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Boardwalk Empire: Blu-Ray & DVD Release Dates

May 1, 2015 [Updated]

Here are the release dates for each of the available seasons of Boardwalk Empire on Blu-Ray and DVD.  We’ve also included links to the amazing soundtrack featuring music from Boardwalk Empire as well.  Got a hankering for a hot toddy and a fine cigar? The amazing prohibition-era series from HBO is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray to enjoy any time on your home entertainment system.  Start at the beginning yourself and relive the action and suspense.  Or give the gift of The Boardwalk to a friend or gangster family member.  Information on the box sets and links to reputable retailers are below.

Season Release Date Find & Buy
Boardwalk Empire:
The Complete Series
May 19, 2015
Pre-Order Now
Boardwalk Empire Season 1 January 10, 2012
Available Now
Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Aug 28, 2012
(Our Review)
Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Aug, 20, 2013
(Our Review)
Boardwalk Empire Season 4 August 19th, 2014
(Our Review)
Boardwalk Empire Season 5 January 13th, 2015
(Our Review)
Boardwalk Empire
Soundtrack I
Available Now
(Our Review)
Boardwalk Empire
Soundtrack II
Available Now Buy-Amazon


  1. Sarah /

    Why is Season 4 not on iTunes at the very least… you are losing revenue everyday that you keep your customers waiting. It’s called Opportunity Cost – look it up! People will just use free illegal online streaming because the wait is too long! Welcome to the Age of Information. If you don’t give the people what they want, when they want it – they will find it elsewhere.

  2. John /

    WTF HBO, CMON MAN!!!! FEEEDD ME!!!!! Oh wait, I can probably check my on demand….. never mind.

  3. OMG! This video was incredible! Boardwalk Empire…the “Unboxing”!!! Whoa! Can I watch it again?!

  4. nucky thompson /

    they should really put the release date forward, they are losing momentum…

  5. Maosucks /

    This show is just awesome! Just finished Season 2 on DVD. Can’t wait to get Season 3!

  6. any news on sopranos blu ray boxset waiting forever

  7. bfloman /

    The fact that they wait so long to release the third season is making me and the people i know that watch this show lose interest each day we wait.

  8. Well since it hasnt been released im just going to download the hdtv .mkvs of this season for free, and never pay real money. Hbo, yall are suckers for sitting on this would totally drop 50 bones right now to buy….

  9. It’d be nice if they could go ahead and release this already. It’s almost April now.

    • Boardwalk Empire Season 3 will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray this Fall / Early Summer. They do it before the premiere of the next season.

      • Lakeland /

        I found BE 3rd season right away at Best Buy, swooped it up with seasons 1 and 2, clerk looked at me as though I was a rich celebrity, I explained that Stevie B was my God; I found season 4 and I’m looking SO forward to season 5. The absolute FINEST in every category, especially Steve’s performance.

  10. Colin Burgess /

    Hey that’s my video, what are the odds.

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