New Insights Into The Future of Game of Thrones


Even as we look forward to Game of Thrones beginning soon this year, many at HBO are already anticipating the series end. In a recent article, Entertainment Weekly revealed exclusive interviews with many people who are in charge of Game of Thrones, discussing what the future may hold for the show.

While most people are aware that the writers of Game of Thrones, D.B. Weiss and Dan Benioff, anticipate finishing the show’s storyline in seven seasons, it appears that not everyone at HBO agrees with this schedule. The president of HBO’s programming, Michael Lombardo suggests in the article that he would like Game of Thrones to continue past seven seasons–perhaps even reaching ten. How the writers of the show and the powers that be of HBO will reconcile their differences is not immediately unclear, but even if the show does not continue past seven seasons, the article suggests other ways that the Game of Thrones franchise might continue on. For example– George R.R. Martin has often mentioned that he envisions ending the HBO show with a two hour feature film. Could this unprecedented idea become a reality? Probably not. Apparently HBO isn’t very enthusiastic about the movie idea which would have a necessarily limited audience and be a departure from the tradition of television. HBO’s general consensus seems to be that if a story starts in a certain medium, it should end in the same medium, which is logical but probably disappointing to fans who envision seeing an epic Game of Thrones finale on the big screen. Another option the article explores is creating a Game of Thrones spin-off–a prequel of some kind, which could prove promising given the rich history of George R.R. Martin’s world. At the moment however, HBO emphasizes that it is putting all of its effort into finishing Game of Thrones  in style before they worry about what will come after the end of the show. No matter what is ultimately decided, however, given what we know about the high quality of Game of Thrones. I’m sure it will be epic.

What would you rather see? A Game of Thrones movie or prequel series? Comment below!


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