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hbonow-300x300Today is one of the most important days in HBO’s history.  For decades now, HBO has been a premium cable channel, available via a traditional subscription and access to a coaxial cable in your living room wall.  A few years back HBO launched HBO Go, a streaming app that allows you to watch HBO shows on the go.  But there was just one problem: you still needed a traditional cable package from a corporation like Comcast, Time Warner Cable or DISH Network.  Not a problem for everyone but for some, it was everything.

Effective immediately, the game has changed forever.  HBO Now, the new streaming service similar to HBO Go is available to anyone with an internet connection, no cable subscription required.  No, I’m not kidding: you can subscribe RIGHT NOW by visiting this link.

You can even begin a free trial just in time for Game of Thrones (which premieres this Sunday, by the way, oh, you already knew that? Of course you did.)

You’ve probably already stopped reading to go out and subscribe to this life-affirming, world-changing service to say you’ve been a member since DAY ONE.  But if you’re still reading, don’t take my word for it: let John Oliver describe the epicness that is HBO Now:

Pirates, your day of reckoning has come.  There are few excuses left.  If you care about quality program like The Wire, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City or Boardwalk Empire you should consider subscribing to HBO Now.  It’s time to become an adult and start paying for your own entertainment.  First it was your cell plan, then it was car insurance, now it’s time to pay for your own HBO.  Here’s a step by step guide to redeeming yourself:

Subscribing to HBO NOW Through Apple

STEP 1: Apple customers can subscribe to HBO NOW by downloading the app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or directly on Apple TV using their iTunes account.

STEP 2: Customers purchase an HBO NOW subscription directly in-app through Apple for $14.99 per month, following the limited time, introductory 30 day free trial period.

STEP 3: Upon registering with Apple, subscribers will set up HBO NOW login credentials, enabling them to watch their favorite HBO programming on their iOS devices as well as on via PC or Mac.


For those of you who said you’d purchase HBO outside of a cable subscription for $100,000, please reply in the comments below with your thoughts:


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