DOLL & EM: Behind The Scenes

While we are on a roll with video clips we offer a look at another entry in what I call an “HBO comedy experiment.”  The limited comedy series DOLL & EM is fast approaching.  It premieres on March 19, so if you are interested don’t look for it on a Sunday because it runs on Wednesdays instead.

 As we have reported before the show is a British import that came to HBO out of the blue so not a lot of marketing has occurred. Maybe that is why HBO now offers a “Behind The Scenes” segment. It doesn’t speak at length about the series because, I think, the plot is rather simple to get. It does tell of the friendship behind the series more between its leading ladies Dottie West and Emily Mortimer, whom we will also see in THE NEWSROOM later this year. Here is that clip introducing Doll & Em.  

HBOWatch will have reviews of this comedy forthcoming.


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