News Roundup: Game of Thrones Season Three; TCA Press Tour

There has been quite a bit of news over the past two weeks that wasn’t big enough for a full article. Since we like to present our readers with the best possible information on HBO’s programming, I thought it was important to post them so we can keep you guys informed. Included in this Roundup is news about Game of Thrones Season 3 and the TCA press tour which contains various HBO news. Sorry that some this is rather late, but personal conflicts and other obligations have made it hard to keep up with everything. I’m sure you all know how that can be. Anyways, now is better than never. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones News

  • Dominic West Turns Down Role of ‘Mance Rayder’

Dominic-West-001-150x150According to Maureen Ryan from the Huffington Post, Dominic West, the former star of HBO’s The Wire, actually turned down the role of Mance Rayder. His reasons? Well, it appears the English actor was a bit troubled by the fact that the show would require him to film in Iceland for an extended period of time. Strangely enough, West couldn’t remember which role he was offered, having never seen the show or read the novels. However, considering his credentials and impressive performance as Detective McNulty on HBO’s crime series, it’s almost a certainty that he was offered the role of Mance Rayder. It’s a shame too cause he would have been amazing as The King Beyond the Wall. Here’s a few quotes from West on why he said no:

“I was offered something on ‘Game of Thrones’ and unfortunately, I hadn’t seen it, but my nephew and his father said, ‘Gosh, “Game of Thrones” is the only great show on!’ And I felt terrible, because I’d just turned them down…it was a lovely part, a good part. I’m going to regret it…My problem is, I’ve got four kids, and at the moment, I’m reluctant to be away from home for a long time. I can get a lot of work in London and still be at home. That’s one of the many brilliant things about ‘The Hour.'”

  • New Casting

The fan-site has found another casting for Season Three of Game of Thrones. According to the site, English actor Tom Brooke’s agency has listed him as a new cast member. No word yet as to what role Brook will be playing on the show. Check out WiC’s article for more details. We will keep you updated once he hear officially what his role will be.

  • Filming

Gosford Castle is Riverrun

Season Three is almost an entire month into filming Season Three and lately the show has been filming some Riverrun scenes. We recently posted some set pictures sent to us of some Tully fish props. Also, fans have spotted the crew at Gosford Castle, located just outside Markethill, and it is serving as the location for Riverrun. WiC managed to put together a nice article (along with pictures) with details about the set. You can check out their article here.

UTV Set Video

This is a tad bit late, but the first on-set video was released a few weeks ago. Local press got an exclusive look at the filming of Season Three from Shane’s Castle, and UTV released a video including some nice footage of Jaime and Brienne. The video also includes interviews from producers  and other crew members about the difficulties they face while filming.

Game of Thrones Continues to Help Out Local Communities

It’s long been acknowledged that the filming for Game of Thrones has made a big impact in Northern Ireland’s economy. The show brings lots of money to the region and continues to improve.

– Northern Irish tabloid The Down Recorder reported that a local politician wants a pier  near the town of Downpatrick to remain after filming in order to facilitate handicapped angler while fishing. The wooden pier, located on the Quoile River, was built as part of the Game of Thrones set, and plans are for it to be taken down after filming. Here is a quote from the article:

“This platform would provide a much needed service, especially for those disabled anglers who find it almost impossible to fish safely in and around the Quoile river”

“In recent months work has continued along the Quoile to reduce water pollution and improve the natural habitat of the estuary.

“In keeping with this much needed programme, a perfectly located angling platform, with the ability to facilitate those with special requirements, would be a fantastic facility for the local area.”

– The extremely large budget for the fantasy series is also helping local film studios expand. With Game of Thrones paving the way, Linen Mills Studios will renovate one of their large film studios. Located in Belfast, Linen Mills was first used as a filming location last season and apparently both parties enjoyed much success because HBO has returned for Season Three. As a result of the decision to film at Linen Mills, the studio is expanding due one its large studios to accommodate short-term bookings. According to IFTN, Linen Mills announced that they will launch a “newly refurbished 5,000 sq. foot stage which will be available for use next month”. More information can be found on IFTN’s original article.

  • EW Get an Exlusive Sneak Peak of “Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones”

Written by Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman, “Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones” is the official companion book for the show. Included in the book are set photos, set and costumes designs, as well as insider stories on how HBO has managed to bring George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series to life. Although the book isn’t released for another month, EW got an exlusive look at a few pages of the highly anticipated book. Their preview includes the preface by GRRM and what looks to be a character profile of Daenerys. You can pre-order a copy right now over at the HBO Store.

Update 8/7: Just found out that HBO has released a video preview for the new book. This looks like a must have for  anyone wanting a cool Game of Thrones collectible. Check it out:

TCA Awards

imagesCASLKOSHThe Television Critics’ Awards were announced on Saturday, July 28 and Game of Thrones took home the award for “Program of the Year”. While this isn’t the most glamorous award, the win does serve two main purposes. First, and most importantly, it gives the show more credibility. Any award is a good one when the series is just starting to gain steam. Secondly, Game of Thrones beat out Breaking Bad and Mad Men to claim the title of “Program of the Year”. These two shows are GoT’s main rivals for the Emmy for “Best Drama Series”. Whether the hit fantasy series can beat them out at televisions most prestigious award show is still yet to be determined. But, the win at the TCA’s is a good start.

Additionally, HBO gave a press tour following the TCA Awards. HBO was represented by Co-President Richard Plepler and President of Programming Michael Lombardo. Here are the highlights from the press tour via

– Plepler says, “As long as he keeps writing, we’ll keep producing” in reference to George R.R. Martin and his fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, which Game of Thrones is based of off. This is great news for anyone who is a die-hard fan of the series. There’s little evidence to suggest that the show will be cancelled anytime soon, and this is just a reminder that HBO is fully behind the production for Game of Thrones. Also, regarding True Blood, Lombardo said that as long as the show stays interesting and maintain a loyal fan-base, there is no end in sight for this program either.

– As we reported earlier, HBO is doing a movie with Larry David. However, the movie will be filmed prior to any filming for another season of Curb Your Enthusias”. Plelpler explained that it WILL NOT be a “Curb” move and the character that David plays isn’t be based on himself. Greg Mottola will serve as director on the project.  As for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm? This is what Plepler had to say:

“[Larry] has essentially carte blanche…What Larry David wants to do next is this movie.”

“I think he wants to do another season of ‘Curb’ if he has a great idea for another season of ‘Curb,'”.

–  In other HBO Comedy news, Danny McBride and Jody Hill have pitched the idea for a Fourth Season of Eastbound & Down, but it hasn’t been written yet.

–  When asked why Enlightened and Girls were moved to January, Lombardo admitted that there was a hole during that month which was created by the cancelling of Luck. HBO had no planned programming to fill in that time period, so Girls and Enlightened were pushed up. They will HBO’s only Original Series airing in January.

– A question was raised about wheter or not HBO has more room for Original Programming, and Lombardo explained that, at this point, the network is primarily Sunday night. They have tried Monday night airings in the past with Bored to Death and Enlightened, but viewers have been trained that HBO is a Sunday night channel. Plepler said that there is more room on Sunday nights, but HBO won’t be airing any Originals on Mondays in the near future.

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