A Farewell Tribute to Entourage Tonight on HBO

aaf88_PHDKDEbOc7jRHE_1_m-202x300According to an update to the official Entourage Facebook page, a special farewell tribute to the series will air tonight at 9:30ET on HBO.  Dubbed Hollywood Sunset, no details have been given about tonight’s tribute but if it’s anything like the other previews we’ve seen from the network you can expect a lot of behind the scenes interviews, cast reactions and sneak peaks at the upcoming final season.  After seven seasons the show is signing off the air for good and while there are hopes for a possible Entourage feature film, the cast will be sorely missed next summer.

So spark it up one last time this season and don’t forget to DVR the special airing tonight!  The final season begins on July 24th at 9PM.  Check out the synopses of the first two episodes if you haven’t already!

UPDATE: Check out the brand new trailer for the new season!  This is the first time anyone has seen footage from the new season:

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