Most of us watched The Sopranos in standard definition on a tube TV at the turn of the century. Netflix wasn’t a streaming platform and HBO Go was a decade away from creation. But for those of us who want  Tony with us wherever we go, we need a way to stream The Sopranos online, anytime. Luckily, HBO gives  us access to their entire historical library of shows, including The Sopranos.  Here are just a few ways to get your italian fix.

Watch The Sopranos on Demand and Streaming with Sling or Hulu Live

Sling and Hulu Live are alternatives to cable that give you a huge package of channels for a discount price and no monthly commitment. You can even get HBO at a discount or free, for a time. Give them a free trial and you’ll be watching The Sopranos from any device you want in no time:

Try Sling Free for 7 Days


Get HBO on Hulu Live

Watch the Sopranos with HBO Go and HBO Now

Both of HBO’s official streaming platforms give you online access to The Sopranos. How could HBO put out a streaming service without arguably their best series of all time?  Need more information about HBO Go and HBO Now? Check out our always-up-to-date guide for more information.

Amazon, iTunes and Google Play

You can also pay per episode if you need to get your Sopranos fix on the go. At $1.99 per episode All Three of the major pay-per-view services have The Sopranos right now.  Here’s Google Play.  Amazon has them too and if you’re a Prime subscriber, they’re free!

Is The Sopranos on Netflix or Hulu?

Let’s start with one way that you cannot watch The Sopranos. Netflix and Hulu will never have The Sopranos because HBO has pulled all of their programming from these streaming platforms. Nothing much more to say here.  The Sopranos aren’t on Netflix.

Older HBO Shows are Streaming on Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you’re trying to watch an older HBO show like The Sopranos or Sex and the City stop what you’re doing and head over there now because older HBO shows stream free with a Prime subscription.

You get a free month when you sign up so there’s really no excuse not to when you factor in the free shipping on Amazon stuff as well as the large streaming video library. Give it a try.


DVD and Blu-Ray

Recently, The Sopranos Complete Series was released on Blu-Ray. This includes a digital selection package that allows you to choose a downloadable version of the show in addition to the discs.  We reviewed the set and it’s one of the most beautiful collections we’ve had the pleasure of receiving.  Check it out if you’re a true fan and want the total package: the discs for your mantle and the digital version to cover all of your streaming needs.

Other, Illegal Venues

Now, you could probably download or stream The Sopranos from other places for free.  But why would you when HBO offers so many genuine, HD, legal ways to watch The Sopranos online?  We can’t recommend the viruses and malware you’ll probably get by trying to get the show illegally but we know some of you will probably resort to that.

If Tony knew what you were up to he’d break your knee caps.  Just remember that.