First Photos from True Detective Season 2 Set

Information has been as scarce as ever about the new installment of HBO’s anthology series: True Detective. Casting news took forever to trickle in. Filming news took forever to trickle in. We still don’t even have a solid premiere date yet for True Detective season 2 (though 2015 seems like a lock, at least).

Today all of that changed when a few photos from the set leaked their way online.  Ready to see Colin Farrell with a badass cop mustache?  WARNING: minor mustachio-based spoilers below):




Do you feel a tickling under your nose? Are you ready for more mystery and dark, twisted adventure on HBO? We’re guessing that True Detective will air in Summer/Fall of 2015 but there is no official word yet. We’ll get you more information as we have it.

Need more set photos?  Here are a few more featuring Rachel McAdams as well.

What do you think of the Colin Farrell in his newest role? Will he redeem himself on HBO from some of the more questionable movies he’s made lately? Remember what you thought of Matthew Mcconaughey before True Detective?  Keep an open mind and get ready for another great HBO gem.


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