Reminder: HBO Now’s Apple Exclusivity is Temporary


There’s been some confusion around the launch of HBO Now, HBO’s first ever stand-alone streaming service. And who can blame people for being confused? Between HBO Go and HBO Now it’s tough to know the differences.  Top that off with the fact that HBO limited the release to Apple devices only at launch and you’ve got a very complicated situation for non-technical people to try and wrap their heads around.

So we wanted to at least dispel one of the more sinister rumors– that HBO Now will always require an Apple device.  Here’s a clip from HBO Now’s official FAQ page:


So you’ll need an iOS device such as an Apple TV or Macbook to subscribe to HBO Now at the moment.  Once you’ve signed up, though, you can actually use your HBO Now account on any browser (even on non-Apple devices!)  Not so bad, right?  BUT don’t gloss over that last line:

“We will provide support for additional devices soon”

HBO Now will not always be Apple exclusive.  Remember when it was only a dream? The agreement between the two companies is reported to only last for three months.  After that, hopefully HBO will have an Android App, a Roku App and open up subscriptions through ANY device.

Three months from HBO Now’s launch (April 7th) would be July 7th, 2015.  Just in time for some episodes of True Detective season 2 premiering on June 21st.

Maybe you knew all of this already, maybe you didn’t.  We’ve seen a lot of chatter on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere lamenting the fact that Apple devices are required for HBO Now.  But be aware that it is only temporary and in the end, this will all be a blip on the timeline of HBO Now’s lifespan.  No one will remember that it was Apple exclusive for a single quarter.  We’ll all eventually be watching HBO, anytime, anywhere on the device of our choosing without a cable subscription.

It’s a great time to be alive… and an HBO subscriber.

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