True Detective Season 2 Air Date Window Shifts


Many of you have been patiently waiting for news about the HBO 2014 sleeper hit True Detective. Ever since season 1 panned up into the stars and faded to black the biggest question on all of our minds has been “when will True Detective season 2 air?”

Normally HBO is very consistent with their premiere dates. A series that premieres in the spring such as Game of Thrones will continue to air in subsequent springs each and every year. Many times we’ve even been able to predict the exact Sunday that an HBO series would premiere on well before they’ve made it official.  It’s like clockwork, in a way.

But True Detective seems to be different and it appears casting has been a challenge for Nic Pizzolato. There has been a ton of interest from stars of all kinds wanting to join the program but for some reason we still have not gotten final word on who will play the police officers, spouses and villains of True Detective season 2. Though recently the cast has seemed a bit more concrete than the initial rumors felt but still no official names have been dropped even after a promise to do so earlier this summer.

But at the Guardian International Television Festival in Edinburgh HBO’s head of programming Mike Lombardo dropped this bomb:

“We’re going to start shooting [True Detective Season 2] in September…

HBOWatch: Oh, great!  Sounds good. The cast must be in place and the scripts almost finalized…

…for it to air next summer.”

Damn.  True Detective season 1 aired in January of 2014. We were expecting True Detective season 2 to premiere in January or February of 2015. This means the window has been pushed back six months or so. Not the news we know True Detective fans were looking for.

If we were to guess we’d put True Detective into True Blood’s old summer air slot. That would mean TD:S2 would premiere sometime in late June, a week or two after whenever Game of Thrones season 5 ends.  Analyzing the calendar: June 21st, 2015, plus or minus a week is our long-shot guess at a premiere date for True Detective season 2.

So what do you think, True Detective fans? Are you upset? Can you make it until next summer? Will it be worth the wait?  One silver lining is that HBO has already released the DVD and Blu-Ray for season 1. You won’t have to wait until the new season for those as is normally HBO’s habit.

We’ll keep reporting on all of the True Detective news we get because we know the fan base is growing every day. The mystery continues to swirl around this show but perhaps the fog will clear as the show begins filming this fall.


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