BARRY Season 3 Just Waiting for a Camera!

There are quite a few HBO shows out of sync due to the ongoing pandemic, one of them being Alec Berg & Bill Hader’s BARRY. Well, it seems that the hit hitman show is not only ready for Season Three but has a Season Four already all written out in the downtime. Words to that effect were stated when Hader had a remote chat with Seth Myer’s show recently. Here is that clip:  

Two things to note there if you stuck with the clip, BARRY has two seasons written out and ready to go. HBO has greenlit a third season, but not a fourth so the show team is counting on this show moving forward successfully. I think fans of BARRY would be down for that. I mean, content is trimmed down since the pandemic put a halt to things (twice, in fact), so fans have got to be eager for their favorite content to appear, so much so that they will gobble it up once it arrives.  

BarryS2Pic The other nice point about this clip is that it reminds us that the last we saw BARRY, in May of 2019, there was indeed a big cliffhanger ending. If you recall in “berkman > block” Gene (Henry Winkler), due to a setup by Fuches (Stephen Root), was suspected of killing his love, Janice. However, Barry planted evidence on the body deflecting the evidence now onto Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan). But, Fuches was seen whispering something telling to Gene – that Berkman was the guilty party here. So, just who is going to get pinned for the murder of Janice Moss? And since these are all key players in the story, how is the guilty one going to beat the rap?  

 Well, it seems the only ones to have figured that out is Berg & Hader. What they don’t know just yet is how soon the story will be able to play out on HBO. Film crews, especially in the LA area have been shut down again for safety reasons with no clear indication when filming will resume. So, we await the results of that cliffhanger. We await the return of BARRY.

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