HBO Now is Coming to Android Soon


We told you it wouldn’t last forever. HBO Now will make its way to the over 1 Billion Android users on the planet.  Speaking at Google’s I/O conference today Google SVP Sundar Pichai confirmed what most of us already knew: HBO Now will play nice with Google Play.  This relieves one of the final gripes users had with online access to HBO.  The fact that it required an Apple device to register angered many users and shut out others completely.  But starting soon, you’ll be able to head over to the Google Play store and download HBO Now to any Android device.  

This also means that HBO Now will finally work with Chromecast!

You can already get HBO Go on Android but that requires a subscription through a traditional cable service.  HBO Now gets you around that particular requirement but it has been Apple exclusive for a while now (though you could still use it on any browser once you signed up).  The complexities of HBO Now are going away fast.  Three years from now no one will remember that there were 90 days of Apple exclusivity.

No word on an exact release date for HBO Now on Android but we predict: July 7th (or thereabouts) since that would be exactly three months since the April 7th launch date of HBO Now.

We’ll update this article when we know an exact release date.

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