Director Jay Roach Offers WOMEN IN SPACE

People_JayRoachJay Roach (pictured at right) is a busy guy for HBO. We have commented on his input here quite often. He is the producer and director behind HBO Films: RECOUNT and GAME CHANGE and is expecting to complete the trilogy with DOUBLE DOWN. He is also helming the upcoming Jack black series for the channel called THE BRINK.

Well now he has another work in development called WOMEN IN SPACE. It is going to be a half-hour comedy series that he is crafting with author & screenwriter Kristin Gore (pictured at left). She happens to be the daughter of Al Gore, whose 2000 presidential bid was chronicled in RECOUNT. Miss Gore has penned this show about a group of women exploring the People_KristinGoreuniverse and each during their mission to colonize another planet.

Ooooh, science fiction from the not too distant future! How exciting. Miss Gore is no stranger to that genre as she has written for the animated sci-fi show Futurama. So maybe we get a bevy of spacesuit wearing gals on a cool spaceship? It could develop any number of ways and HBOWatch will keep a close eye on it. What do you think of the concept? Does a sci-fi comedy have a place at HBO? Maybe, it could accompany THE SPARK or WESTWORLD?

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