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Truthfully I always intended to get this post up after the conclusion of VICE Season One. I did not, however, intend to wait this long to do so. After all, episode 10 did air almost a month ago on 06.14. But, as one of the prerogatives of writing for HBOWatch we always reserve the right to write about a show in its off-season. I mean, you know we are going to talk about GAME OF THRONES all year round, right?

So, why not write about VICE as well. Additional footage not seen in the series has been available for each episode the entire season and I have already posted the extended content for episodes 1 – 7. This post then, the third in a series, looks at the remaining three episodes. Think of this post as a reminder to fans that we are still hot for VICE and as a teaser for those who have yet to watch the docu-series. Indulge me and enjoy.

First we go back to Episode 08 – “Fighting Chance”. Its first report was on the craze for Senegalese Laamb Wrestling as reported by Thomas Morton. This piece takes a look at the process it takes to get our fighter ready for his match. We saw a condensed version in the installment but here is the whole ritual – the Marabout Ritual.

Aww, isn’t Thomas so polite in going through this hocus-pocus offering his tongue-in-cheek quips so sparingly?  


The second piece focused on how we might have a fighting chance against weather changes if we act now. It was The World Is Sinking by VICE co-founder Shane Smith. In this extended piece they talk more about Preventative Measures.

Brava, Venice Italy. At least you are trying something. The USA better get some  ingenuity towards this matter
underway before it goes under.



 Moving on, there is Episode 09 which was called “Gangs and Oil.” The first installment gae us a look at gangland wars right here in America, in Chicago IL in fact; or as some residents and VICE call it Chiraq. Correspondent Thomas Morton hooks up with rappers Global Gangsters.

I can see why that clip might have been edited out of the piece. When they get to speed rapping at the mic they were hard to understand with their street lingo and all.


The second piece was reported by VICE founder Suroosh Alvi. He took us to the world of Nigeria’s Oil Pirates. In this additional footage, The Curse of Oil we learn just some of the evils of the situation.


See, it was apropos to publish this post after the GASLAND II post. Oil companies are evil!  



Finally, we come to episode 10, the Season One Finale. Ryan Duffy takes us to “The Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea for some Basketball Diplomacy. Here is Lunch with the North Korean Team.

It still surprises me that this sports exchange was able to happen at all. You?


Well, I add a “Cheers!” to that and thanks once again for indulging me this late entry. Sadly, we don’t have any news about Season 2 but you can be sure of two things. It will be back on Friday nights after REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER and that we will give you VICE news as it comes available. If you haven’t watched it yet all 10 episodes are on HBOGo and each episode is reviewed here onsite.  Peace.


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