The Knick has all the elements of a great HBO program. The famous director, the superstar actor and writing creds and production value to bring it all together. But what you and many others may not know is that The Knick isn’t an HBO show at all. It’s created for her sister network, Cinemax which has been taking on some valuable series’ of their own these days.

There are several ways to watch Cinemax online but The Knick has a few streaming options that pertain to that show exclusively. Here are some of the better solutions to streaming The Knick online for free.

Recently The Knick was announced to be available on HBOMax so that is actually now the best way to stream The Knick. Grab it now and start watching because this show is a cult classic in the making:


Watch The Knick Without Cable Using AT&T TV NOW

There’s a new alternative to cable in town and it’s called AT&T TV NOW. It’s $35 a month and includes favorites like HGTV, AMC and access to HBO for the lowest price on the internet: five bucks. That’s right it’s only five bucks to add Cinemax or HBO to your plan.

Try AT&T TV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch The Knick on Netflix? Probably Not.

HBO and Cinemax both don’t give any streaming services, including Netflix access to their programming online. That deal ended long ago and now the companies are all bitter enemies of one another (in business, not like The Sopranos or anything, sheesh!)

So suffice it to say you won’t be able to stream The Knick online via Netflix.  Hulu Live does allow you to add  HBO so try that:

Add HBO to Hulu Live

Watch The Knick Online with HBO’s Special Screenings

Each season so far HBO has put The Knick into their library for a limited time. You’ll have to scramble to watch the episodes of The Knick with HBO or HBO Now because they only put them up there for a few weeks tops.

We wouldn’t say that The Knick is on HBO, it’s on Cinemax but you can even catch full marathons of The Knick on HBO proper if you check your loca listings around the time the newest season of the show airs, you’ll find one.

Stream The Knick with Cinemax’ Official App: Max Go

The easiest way to watch The Knick online is to download their official app, Max Go. Here you’ll get 100% access to all of Cinemax’ programming. It’s almost identical to HBO Go and HBO Now so if you’re familiar with those apps you’ll be good to go. Should be confusion free.


The-knick-streaming-cinemax-1024x631Download Full Episodes of The Knick or Purchase the Blu-Ray Sets

Amazon and iTunes allow you to purchase full digital episodes of The Knick online for a small fee. It’s about three dollars per episode but you can also get full seasons online for a lesser fee.

If you don’t want to worry about files or streaming or downloading The Knick online then you can always head back to good, old-fashioned DVD and Blu-Ray sets. They’re about $25 per season  so this might actually be the most cost effective and certain way to get The Knick onto your TV screen. If you only subscribe to Cinemax because you want The Knick then you should just grab the DVDs if you’re patient enough.

Of course, Cinemax is worth the subscrption price and some providers throw it in with your HBO subscription. So give them a call to get connected today if you’re interested in The Knick.