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BARRY S4E4: “it takes a psycho” | HBOWatch Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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The big question leading into this fourth episode is a big one, one on everyone’s mind.

Barry has escaped from prison, who is he going after first?

Is it Gene Cousineau, the one who set him up to be arrested? Is it NoHo Hank, the lowly thug that entangled him in unnecessary dangers? Is it Sally Reed, who he still hopes is his girlfriend despite it all? Viewers just don’t know until the last minute of the episode.

There are other smaller questions in there also. We wonder if it’s Fuches’ last episode, as he gets beat within an inch of his life. We wonder, now that Batir and his Chechen boss are back in Hank’s life, whether he gets back in their good graces. We also wonder if Sally is ever going to rebound professionally because she is just floundering no matter how hard she tries.

Barry_S4E4Pic2-225x300So, let’s cobble together some answers. Fuches might not be out of the picture, but Barry burned him one time too many, and that bridge is burned for sure. Yes, Hank does get back into bed, as it were, with the Chechens at the expense of killing off the ‘sand pirates’ and almost killing his lover Cristobal as well. Before all is said and done though, he has to ‘stop’ his lover because he ’knows too much.’ That has to hurt. But is Barry coming for him? He knows Barry escaped prison.

Jim Moss and Mr. C. know it too. Arrangements are to get Gene C. to his cabin in the high country. Gene’s son, Leo, and his agent Tom drive him there. Leo circles Barry_S4E4Pic3-293x300back after dark to bring his father some food but Gene is psyched out that it is Barry coming for him and BLAM! Mr. C. has no clue who he really shot. That leaves Sally. After a miserable day trying to aid her acting student on a film set, she dashes home, and waiting for her is…guess who? Yes, batty Barry is waiting for her in the dark and her reaction to him is not one of fear. What, are they going to do some Bonnie & Clyde thing or are they going to slip away undetected to live a new life?

Well, the final shot of the episode lingers on an older Barry & Sally making do as a family in some quiet middle of nowhere. It is a longer glimpse into their life than the last brief look we got. But we know Barry gets caught up in his own head every now and again too. Is this just his imagination at play; out to make him hopeful or is it a legitimate flashforward to their actual life down the road?


Some shocks in this episode for certain as we continue to watch BARRY play out to its end. Only on HBO.

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