“Barry” Season 2: Episodes 3 & 4

We’ve already reached mid-season for our favorite assassin, and it’s been confirmed for a third season! Before we get too far into our celebrating, let’s look at what the last two episodes have in store and what we might have to look forward to in the second half!



Episode 3: Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday

NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) realizes that Barry (Bill Hader) has failed in the plan to kill Esther and obviously annoyed, decides Barry must be killed…easier said than done. Especially since you have such crappily trained men. Gene (Henry Winkler) is attempting to bond more with his son (who is so clearly not interested.) But he still goes about it in a selfish way.  “Have my cabin but also be the property manager and rent it out so we can make money” is probably not the sentiment his son was looking for. Barry is continuing to struggle writing his piece. It’s hard to tell people how killing gives you a sense of purpose because they’ll be looking at you a heck of a lot differently after. Sally (Sarah Goldberg) is also struggling and sees herself stronger than she was in the moment she left her ex. And while I still really don’t like her, I felt a lot for Sally in these episodes. Barry has to take the place of her ex in the showcase and he is not happy. He’s dealing with some conflicting feelings regarding his own spot as a bad guy, so having to fake choke your girlfriend isn’t great. Speaking of douches, guess who shows up? Her ex, Sam (Joe Massingill). Eff.


Episode 4: What?!

After Sally’s ex Sam shows, all three go out for dinner. Barry is really confused and trying to figure it out. This is where the show does an amazing job displaying the emotional turmoil experienced by domestic violence survivors and perpetrator tactics. Sam has a power over her that is hard to explain. She loved him. She knows he beat her. She knows he’s a pathetic excuse for a human. But part of her still loves him because part of her remembers it wasn’t always so bad. The problem with perpetrators and their cycle of violence is the good stuff doesn’t last. Sally doesn’t want to believe she was so weak. Well, this is for Sally and every soul out there dealing with or have dealt with domestic violence: You are not weak. You are stronger than you realize surviving what you’ve survived. You owe no one any explanation or excuse.

Barry says similar to Sally in that she can keep her secret and tell her story the way she believes. Sam disagrees. Not only does he stalk her to the theater, but he also calls her to his hotel. Conveniently providing excuses to get her to his room, you can feel the tension rising. Barry is also simultaneously about to lose his cool. Sally and Barry both walk away from the situation, leading Barry to need some emotional release and confesses some very painful things to Gene. Though he made up with Fuches (Stephen Root), Barry can’t confide in him because Loach (John Pirruccello) is onto him. And why get revenge if you can get your own justice, right Loach?

Just how do all the issues work out? You’ve got to stick around for more Barry.

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