HBO Snags Emily Mortimer’s “Doll & Em”

Doll-and-Em-Hug-photo-230113-201x300HBO and Emily Mortimer (better known by our readers as The Newsroom’s Mac, Will’s love interest) are teaming up to bring us a comedy series she’s co-written with her fellow British actress, Dolly Wells.

The series will run 6, half-hour episodes and star both of the ladies mentioned above as themselves.  The show is a portrait of a female friendship that centers on a British Hollywood star who hires her childhood friend to be her personal assistant.  The director, Azazel Jacobs is also credited with helping pen the script and will be working on the show.

No premiere date is known yet but since the show is only 6 episodes of 30 minutes and we’re not expecting it to require the services of any CGI dragons we could theoretically see this one sometime in 2014.  But be sure to check back for official word on an air date.


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