 attitude than this tee. Spinning a trippy web while exploring LGBTQA+ feelings in high school, Euphoria has enraptured us. What better way to show your love for the breakout show than an adorable pin set featuring a nun, a cat mask, and a yummy tropical drink for only $14.97. Not quite your pick for adorable? Look no further than Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas plushies! With Shortie and Tally, you’ll fit right in! Each only $9.07.

gotfnpopgdnk_137af2be-48ee-4887-ae36-0806d41670c0_1024x1024@2xMothers of Dragons and Kings of the North

It wouldn’t be an HBO gift guide without a section dedicated to our fan-favorite Game of Thrones. As the prequel show, House of the Dragon, starts ramping up we just keep continuing the G.R.R. Martin love over here at HBO and offering gifts all across the affordability scale. On the lower cost end, Funko Pop!s are available for a wide variety of characters. Want the Night King? You can get him metallic, flying a dragon, riding a horse, or even glow in the dark! Looking to spend a little more on your loves, look no further than sleep and loungewear! The Mother of Dragons sleep set will keep your honey cozy for $20.97 and for the lion in your life some Hear Me Roar Lannister lounge pants for $19.98.  Really looking to spend out the Bank of Braavos? We have some stuff for that too!  Stainless steel Stark cufflinks for your wolf for $107.96 or Alex and Ani rose gold Targaryen dragon earrings for your Queen for $51.75!  But the real fans should look no further than the stunning sword replicas, including the amazing Night King ice sword for $109.99. gotnptwpnnk_1024x1024@2x

No matter who you’re shopping for, HBO has anything and everything for your Christmas shopping needs.  While ground shipping will no longer make it before Christmas, you can still get 2-day shipping and have your items in time if you order by December 16th!  So stop by the shop and see what you can find for your friends, family, or just yourself. You deserve it. This year has been bananas. 

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