True Detective Season 2 Filming Finally Underway!


After months of speculation and hand wringing the stars have finally aligned (or, at least their busy schedules have!). True Detective season two will begin filming in LA next week!  How do we know this? Well recently confirmed star of season 2 tweeted as much just yesterday:


Woohoo!  Get over there and do your thing, Taylor.

Some fans were worried that True Detective would not even make a 2015 premiere date if it didn’t get into the can in 2014. The production, including filming and editing takes roughly half a year at the least to complete so that Summer 2015 window that HBO mentioned was quickly starting to close.  But now that we can confirm filming in November 2014 a summer release looks possible at the very least.

Apologies to those of you who were still expecting True Detective season two this winter! Ongoing negotiations with big-name stars and trying to align all of their filming schedules caused the summer/fall filming window to be pushed back ever further into the year.

So far Colin Farrel, Taylor (above) and Vince Vaughn are all slated to star. Rachel McAdams is also rumored though we still can’t confirm that one.

We’ll get you an exact air date when we have it but we don’t expect the first preview/teaser of the new season of True Detective until maybe Spring of 2015 with a premiere in either Summer or early Fall of that year.

Try to keep it together until then!  True Detective season 1 is out on Blu-Ray and DVD if you’re interested in such things.  It’s no consolation but maybe it will give you something to hold onto while you wait.


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