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BARRY S4E5: “tricky legacies” | Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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Well, another great twist in the story. We have had glimpses of Barry Berkman’s future before but never knew just how to take them. I mean, we couldn’t tell upon seeing them whether they were glimpses of reality or just Barry’s imagination at play or moments in a fever dream. He has had moments of seeing people that weren’t there before. Were these those kinds of moments? The answer is, apparently not.  

We are indeed eight years into the future and Barry & Sally are hiding in plain sight as new identities in the middle of nowhere, complete with a son. However, all is not well. Their existence is bland, to say the least. In their secretive life, Barry homeschools their son John and turns to religion, while Sally turns to the bottle; she is a depressive alcoholic quite disconnected from it all. She ekes out a life far from what she pictured herself being in. She dons a wig, a southern accent, and a blasé demeanor as a diner waitress; Barry dotes on making John’s life a perfect one. But all this is far from perfect.  

Sally, really?     

Now, I must confess a bit of a disconnect for me here. We have taken many leaps of faith in this tale from the beginning. We learned to accept the absurdities of Barry dodging numerous bullet barrages, dodging the authorities, dodging the truth to colleagues along the way, and, of course, dodging the authorities time & time again, up to and including the prison break. But I struggled to accept Sally Reed’s commitment to Barry here.  


Does anyone else feel that? Now, I know she claimed that she “feels safe’ with Barry, but a dangerous continued association with him was really the only option in her life at this juncture? So, she found herself a has-been in Hollywood and felt ruined and lost by that? Really? You couldn’t reinvent yourself like actors do and perform on cruise ships or something? Or totally changed up and become a stewardess? I get that Hader & Berg wanted to keep the character until the end but throwing her life completely away just to be with Barry did not click with me. But, then again, a lot of things about that character didn’t click with me. I was annoyed with Sally most of the time in the early seasons and said so. But the story arc is what it is.  

So, where were we? We were eight years later. Barry lives in paranoia. If someone discovers the truth all comes crashing down, but it is a life on eggshells anyway. He can’t allow his son to get involved in the community because that could lead to unwanted attention on the family. They don’t go shopping or Barry_S4E5Pic5anything. They are safe but not happy. What a life they have built for themselves. Not the best but something, but in the last minutes of the episode,  it turns worse. After eight years of being in hiding and presumed dead Gene Cousineau resurfaces to broker a deal with Warner Bros to craft a biopic of Betty Berkman’s story and Gene’s part in it. Sally yells out to Barry using his real name, which confuses John and shows him the news online of Gene’s plans and Barry vows, right then and there, to kill him.  

And we all get queasy. BARRY isn’t over yet.

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