A Bit About DOLL & EM

DOLLEM_logo-300x136We are going to get the taste for a new comedy in March. It is the paring of two chicks that go by the names of Doll and Em. The show kicks off with a six-episode run on Wednesday, March 19 at 10:00pm. We have already got a look at the British version of the show with this entry, but now we can offer a tease from HBO’s take on the ladies adventures.  It stars Emily Mortimer (THE NEWROOM) and Dolly Wells (HBO Films: THE GATHERING STORM). Here is the clip.  

 Well, that seems to set up the premise nicely and also easily shows the chemistry the actors have with each other. The poorly put-upon assistant has to put up with the snarky actress who really is her best friend. HBOWatch looks forward to exlopring the dynamic of this relationship coming soon.

 Oh, and hey, did anyone else ponder why this show runs on a Wednesday night? Since Sundays are full and Fridays are owned by misters Maher and Smith it was time to launch another night of originals. We will have to keep our eye out for what else develops on Wednesdays, but for now it is owned by DOLL & EM come March.   



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